Kite Boarding

Quickly becoming one of the hot facets of power kiting, kite boarding is something else... Imagine a big skateboard with knobby wheels, and you've got it!

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    • Yeah, I've spent the past few years flying quads almost exclusively, even though I started on dual line kites as a kid in the '80s before putting down the hobby for nearly two decades.  Looking over my kite logs for 2018 gives me this: 29 days flying outdoor quad (and thinking about buying an indoor quad...) 15 days flying indoor dual 3 days flying outdoor dual (not counting today) On that note, I just came home from flying and had the numbers open from updating my log. I spent a half hour reminding myself how to fly an outdoor dual line on my Eruption because I'd rather break that than my new kites, then another 90 minutes or so breaking in the Kymera. I'll likely start on the Hydra next week. I'm not sure if the wind was too strong for the Kymera or I just never found the right adjustments. It kept making trailing edge buzzing ("kite farts") through most of the wind window so I kept adjusting tensions throughout the afternoon. Windfinder reports the wind was about 8G14 which matches the nearby airport's wind report that averaged 9, 7, then 9 knots over that time frame. With slight adjustments to the standoffs I reduced the buzzing, but never really eliminated it. I really don't want to stretch out or ruin the trailing edge of a brand new kite before it's really broken in.  Does someone who knows the Kymera well (ahem, like @John Barresi ) know if that's too strong for that kite, or if it just needs more tuning love? The strongest gusts were probably near the upper end of the kite's listed wind range but I didn't feel like it was overpowering the kite.
    • White Leading Edge and single stitch on the edge binding is done. Second stitch is added with the framing and endcaps reinforcements.. Decided to use white thread for the LE stay with it for the Edge Binding . Getting Close!!
    • Didn't ask about the Jinx (way out of my price range), sorry. I've seen only a couple up here in the PNW, nice stuff!! PS: I've been flying since 1989, so I've flown pretty much every type of kite made. Been into quads after a stroke and a member of 2 teams. But dualies really got me started on this kiting journey!!!      
    • It seems to be the theme of the day to make DLK to QLK or QLK to DLK transitions (or return to) - you and @Breezin. I guess that is kiting; challenge and improvement, we do it/strive to on every session. When you talked to Paul de Bakker, you didn’t ask him by any chance whether he plans to do Jinx or something Jinxlike available again? I have only tried the Hydra of Paul de Bakkers kites, but I got very curious after reading:
    • Thank you..Bag was made from the trim of the center panel and mockup stages. Added a bit of the Challengemax Poly and the bag kind of designed itself. The actual purchase of this kite has fallen through. (Life Happens) I decided since I had already allowed for it to go with the full 96" LE.. This is several inches bigger than the 1.5 standard but not Zen size either. I'd say it is about a 1.3 size given the way Rev defines their sizing.. The Advantage of additional sail area is enhanced low wind performance.. This will be (hopefully) a very good 1-5mph kite.. Framing in P2X camo  and P4X camo.  I've just completed the LE sleeve and hope to attach it to the sail this afternoon.  Edge Binding will be in blue for this kite. (FWIW, the reason for this size choice is it allows me to frame the kite without having to cut the spars. Glue 2 Ferrules and the frame is done.)