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    • Thank you for your reply. Indeed the only secret is the practice. Reverse hover has been a success for me on both sides since this am. I may have found the secret😜 I will take your advice and try the same thing over a short distance. I also practiced on the clock. High position OK left position OK, low position OK, and the drama approaches because when on the right the kite falls like a stone. If I do it the other way around same problem on the left ... it's pretty frustrating. Stef
    • You've answered your own question as with a turn you provide the acceleration needed......with no turn you have to accelerate the kite yourself. Not to worry....reversing/mirror imaging/going from the dominant side/hand to the "weaker" side/hand can be initially tricky in any maneuver....no biggie.  In this case you have the double whammy of the kite upside down which reverses things again. These things aren't neccessarily given away so just fly and practise more and it will come when you least expect it. One thing to do is to "own your inverted hover" at the wind windows edge after the slide across. Hover the kite at the edge, and experiment with little push/pull motions to change the way the kite is facing the wind as you'll need to get the kite accelerating (what the turn did) back the other way. You can also invert the kite in the middle of the window and slide back and forth a bit....say...20 ft one way....back to the middle...then 20 ft the other way with these small push/pull motions....yes just like a dual line push/pull but very very slight.....while still maintaining the hover. As you refine your movements widen your slides until you're able to slide across the whole window back and forth without any turns. Own your hover..... bt
    • I’d be happy to share what I know about Bols.  They’re pretty.  Not very helpful, right?  😉  Staying tuned in, though.  Maybe I’ll make one some day.
    • Hello everyone. This am I tried reverse slide. I understood the principle very well on the one hand but impossible to do it on the other. Leading edge to the left I turn 180 degrees and let slip until I find myself in reverse. So here I am, leading edge down, sailing from left to right. Once I get to the right when I try the impossible return. The kite falls. If once I get to the right I turn 180 degrees again the reverse slide is OK for me. Could you explain to me why? Thank you
    • Thanks Mitch,  I understand what you are saying but what I am considering is adding some form of venting on the outer edge just inboard of the bridle attachment points ! Will it work ?  don't know until I try it ! I am surprised that you are the only person to reply so far ! 
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