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    • We are looking to purchase a pre-owned Premier 30’ clownfish aka Nemo.   Thank you
    • Hi. My name’s James. I’m from Brooklyn, NY. I’m new to flying Rev’s. Was just wondering if anybody was in my general vicinity who’d like to meet up one day and fly together? I could travel to Long Island or New Jersey... Thanks for reading this. PM me if you’d like to meet up. 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻
    • Didn't notice the lines.   That's okay, I've got plenty of line sets in my bag.  I knew the kite would work wonderfully in my bag.  Here's hoping for the win.
    • Put up my Silver Fox 2.2 UL first today in 12 or so mph winds and it handles it well. Yes I know 12 is to much for a UL but hay I’m not to smart. Lam’s Silver Fox is my sons favorite duel line kite, we both have the UL models. He didn’t want to stretch his out so he flew the Widow NG. As the wind picked up he was sitting down and was getting drug slightly. I was laughing. I then switched to the Challenger Max and it was much easier to fly and more controllable. My wife just recently started flying and was able to fly the Challenger for over an hour in winds that were in the high teens. We live on the Oregon Coast so the winds at the beach are constant not like they were in Colorado where we moved from. I also have 2 of Lams ATM kites, an UL and a Standard, witch are very similar to the Silver Fox 2.2. The production Lam kites are quality built with his tweaks and parts installed like the wing tip tension pieces. Very convenient. The high end custom Lam kites are a work of art. I don’t own any yet but have looked at several at festivals and will eventually purchase one or more starting with a vented model. The only kites I have comparable to them would be Sky Burner Delta drive or the Solus kites that I love to fly in light wind.

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    • @atbflyer Thank you ever so much for the kind words and review... Enjoy those kites..