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    • Finally had a chance to get the Tensor in the air.  All I can say is wow.  I flew it in winds between 7-11 mph with a few higher gusts.  The 3.1 was definitely the right choice.  After about 30 minutes is was huffin and puffin and arms where getting tired.  This thing is a work out.  Cant wait to try and fly it in its four ling configuration.
    • Lots of fliers underestimate fundamental control as mere “precision” when it’s the very thing that allows you to set up your tricks reliably, consistently, in the right places in the wind window and with the right sail pressure. 🙏🏻
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    • Hello All This Will Be My Karma pay it Forward.  It’s a very nice Quad drone.  There’s no camera.  This Is the Sport Car Of The Micro World Of RC.  It will Do anything you want It to do.  It’s new , it has a spare canopy, It has 3 chargers.  I’m sorry but I don’t have a Battery to send, They're 4 dollars, and You will need to pick up a 2.4g ,  quad type radio, around 20 dollars. Then you're set, I would send My radio, But I only use One radio for 13 different Planes, quads, helli  Etc.  so I need my radio.  The quad is a simple Bind and Fly to any BNF radio.  I hope you enjoy this quad.  I just don’t have any Kite Things Right Now To Give , But Tonight I Put My Personal Quad qx on a single fishing Line and it was Fun, I even put it on dual lines, adjusted throttle to type flying and had a great time .  Enjoy  I’ll ship Out to the winner in a envelope right away, The drawing will be on June 5 If You're In , Just Post I’m In 
    • Yea the 2 is my fav.  I pull it out when the wind hits 12+ , toss on flight of the bumblebee or Bumble Boogie and have some high speed fun.