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    • I suspekt that you know this so well so that therefore certain parts are left unexplained. But "input" what (a range of the x-axis, concrete, grass, butter...🤔?)?
    • It is a trade-off of durability versus performance. I like sleeving at the handle end to take the abuse of making multiple adjustments I make as the wind or my need changes while flying, and no sleeving at the kite end so it helps reduce the weight the kite must lift. The wear at the kite end is limited to setting up and breaking down most of the time. Unless wind conditions change a lot I'll keep flying the same kite until I get tired of it. If wind is variable I may have two kites set up and fly the one more suited to the immediate wind.
    • Input first, then load the sail while maintaining the same input. Input next move, load sail while maintaining input. In low-wind flying there is a delay in the timing that will come naturally if you strive to maintain the loading, and each successive time you load the sail.
    • Thinking the last 2 weeks has been the most miserable non productive time in my kite flying life (some fun though).Could be an exaggeration but I don't know.Temps have been mostly 95+. Couple cooler days but lightning became an issue. I'm a fan of Mr. Franklins but flying a kite when lightning is around is kinda stupid. Last Sat. morning 10 year old grandson and I went out early AM. Little over an hour in Midget Fade rattlesnake came wandering across the flying field. Spooked the boy pretty bad. Fades are a light green this time of year and hard to see. 5 to 6 feet from it before we saw it. He was done 😓 . Later that evening we went back out. Got to the gate that exits the yard and there was another. No convincing him after that. 4 in the flying field this year but so far only the 1 in the yard. Sorely needed rain next 2 days and he had to go home. Boys getting good and it sucks we couldn't really get going. 3 came out Tue. for a few days. Could not BELIEVE they left their kites at home. Was really looking forward to flying their Addiction. When I asked why they didn't bring theirs they said why we came to fly yours 😲.Winds were really light so we flew the Zephyr. Grand daughter is 7 and has flown the Hydra pretty well. Broke her arm a couple weeks ago so she didn't fly the 1st day. 2nd she couldn't stand it and had a good go. The boys are 6 and 9 and I was pleased with how much they have learned. Both can belly land nose away pretty well. Can't relaunch the landing yet but they're getting close. By early afternoon near 100 F and I was toast. Badger dug under 2 fences that night and ate my gander. 13 years old and was quite the loss for all of us. He was excellent with people. Next morning we  got 2 more geese (Swan Geese). Flew the Z that afternoon and nothing broke 😀. Amazing!!  Near 100 again and I pooped out on them in a few hours. Swear I drank 5 gallons of water and nothing came out the other end. Up and out at dawn. Winds were up so Snapshot and Black Dog time. Had a blast but by noon close to 95 and I was done. Then they left. Today out early on the Pro Dancer. 1/2hour switched to Tekken SUL. 1/2 hour later on the Widow. GRRR wind. Little over an hour and it was getting vented time. GRRR wind. Took a little break. Went back out 93 and rising. Wasn't noon yet and I was done. Supposed to cool a bit the next few days cross my fingers. 95+ I'm not flying so well.Swear I'd rather fly in 20 degree 20 mile an hour wind than 10 mph and 100 F. You desert rats may have a different opinion. 
    • Grand kids still got a green one. Upgraded to a Widow Maker Pro and a couple Lam kites. Was going to replace it with the Addiction Pro. Got kite poor due to some couldn't pass up deals.Bought a Flexi Foil Psycho that fills the Addiction spot nicely. Plus a Rev 1.5 and TOTL C15. I'm on the list for a Sky Burner Solus that'll hopefully be here before Thanksgiving. If I keep this up I'm going to have to go pan a handling to get my Addiction Pro. Still one of my favorites.