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    • No - the springs can be removed. Either just pull them out or cut whatever is holding them. Those springs are just added on. Never been a fan of the new fittings Rev is using. Don't feel like there is enough of the "tongue" inserted into the rod end to hold all the pressure. Feel like it was a solution looking for a problem or just change for change sake.
    • I've used 50# PowerPro Super 8 Slick for 13' to 120' line sets. At $30 for 300 yards, it was a cheap way to try different line lengths. At 50#, I've only used them in light wind situations. 
    • I don't know if you checked the prices of spectra line, but buying bulk and making your own line sets will save you nearly 50% of the cost. Buying a finished set costs roughly $1/foot. If you have some dead time to kill it's worth the effort to make your own. Sleeving is an option that can be used at either or both ends, and it does reduce wear on the kite bridle and handle leaders. Do not buy the spectra line used for fishing. It has a different weave and binds much more easily. There is one brand out there that some have said works, but I have not tried it. The ones I did try were horrid. Most kite shops, both online and brick and mortar, carry bulk spectra in either Laser Pro Gold or Shanti Skybond, or can order it for you.
    • You can close the space by folding the part of the edge below the seam over and running a stitch down the length of the trailing edge. Sand can't get into a space that doesn't exist. Of course the more sand you can remove before running the additional seam the better. 
    • Ha, ha!!  Someday I will learn to proof before hitting the send button!!  I would say it was a very windy day!! Wolf NG should be here on Monday!! I did fly my quad some yesterday and it seems I split one of the vertical rods a little.  It's weird because what appears to be a split is located towards the bottom, but does not go clear to the bottom. The quad is a Rev 1.5 Classic so has the reflex feature with the springs being able to just slide off of the rod.  But I went over to see Kent at A Wind Of Change and with the rods he had, the springs were and integral part of the rod.  They could not be removed.  So he was going to check with Lolly at Rev and see what I have. So I flew that kite and also my Freilein mid vent quad.  I had a good time although the wind was maybe a little strong.  But I figured it was better than no wind!! I should have checked with Kent on the Wolf.  He had a couple there priced at $115.
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