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    • Synergy Zero Wind Great Deca
      I am interested, but also concerned over the possible condition of the fittings after so much time has passed since construction took place.  Have they been examined, replaced?   I have owned two of Marc's kites, both were made with vinyl tubing fittings
    • KARMA - Prism Micron Kite (5/12/16)
      I'm in. The idea of a bumblebee on amphetamines is irresistible!! We used to catch bumblebees and tie light thread around 'em and fly them like kites! 😆
    • Christmas time fun in San Diego
      Ok, this post isn't that old so I don't feel bad resurrecting it.  @Cato, are you going to the OB Kite festival on May 14th?  I'm new to kiting and I'm digging through old posts just reading and found a "local". I'm planning on being there with my family.  I'm not sure how much I'll be chatting/watching/etc. based on the moods of the kids, but I can't wait!
    • Synergy Zero Wind Great Deca
      The Synergetic Series of Kites are designed by Marc Rickett ... i bought this one from Marc R. at the aka convention in Treasure Island fl yeas ago I think 8 years.. he flew it once and I put it away. Marc made the handles for me also. and autographed. its red center purple and black. in excellent shape flown one and that was by Marc R. I have pictures but file is to large for here shoot me an e mail and i will send you pictures.  taking educated offers only please.. meaning nothing under $500  Will consider trade of equal or more value. 8132302323 cell
    • SLK Diamond Dive Bombing
      Very interesting topic.  Flying paper diamond kites as a kid we would try some of these adjustments but I suspect we moved things too much. We adjusted the bow of the kite, moved the spine, fiddled with the bridle & put way too much tail on them.  We also were flying in the suburban streets so conditions were sketchy at best.  Of course we crashed them often so they did not last too long. There was an art to carefully assembling the fragile paper sails with strategically placed cellophane tape to reinforce where the perimeter string exited the paper at each corner.  Once in awhile one of us would buy & assemble a kite that seemed to fly better than all the others.  It would be given special treatment & guarded carefully so as to not disturb the set up.  My big brother had a yellow Hi-Flier that still is magical in my memory.  Man, if I had just known some of you guys back then.....   SHBKF