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    • Inserting clarifications for posterity, but not interrupting the discussion... B-Series (factory model), production ends on Dec 31st 2016. B-Series PRO (Bazzer built) no longer made or available except as used / private sale. Carry on!
    • Thank you both for posting.     kwmf, so your saying the pro is better overall than the B series, or it is just better for you?  I have not seen any pros for sale to see what the difference is.  
    • Hi and welcome Completely normal at this stage - I remember feeling like the B-series was slightly better than the Pro for a long time until I developed enough and spent enough time on the Pro to be able to tell the difference. As long as you are enjoying yourself and the kite represents value for your money then you're doing fine. With enough time and experience and knowledge you will come to understand and appreciate the differences and subtleties of various sails, both Revolution based and others. For me, the Pro represents the best all around platform for my money, but that doesn't mean (for example) that I don't pull out my Polo set if I'm in the mood to tip pivot a lot or I want to sacrifice some tracking for a light feel with visual pop. Just looking at the Freilein kites I can see how the feel and personality will be different, but if you're enjoying it then don't let anyone tell you that you can't. Get deep enough in and you're going to find yourself wanting better and more
    • Thanks Andy. We've already got a volunteer to restart the drawing (pending), let's just hope our last winner hasn't befallen something unpleasant that has taken him away from the drawing.
    • bought a vertigo std for my boy at the os festival back in june  at os kites, andy talked a good talk so we took the chance. My boy has had very little experience with quads but a lot of experience with dual lines, He's starting to do competitions a little now. he's only gotten to fly a few revs others let him fly briefly at a few kite festivals up till now..  He is picking it up really quick, after two or three outings we decided to get the vented vertigo last weekend and we used it at the beach in 12-18mph wind and he flew well, He's still trying to get the hang of flying backwards though. I say boy but he's 23 and has flown dual line since he was about 13. I'm just a spectator and can't comment except from a spectators point of view, but I don't see any difference in the way a rev fly's and this one. I have been to quite a few kite shows in the last 7-8 years and have watched many revs both in competition and otherwise and can say I'm ok with the money I spent and the fun I've had watching my boy progress with the short time we've had the kites. Perhaps sometime down the road we'll go to a rev but only if an advantage can be found in doing so. This is my first post here and I'd like to take this moment to say hI  to all the flyers here,  I've always found kiters to be some of the best people around. Hope this helps some. good luck and good flying.