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    • Rev Noob Handle Question
      I'd disassemble the new handles, place the knotted string so it pulls from both directions against knots and washers.  You are running two strings thru the middle, knotting both ends, all in an effort to remove any wiggling room (slop)  Only 1 line exits from the top and the other from the bottom of the tube.  Figure of eight knots tighten in both directions (meet in the middle), tougher to accomplish in tight quarters (like inside the tube or directly resting against the washer) It's basically an indoor handle without the plastic liner (which never worked after significant flailing anyway 'cause the knot would pass inside the liner eventually. A doubled strand of 100# hi test bridle line, knots on only one of those strands (easier quick adjustment) is certainly sufficient, and now if you use sleeving it can match the weight and feel of the leader lines.  Big fat dacron lines are a tangle waiting to happen! The new handles represent "value added" manufacturing principles, .... buying raw materials and adding in your own labor, NOT paying someone else to do any part of the effort.  I'm in the printing industry and all sales people are paid a commission only on "value added".  Nothing on buy-outs because those force a firm to extend credit whilst also incurring expenses (what is the true cost of money?)
    • Jammin' by Skydog Kites (7/5/16)
      It's under a week, time for some banter... It may be winter here in Oz but the days have been glorious!! I know how much kites love this. And, I have a brother for it to keep it company, Brother Raster... 977 Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
    • PDX Urban Boot Camp (Jul 9 and 16, 2016)
      Oh baby! Love this too much! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
    • A Newbie
      Thank you, everyone who's replied so far. I included my weight but not the winds around here, and while we're on the subject. Here is currently the middle east, deployed until early next year. Here the winds are regularly 25 knots during the day, and die to calm winds after sunset. I like to fly around sunset because it's way too hot to do it any earlier. But the kicker is when I get back home, which is Sacramento, a breezy day is 15mph winds, more average 5-10 mph winds. DeafThunder: I do intend to landboard first, water may be later. 4 lines 2 handles does sound better than 3, you can release one handle and lose all power from the kite from what I understand. As far as barrowing/testing out some one's kite, it's not really possible as long as I'm deployed, beings that I am the only one here that is flying any type of kite. That being said I believe I have the discipline and the respect to learn solo and not exceed my limitations with an appropriate kite. By the time the kite gets to me I'll be 36 years old, with 18 years given to the Army. As well as I have taken the time to learn to fly RC Helicopters and Airplanes. If anyone has done either, they can tell you time spent not flying is more important than time flying. Although it's above my suggested price range I think I am going to pull the trigger on a Mikelp's suggestion, the 4m Peter Lynn. Now that I know of that kite, I'm finding a bit of literature and it sounds like a good fit for me.    
    • A Newbie
      Just one thing I forgot like deafthunder said start with two handles and use KITEKILLERS !! They strap round your wrists and attach to the brake lines if you get in trouble or get over powered just let go of the handles and the brake lines get put on 100% and the power lines get slack you won't loose your kite and should get it down safely The first power kite I had a go on ( or should I say had a go on me ) was a peterlynn blade 7.5 in 18 mph winds with my friend and owner of it , with me being 5 foot 8 and 133 lbs I learned how to scudd ( getting pulled around sliding on your feet ) very fast !!! And got boosted ( lifted off your feet ) once or twice and fell in love instantly lol Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app