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    • Hello @LanceG, Welcome to KiteLife®! Although this is an automated message, it is written with heart - I love kites deeply, and I believe the KiteLife community represents this passion with a very friendly and helpful environment for everyone. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Need to tweak settings? Edit your profile here - View Member Edit your settings - http://kitelife.com/forum/settings/ Other than that, here are a few handy links that you might have a use for... Member Chat Member Map KL Shop And while it's never an obligation, we always love hearing about our new members if you'd like to share some of your kite stories, videos, and/or background... Tell us a little about YOUR kite life!
    • Day 5, added rods and bridle. Ready for a test flight. The horizontal bridle is a bit tight pre bending the frame. That will be adjusted on test flight. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
    • I really don't doubt your argument in any way Edmond. I only know John from the videos on YouTube, but he is a hell of a Master kiter, and not only with four lines. 😉 And when the moment is there i am sure to try both of them. Thank you for your advice and substantiation. I really appreciate it.
    • Great explanation from your point of view, thank you but...do you know that John (Djinn) and Bazzer(Phoenix) are probably the main reasons for Revolution kites to be where are now? yes Revolution is what you may know but both Djinn and Phoenix are with some levels on top of because they continued to improve and develop the sail ? Do you know they added solutions that make the sail more resistant to regular wear and tear ? Especially now with all kite stores closed I think is the moment to expand a bit your search and at lest to considerate this kites for future. you may be right about taxes but parts are the same like all others bowtie shape brands, same caps, same spars same bungees. A months ago I received a brand new kite from Bazzer from Australia and in the past I also had orders in Europa and China so you are right "A good kite is one that meets the buyer's expectations"  
    • Hello Edmond,  A good kite is one that meets the buyer's expectations i.m.o. There are a few things to consider when buying a kite in America. Firstly, there are import duties and taxes, which together add up to a third of the price. (20% tax and 10% import duties) Both the Detox and the Revopolo come from the EU, so you do not have high surcharges on them. Second, the Revopolo and Detox both look good. And thirdly, most spare parts of them are easily available here, should something go wrong. For example; i ordered two green race frames (not the travel ones) in early December, and am still waiting for delevery. So it's NOT i don't want to buy something in America. I haven't come across any Djinn or Bazzer here yet, but our kite shops are closed due Corona for three months now, so I haven't really been able to orientate myself. I prefer to take a Revolution, they are simply available here, but those are only ligh wind or the new (Reflex) models and I don't want them. Yes, and then the choice becomes a bit limited and you have to look for something else. Hence my search. I know nothing about the quality of these kites, that is why i ask here. The reason why i prefer a older type of Revolution is because i know those are of good quality and meet my expectations. But since those are no longer available here, I'm looking for something similar. These are my considerations, but of course I cannot speak for everyone. Sorry for any language errors btw.
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