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Giveaways from the past and current publishing periods are listed here... We hold various drawins for some pretty cool gear on a regular basis, and almost all are free and based on your participation.


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    A unique flier-to-flier giveaway based on the principle of paying it forward.

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    As a proud supporter of all things kiting, we try to post any new and interesting raffles or contests from the AKA and other pro-kite organizations.

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    • Thanks for the info, helps to know where to look and what to look for. Country should be U.S., may have to fix that.    
    • Kitebuilders.com has info on all kinds of kites. Open source plans from Krijn and Kareloh (Ickytv). Kite plans has some cool little bit older stuff but IMO some of the newest stuff isn't a ton  different.Tweak as you see fit. If looking for dual line stunters  Christian Derefat's  Le Virus, Le Quartz and Le Organic are popular newbie builds. Ian Newman's Mantis is also there. He has some good tutorials on You Tube.On the US Ebay there is a Le Virus for sale with some really good pics. I've not seen a modern book. Mine is a Gomberg book from 1996. Like for most everything  I use the web. Haven't been to the library in years. Hundreds of dollars in late fees over the years sucks so I just don't go anymore.
    • I could use a kitelife patch or five, that wasn't a kid flying a single line.
    • I have a couple of books on making kites, both from the late 80's and early 90's. Where can I find up to date information using the materials that are in use today. An example would be using carbon tubes rather than wood dowels. Would like to get information on an up to date book or web site.
    • Probably not, these are bags for me. I wouldn't feel right selling them as a professionaly sewn bag. They are testing different designs to see what works. The cost of materials is about what you want to pay for a real bag. I've seen the Rev bags and there nice. But I can build one that works better for me. Your looking  at almost  50-80$ it materials. The bags ive built the outer shell is 30$`a yard, then theres zippers, grossgrain, inner fabric, seat belt, basting tape. I would like to get them dialed enough to reproduce the same one over and over, but I know I'm a tinkerer and could never build two the same. That said, I'd trade the last bag for a B2. But then I'd just build a 2 sized kite and a bag for it. The rabbit hole is deep, I think I'll just keep cutting fabric and see what happens.
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