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    • well flying on hold for a little bit today ,the dam weather man is never right I should know that by now drizzling here supposed to stop later \\\\(  I hope ) Don't mind spending smart money ,when its something I enjoy .Will put the 50 ft lines on hold, am probably going to order up leaders and might as well get the bridle as well ,with good equipment you can only blame yourself .Right now on 85 ft 90lb lines have 120 /100 skybonds on there way should be good for the bigger wind window idea ,as well as race frame (never hurts to have parts in hand)
    • I'm beginning to think about my next kite purchase and I'm considering the Wolf or Widow by Premier. The Wolf appears to be a lot of kite for the money at the moment.
    • Yup -- like Breezin said -- just fly. Time on the lines is key to developing your ability. You will make mistakes. We all did. How much risk you take depends on the depth of your pockets. If you have the funds to replace parts and kites and don't mind spending it then go for it. However, making mistakes and repeating them is not the type of muscle memory you want to build, so a bit of prudence will improve the rate at which you improve. Time spent making repairs or searching for THE PERFECT KITE (does not exist) won't teach you anything except that you should have flying.
    • Flew yesterday in 15-20mph gusts. The figure eight is great for paying out line in a controlled manner. After launching the kite and getting to a stable height, I add the eight between the kite and reel. It adds enough friction that I can just hold the reel and let it unreel by itself. Once it's all the way out, I add the henry's handle to secure it. Because the kite line is so small relative to the cleat, I make 3-4 full wraps before securing to the cleat. Then I use the large carabiner for walking it down. A few twists of the carabiner is enough to temporarily secure it for the walk back to the anchor.
    • Being 57 also and just starting out I feel the same about flying no matter the wind. Have  duel line  quiver for 0 to 30 now and a bag of busted parts.Wind was fantastic this morning. This afternoon hit 40 mph. Man I need another high wind kite.(Spiderkite Neon 1.2 soon) Don't regret the cost of kites or parts because I'm having a blast.Lament a bit but that's just my sophisticated  way of whining about it . Started late and a lot to learn in a short time. Acrops advice about 50# lines is spot on.Waiting for winds just drives me nuts but I'd probably be better with a few more kite dollars to spend.2 months in I got a Prism Micron that comes with 50' x 50#. The line set was a disaster in my hands. Snarled,,twisted and snagged that line till one day I destroyed it having fun in 20 to 25 mph winds shaking the heck out of  the Micron. Used it on my Pro Dancer and Zephyr also. Just sucked. Swore 50# line was a waste of money and time.No it was me. Few months ago got a LPG 50# x 120' and go figure I love it. Use it on my Pro Dancer SUL and Tekken SUL. Yesterday got a 82' x 50# dyneema set. When I determine the length for those 2 kites in 0 to 3 I'll get a better quality line. If your like me sometimes ignoring the wise advice of others and just gotta fly get some 50# dyneema. Pretty cheap if you buy bulk and make your own sets.