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    • Nice 4D videos! That was way more tricking than I thought was possible with the 4D, especially in the above first video ”4D little kite in flight”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=109&v=5dfA0NLuyWI&feature=emb_logo From reading the Youtube Alex Belov background info/initial comment one can see that the bridle has been modified. The dynamic bridle of that 4D had been replaced with a 3-point bridle as shown in ”4D kite Set UP” (below video). In the video it also seems like a leech line in the TE has been added: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8C8EEoHKFQ&list=UU2TPphKeYJ3RtYpSLOp2j7A Since the Prodancer was mentioned I can’t help to link to a a favourite video(/post). Dual line tricking is not mandatory for an impressive show: https://kitelife.com/forum/topic/8173-favorite-sul/?do=findComment&comment=65913 When dealing with DLKs it is easy to end up only focusing on the tricks. I just saw an old post where there was a video where the Prodancer actually did trick by making a backspin and also entering a fade (end of video): https://kitelife.com/forum/topic/5849-whats-your-favorite-light-wind-kite/?do=findComment&comment=43537
    • Hello @Styria, Welcome to KiteLife®! Although this is an automated message, it is written with heart - I love kites deeply, and I believe the KiteLife community represents this passion with a very friendly and helpful environment for everyone. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Need to tweak settings? Edit your profile here - View Member Edit your settings - http://kitelife.com/forum/settings/ Other than that, here are a few handy links that you might have a use for... Member Chat Member Map KL Shop And while it's never an obligation, we always love hearing about our new members if you'd like to share some of your kite stories, videos, and/or background... Tell us a little about YOUR kite life!
    • View Advert Ocean Shores Printed Sail + Beyond Zero Frame I'm paring down my kite bag and am selling my Ocean Shores printed sail with a Beyond Zero frame. This is a super light weight kite that is 9 months old and in perfect condition. New, this sells for $300 + shipping. It's yours for $245 and I'll pick up the shipping in the lower 48. Advertiser Jim Doman Date 12/04/2019 Price $245.00 Category Kites (Quad Line) Brand Ocean Shores Model Printed Sail  
    • Hi Marty. Just wondering what you ended up getting? 
    • The draught is over and we had a really nice KAP session over the flooded Planina karst field, Slovenia. Shot with Nikon P330 on a Rokkaku kite. Check out all the photos and more about this magical place on our KAP website! 😉
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