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Quickly becoming one of the hot facets of power kiting, kite boarding is something else... Imagine a big skateboard with knobby wheels, and you've got it!

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    • I have a long way to go, hopedfully it goes well.  The Moonie version is quite cool.  Blue
    • When I order parts like this I order a few, 3,4 maybe 5 or 6, of the size I think I need and bigger and smaller that way I get what I need and then some. Also get some of the plastic C clips to hold them in place. I purchased several of each size smaller and bigger than I think I needed and it’s been handy having extra parts. Kites and Fun Things is where I purchase all firings and they sell Sky Shark rods too.
    • I went to a duel line clinic in Long Beach WA put on on by John a couple years ago. Paul Dabacker and Scott Weider were there helping to teach all of us tricks or what ever we wanted to learn. At one point John had Paul flying his Hydra and was calling out tricks one after another for several minutes. Paul only hesitated on a double roll up, but pulled it off with ease. I was amazed at how Paul’s feet were constantly moving, and that’s what I learned from him that day. Keep your feet moving. I’m no trick flier by no means but have learned a few over the last couple years after attending the clinic. My personal favorite kite is an ATM I have both STD and UL and beat the crap out of both and they have taken the abuse with minor repairs. Kind of gotten off topic sorry. My Mamba is the UL Moonie version so I take it easier on it than most of my other kites. When I started flying it I kept having issues with wing wraps and was unable to unwrap on the ground with out walking. I added vinyl end caps to solve this problem for me. The Mamba has replaced my Solus UL that I flew into a T post at WSKIF last year. I’m usually not so long winded. Sorry. You are going to enjoy your mamba! Nice choice
    • I like this way of seeing it – i.e. the last word, the “yet”. Accept ten sessions of “Meeeehhhh…, what is this kind of kite??” or perhaps you need to put it away for a year until ones skills in some area slowly “unlocks” the kite. I have had three instances of kites whose properties that were so different from what I was used to, that it took time before I accepted them, but having gone through that process these three have have all been rewarding in teaching me new distinct aspects. Yes the ITW Hydra (in addition the the three above mentioned) also felt a little peculiar to begin with, though I didn’t dislike it at any point. It felt a bit sensitive and didn’t hold the turtles/back flips well (I guess this when well controlled could be a feature). The Hydra also turned out to be rewarding. It got me starting with the axel cascade, since it didn’t end up on its back after a few cycles. Having the “Hydra axel cascade” I could then work on axel cascades of other kites that demanded a small pull on the lower wing before the major pop on the top wing.
    • Yes, I am really looking forward to getting it.  I told him the colors I wanted and he sent me like 12 variations, of which I liked them all.  He is going to make me one of them per his choosing.  It will be unknown to me as to which one he picks.  Retirement gift to myself.  I look forward to my development in this hobby.  Blue
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