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    • @mrfaosfx  Beautiful work.. I use several similar techniques on my full sails and diamond constructions. The meshes are usually basically square and present little issues.. Making a diamond shaped mesh however gives me a much higher skew angle when not under tension .. I'm mitigating by pinning down to a surface and blue taping much as you described. Since I'm dealing with already hemmed edges for the strips, hot cutting and back cutting not very practical for my particular application.. As much as I'd love to buy in, no shortcuts for this kite. I found a workable solution. Seam tape will only be used for the panel inserts and final assembly.
    • I use a similar method mentioned by Paul LeMasters. I keep all the pieces under tension with double sided tape. I build the "skeleton" of the kite first, all of the initial pieces are hot cut and once the skeleton is completed, the double sided tape does all the work, allowing me to simply place more fabric while keeping everything neatly flat and then use curved sharp scissors to cut along the lines of the double sided tape, I get beautiful clean cuts that look like they were laser cut but it requires very sharp scissors. A few pictures of my recent build bellow illustrates the beautiful results! 
    • Had some sweet flights on my local dock today... Man, what a sweet ride. 🤘🤘 Djinn ST, 30’x50# lines. == == ==  
    • About 25% done on the sewing. Sewn portions are marked with stars in the second pic. Left half of this image is photoshopped (mirrored from the right) to show the end goal.. Successful in staying flat so far.. The solid panels have not been sewn in yet. Only the mesh. The center panel is complete. Hoping to finish the taping tonight and sewing this weekend. This should be ready to fly before Christmas..
    • Definitely an option if i was just starting on this one but I'm far too far down the road now to change lanes. Perhaps on a future project. FWIW, scrap on this one so far has been nearly nil. The snowflake on Winter Jacket is the closest I've come so far to applique and that one isn't back cut. I'm a little more into the riffclown method. To adapt other's techniques extensively would run the risk of impinging on their stuff. I want my kites to be unique to me. So far that's working. I have far too much respect for Eliot, Randy, Bazzer and others. I like the Hadziki Wing design, the Eliot Shook old style LE and my own refinements in rigging and framing. Beyond that I don't mind doing it the hard way.