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    • Waydabe! The Quantum has the reputation of being built like a tank. You did very well to fly it in 6mph. While it is rated even lower, for me the sweet spot on the kite is maybe 8 to 10. Much more and it flies, but really hauls butt a bit (not necessarily a bad thing, if that is what you are looking for I suppose).  In lower winds you have a tad more reaction time, and damage risk is reduced -- but too low in some moves the thing will just fall out of the sky like a dead bird , unceremoniously. It is a hefty kite, but a good one, and a nice early step that you can fly for a while. Mine is a green one .
    • Welcome to the form. In reading your story I found myself smiling a bit to myself, as I recognised the signs. You are surely bit! Lots of help, advice and fun available here. Enjoy. .
    • Welcome to this wonderful aspect of kiting! The original kite uses fiberglass for the standoffs, and I would tend to stick with what the manufacturer specifies if you are trying to bring it back to spec, unless you want to experiment with the effects of modifications. Carbon and fg have different bending qualities. (I suppose if you are stuck you could switch, but do both sides if you do).  There are differing grades of fg, too, so checking with HQ or a kite shop would be useful. Don't know if you still have your spec sheet, but here is a link to the english version, which states fiberglass. If you are replacing a standoff, the sheet says it is of 2mm dia and 210mm long. For clarification: perhaps a point of nomenclature, but when you say 'ram', do you mean the little fittings that the standoff fits into at either the sail or spreader end?  Those parts can be obtained at the sources referred to elsewhere in this thread. HQ does a pretty good job on support stuff such as manuals for their kites.  I  see that this spec sheet even shows bridle measurements for goodness sake! Would that it were true of all kites, everywhere I have the earlier Yukon version (not the Mark II). Fun little kite -- quite capable and sturdy if a little on the small side (and a wee bit speedy). While bendy, the fiberglas they use is super durable generally, and some of the kite parts are hybrid tubes. The kite is rated for both beginner and advanced flyers on that spec sheet, so nice move on your part as you develop. HTH .
    • Hello kite life! I've been a lurker on here all summer. I've  dabbled in flying things for year's,  from me on a snowboard learning rodeo flips to 3d RC airplnes. Avid disc golfer building a new couse in my hometown. All ways  had a cheap stunt kite to mess around with on surfing trips, but forgot it on a trip this spring. Popped  into Zephyurs in Depoe Bay to pickup a ultimate disc to play  catch  with and walked out with a prism synapse  140. Went to Agate beach  in way to much wind and  had the time of my life.The next day the wind died and all I  wanted to do was fly, bummer only way to kill the wind is to buy a new kite! So 6 months  later  I have acquired a prism hypnotist, 4d , 2 micons, sky dog jammin and Kymera. Watched some videos and learned to do fades and got some yo yos, then went  to the Lincoln City kite festival and saw quads for the first time. Damn thats cool! How have I  never seen these before? Sunday of the event I got up super early and there was no wind. Again? Walked around talking to people trying to buy a used Rev, but didn't really realize the caliber of who I was talking to. At some piont I  had asked Conner Dorrian if he had a used Rev. Someone refered me to "John" I then realized he designed the kite I  had tucked  under  my  arm. He was cool enough to show be how to properly tension the wing tips. What a cool small community this kite thing really is. Ive just picked up a Rev classic 1.5 and finally clicked with it today, was really fighting the DLK muscle  memory. Learning  to fly a quad in central Oregon is a challenge. But I had  an 'a haw" moment today  and the brain connected to the lines. I think I can do this!  Probably in the market for  a vented/mid vent soon?
    • I believe the Yukon standoffs bow. When bowing away from the kite wrapping the line around that part of the kite will break them. Hitting the ground hard with them bowed out makes them more vulnerable too.Kites like my Black Dog and your Yukon will be more prone to stand off issues. They'll pop out more often also. Sometimes in a failed trick or even a soft crash when the angle is right. If you've been flying them out bow them inwards towards the kite. It won't change the flight enough for you to notice. When replacing glue your end cap but wrap the other end in just enough scotch tape to keep it tight. Keeps from having to replace the standoff connector if and when another one breaks. I use carbon rods. Wrap where you are going to cut with tape. Use a very fine tooth saw or dremel. I use a dremel. Keeps the rods from splintering.Yukon is small, pretty light and pretty fast. Kite is tough enough for you to really hone your skills on ground work. Belly launches, axle landings/takeoffs, tip stand tricks and the like. Sucks when $1.50 worth of parts grounds you.