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  5. JORDAN AIR PRO bridle

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  6. Kite Hard Case

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  7. Bridle replacement

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  8. Prism 4D repair help

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  9. Colored lines.....

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  10. Night flying

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  11. shining up the vertigo

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  12. Venting Standard Sail

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    • I was wondering the same thing. Do they own the rights to that design...?

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    • Seriously ? Aren't these 'Bazzer's Eyes' ? I'm not a big fan of Revs, I flew for years before giving in and getting my first Rev. OK, to me, the Rev was a necessary evil, something to fly when the wind was too high for anything else. I warmed to the whole Rev thing because of the great people involved with them. I have a few, know how to fly them (sortof). Recently, when the company was going through some changes, they really started to rub me the wrong way. I could elaborate on a personal experience I had with the 'new' Rep that came out to an east coast festival that was less than pleasant, but won't... But... is this payback to Phoenix ? *Sorry if this topic is a little too spicy, mods, feel free to censor me. But, I would like to say before getting deleted... the above looks like a cheap 'knock-off' !
    • That might do it...  If I can find a grommet around here.  China is not exactly a shopper's paradise if you can't read the language (and have only 2 years of college Mandarin).
    • Not long after the 1989 crash, Kitelines magazine did an article on kite injuries, and I was quoted in that article.
    • Well, I'm a fan of a picture says a thousand words, and I don't  have much time before I have to go into work (which is where the build site is too).  I'll try and take some pics for a later reply. About the Flexifoil stack.  I'm not that guy. 

      My story went like this... I took a cab from my base RAF Upper Heyford on October 8, 1989 along with our First Shirt's kid.  He was outfitted with my Hawaiian, I had the stack.  Now everybody I'd met had told me that Brill Hill was the place to go for kites, and it is windy, and offers (at a distance) the kind of place you'd want to fly a kite.  However, it's not the place to go for power kites.  I had this image of an area like a soccer pitch, and it wasn't.  The grass on the hill was in clumps, the dirt between was full of evidence that sheep had been grazing.  The windmill was very nice. But I had just spent 30 quid to get there, and was looking to spend at least that much to go back.  I pulled out the kites and the harness, buckled myself in and started flying.  Fortunately for me, I had my combat boots on, because I had encountered a similar field on a previous trek to go flying in the past.

      Because I couldn't ski, I braced my feet on the edge of a railroad tie that had been driven into the ground as a stop for cars parking near the windmill, but due to the wind direction, I couldn't put them on the flat side, but on two of the faces, with the edge dangerously pointing towards my groin.  When a power loop made my feet slip, I jumped over it, rather than take it in the crotch.  I found myself landing 15+ feet downwind and danger close to a 3 year old girl who had frozen in my path.  A jump to the left and I impact a parked car...  A jump to my right, and I go down a "grass" lined gully.  I chose the gully, but instead of going straight down it, I'm being pulled diagonally down it, right foot lower than the left.  The kite is still pulling as I'm trying to get it out of the power loop and allow for the maneuvers need to get me out of this situation.  I'm afraid that my right foot is going to catch and collapse under me, sending me into an upside down superman.  So, I opted to try another jump, and with the kite finally getting out of the power range, I'd be able to stop skiing.  However, my foot did catch, and all the power went to the uphill leg resulting in a jump that had me arch about 15' in the air (and about 30' downwind) and land on my side and head.  I was out cold after that.

      The kite crashed into a pine tree, undamaged, and people came down, got me unbuckled from the harness, and called for an ambulance (likely not in that order).  I came to a couple of times on the way to the hospital, and was checked out.  I had a concussion, and a few bruises.  The Shirt's son called his dad, and he came out to the hospital, and recovered us, and my kites.  I ended up spending the night in the base's hospital.  

      A year to the day later, I was run off the road (on a dead end street)  while bicycling (no helmet), then assaulted by the driver and his buddies when I confronted them about it.  Result another concussion.  Next year, fired from my job... and the hatred of October 8th was cemented.  A few years later the 8th forgot about me, but remembered and ran a car into me on the 12th (broken leg, torn ligaments)...  that October wasn't thru with me, and it took 3 weeks of intense pain before my (insert expletive here) doctor finally ordered a MRI.  That was when they found the breaks and the torn ligament that didn't show up (unless you actually looked) on the Xray taken on the night I was hit.  Needless to say, I fired the doctor.