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    • sport kites use different material for lines and for that they do not mixt good with single lines kites and usually they start to lock at around 10-12 360's  for low winds will be a good idea to buy a set of 40-50 lbs lines anywhere between 35 to 65 fits. less weight means less drag for the kite. personally i like SkyBond and i hate LPG (Laser Pro Gold)
    • Thanks Breezin, I hope the Christmas wish list works out!!  As for the Wolf, it will be a few because I think they are going to have to order it from Premier in the color I wanted.  No biggie.  Have not had any wind anyway, but they are saying we may have some in the morning.  So maybe I can get out a bit before I have to go to work. Good idea on holding the handles.  Its been awhile since I have crashed, but I am not going to say that it can't happen.  Thus far I have always wrapped the straps around my wrists, but i have noticed in the Dodd Gross videos what you are referring to. I can say, I usually do have fun if I have enough wind to fly and I would love to live closer to a beach!! One kite not mentioned that I have is a Slingshot B3.  It is a 3 Meter, 2 string, foil lite that will flat drag my ass around the beach if the wind is up.  Earlier this past summer we were in Lincoln City on a fairy windy afternoon and it got the best of both my son in laws, my son, myself and sadly my daughter before were were finished.  But we were all smiling and had stories to tell.  And in some cases, video😂
    • From what your saying it seem that weight has a lot do flying in light winds.  Is also the sail material and stitching that much of a difference on the 1.5 classic from an exp.  Honestly I was surprised when I got the exp of how light it was compared to my sing line kites and how the lines are so much different than flying on the "ropes" I have for single line.  It made more sense once I set it up and flew as to how its possible to control when my lines are all spun together after a couple 360's.  Slippery stuff
    • ok let's break the answer in multiple topics. before to start fly when you connect the lines check the bridle,all different sections to be symmetrical and equals between them. if you see length difference  that means is something wrong and make sure to repair before to fly. check the lines to be equal especially if they are the one sold with the kite, most of the time right out of the package you will find 1-2 inches difference  Line length: 65 is a good one but most of the flyers use 85 or 120 when they fly together or in team. longer lines give you also a bigger wind window and some more time to avoid a crash. shorter lines 30-35-40 for light wind, urban fly or small spaces. your choice and preference. JB leaders: yes they will help you to gain more control of the line length and smoother mouvement how long you are in control. kite size: the confusing is starting when you throw in discussion reflex technologie kites versus old models. EXP is having the same dimensions like 1.5, B and B-Pro and is smaller then all reflex technologie on the market now except new rebranded 1.5 Classic witch is the old 1.5. Yes, is a entry level for taste of fly quads but is breaking on the same way like all others, difference is the starting price because of the sail fabric and number of stitches. springs: being a beginner is hard to fly in less than 5-10 MPH and springs are adding some weight but also help to recover or a flat launch. if you pass the frustration of low wind test to fly with and without and you will feel the difference yourself. springs are not training wheels at all even if they advertise to be like. they making the sail to have a different profile on low pressure making the kite to act differently.IMO when you have some experience that springs are just dead weight. accumulating experience will not make to much difference if they are or not there but will give you the chance to try more complex maneuvers without to overcontrol hope this helps
    • Hey guys, Let me start by saying your resources here are amazing.  So I am a single line flyer at the beach.  Basically I tie a big kite to the bed of my truck so I can see where I am when boogie boarding in the Gulf.  I was looking for new single line kites online and the next thing I know there is a Revolution ad on my facebook feed and I'm like what the heck is that and how does that work.  So I buy one.  So cool.  Anyway  I have flown 3 times now, maybe a total of 2hrs with it after the first outing where it just spun right and crashed and had to figure out that bridal was a little off but I have a few questions and what to know what you all think. I can fly it no problem, I can control it pretty good. reverse launch, hover upright, right and left, inverted for a little while.  I feel like I can make it go where I want. I am on 65ft lines that came with it and it came with the standard handles with only one knot placement.  I ordered some of JB's pro leaders and will do the snagless conversion.  Good idea right?  Should I get different length lines? Easier to fly?  I fly at some soccer fields near me.  Its like a park with 8 or 10 soccer fields and a couple baseball fields.  Of course all the fields have light poles around them so the 65' fits well.  I do notice that the one time I flew when the wind was blowing probably 10-12mph with some big gusts (its always choppy) that the kite will pull hard after a spin and catch a gust.  Not as smooth as all the videos ive seen.  Probably me over correcting and adding drive but if I have more brake adjustability from the JB leader this should help Right?  I'm going to use the method of start all the way out and see if I can launch and go from there to adjust. Im also confused on the kite size.  Is the exp the same size at the 1.5 or B Series or the rx xx they sell now?  Its my understanding the exp is built to take a beating and is maybe a little heavier that some other kites so it doesn't want to fly great in low wind if I get another kite what will the frame from the exp fit?.  Typically we have 4-7 mph wind here inland (im in Houston).  Also should I take out the reflex springs?  are they like training wheels?  seems like some of you old schoolers think they are gimmicky? Im sure I have more questions but appreciate any advice.  Learning this thing on my own.  Well that not really true, all the reading on here and the videos ive watched I feel like you all and JB are my personal coaches.
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