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    • also, what i have available is 90lb. 80 ft. lpg. tom
    • you guys have provided lots of great info. thank you. black race it is! with that, what should be the upper wind limit that this setup should go out in?  tom  
    • A long term forecast .... mid 80's,  winds ENE 12 gusts to 18,   a chance of a pop up shower (it's Florida) Florida flyers in the area come out and join me, teach me how to team fly!!
    • https://www.facebook.com/events/2063175117276024/permalink/2426584814268384?sfns=mo    
    • Based on feedback, I've increased my sail tension even more than before, and added longer leaders by an additional seven inches or so.  This gives much deeper arc on the leading edge from the tension, and all the brake means leaning back about 1.5 feet when the handles are vertical. With these adjustments, the drive on the kite has changed significantly.  Some of it is for the better, the kite moves much slower and more controlled, and takes less pressure before catching the air. Unfortunately, with the changes when making 180 turns it feels like all power cuts out. Sometimes the kite flips itself into a glide I didn't intend, with the wingtip inside the turn falling toward me and laying flat (0:22, 0:30, 0:59) for a difficult recovery. Other times it de-powers, forcing a landing or crash (0:08, 0:30) . Still other times (0:45, 1:02, 1:20) I can pull through it; the power loss has several waves, one where it catches itself after the turn, another where it hits the wind wake from the previous pass, and then it stabilizes. When it happens the kite does a bit of a swooping motion, easier seen than described. Here are some clips. Before the adjustments, less brake meant easier recovery and tighter turns.  Is this an expected amount of stall, or turbulence, or whatever it is for proper adjustments and I just need to compensate for it with practice, or is there something you can see in my actions or tuning that needs to improve?
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