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    • Mamba is another kite that deserves some research. I'd have gotten one over the Superfly but already have the Mongoose. Read on the old GWTW that Tapp made 5 white Solus and 5 white WMP. Got one of the white WMP 2nd hand but it had never been flown. Pretty cool deal. Lines cut into the LLE connectors due to my heavy handed style and tricking in the upper wind range. On all my kites it's worse on the WMP with the Nighthawk a pretty close second. Remember though the high end kites aren't the end all. Yesterday winds were around 10 mph. Spent the day on my Nighthawk and Addiction. FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Not a worry in my brain about breaking something. Pushed really hard and lucky me nothing broke. That's rare on a day like that. 
    • Ha, I wasn't a huge fan of the color combo of my first one, either (the same as the one you're looking at). I knew at some point I would get the one I wanted (the Spider) but I couldn't wait an indefinite amount of time. There are only 7 Spiders in existence, so finding one took a while. Funny thing is that I got a replacement of my first one in the same color, and had no reservations about that choice... I guess I got used to it. And yes, the APAs are the spreader connectors. No Tica color decision , yet. I'm still digesting my most recent kite purchase (Moonie Mamba).
    • thanks rob, good to know,breezin did say it was his doing...are the apa's the rod/tube connecters, like spreaders to leading edges, stand-offs, etc?   i've been watching WM videos and liking the kite more and more...seems like a kite you hang on to. is the spyder graphic from a special edition?  on monday im going talk to ups about international shipping...if its a go i might bone up on my german skills and make an  offer to the guy. i'm not too big on the color but the condition looks good. speaking of colors, have you got some picked out for your ticca?
    • Well two goes and no interest. Guess  we'll try this again later. John or Riff is it OK to postpone this for a while?
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