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    • Hi Riffclown. That was a very informative and thought out response You enlighted me to reasons that step is important and like you said not much more work for the benefit  I just started sewing only antique singer from yard sale. Replace tension spring work ok. I didn't understand about the refractive part . I see the stretch issue I'll will pay closer attention to alignment because a lot of time invested in build. Do you make many? Love any input no pattern on first 2 just looked at some kiteplans.org and went to town turned out to trick well in good hands not mine!  Using the same clx 150 rods on quad. Think middle center should be a little stronger.  Looked at Fulcrum details and all 3 versions seem to use stiffer center.  Kit an kite andfunthings great prices has quad kits for rev1.5 all same size cxl 150-350. Any input appreciate! Thanks again  Michael marmarasmichael@gmail.com
    • Hi Mebeatee. Just thought about how I see things  I agree about stalls and crashing. I am new to tricks Only fly micron stormy Pete and baby tana ( my fav.) Been taped together and feurrelled often so these don't really trick. The 2 line 8 footers were flown by a very good pilot yesterday and way exceeded both our expectations.  His twerking bridle guessed that Crashed crazy hard and can't believe didn't break. Only p200 rods and 150s. Stalls still elude me l can axel ok?  Decided to do a quad UL after giving finish sail away on Another.  Making something like a Fulcrum with 4 stand offs and parabolic sail geometry Don't know what l am doing but it's fun and rewarding when they fly good.  Thanks for post. Probably won't comment on that subject again just mixing it up fly on and hopefully up. Michael
    • From Experience, Alignment of Fabric bias is only "not an issue" until it is.. For Fabrics like Icarex, it's much less of an issue but when Ripstop (RSN) gets wet and starts stretching, those alignments matter because the stretch is uneven along the biases. It doesn't take too long to get the bias of the fabric aligned in most cases so IMO it's worth it in the long run. At a minimum, your bias alignment should match on the mirrored panels so when stretching does occur, it does so somewhat evenly. FWIW, I've probably played with the bias and mismatching of fabrics as much as anyone (more for refractive purposes than stretch) and I'll take the extra time to align the biases every time. I've also never used a walking foot but that's a different conversation..
    • A stall would precede mostly anything.....not just any stall but a good pasted to the sky stall. Still though, after decades being more of an old skool flier, the first “trick” I learned was and still is the best......how to crash very gently...;) bt
    • I feel ya. ✌️ Chuck can tell you all about me as a performer, and my work ethic. 😉  http://KitesRSexy.com
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