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    • LOL, your a nut! Seeing the improvement in sewing as you’ve progressed. Be an honor to fly some.
    • The Dodd Gross Dynamite seems to have disintegrating fabric so is no longer for sale. I'd send it somewhere for the cost of shipping, but I don't know that it is a good bet for the buyer.
    • @Mike Klaiber   Only because you asked. Let's see, home-mades since last year's clinic, Purple, Yellow, Mesh #6, and MEsh #5 (PLaid) as well as the Spectrum stack (5 kites). You saw some of these at the Rogallo..
      First non-tails kite, Indigo Sunrise, was added in October. The Night Brite kite, Jester, Midnight Royal, Yonder, Diamonds, Recharge and Jester 2 were all done since the new year but, Jester has a home in the kite dungeon now and Recharge is headed to Australia after the April Clinic. (SO, 7have been completed since the new year ) I have the Perspective stack unfinished and waiting until I have time to sew everything at the same time..Right now it's 4 kites but will end up being 6. While the panels might make the trip, they won't be kites yet.. Short answer is I'll have 14 kites you can try for the first time with a few of what you seen and flown already having found new homes in the hills of Virginia.  There's a few I need to fly myself.. Don't ask me to list the non home-mades since last year. I'm not sure I could name them all without taking the bag out.. Short version, I know I will have 3 kites for @John Barresi to sign right beside of Bazzer's sig.. There's also more Freileins and another Rev or 2.
    • How many have you put in your quiver since last year? 8?

    • According to my mrs I’d never be happy even if I won the lottery and spent the lot on kites !!!!

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