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    For any sport kite topic that doesn't fit into one of the listed forums, you have free reign here... Challenge the panel!

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    We all started somewhere... If you have a question on to do a trick, someone here can probably fill in the blanks as there is a lot of collective experience you can draw on here.

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    From Jacob's Ladders to Cascades, Yo Yos to the Comete... This is the place to discuss the hows, whats and whys of modern trick flying and kites specialized for that purpose!

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    This is where all you Revolution and quad line nuts can exchange information and tips on the finest quad line kite designs known to man... Drop a line!

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    Discuss upcoming indoor events, kites, equipment, stories, flying tips and more... What, me need wind?

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    Any questions or discussions about team or pairs flying on this forum can usually be found here, we are lucky to have several veteran team fliers here in the KL forum.

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    All discussion pertaining to sport kite competition in the USA or internationally, rules, tips & techniques, organization, or anything else related.

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    Got a special trick, technique or modification for your kite(s) or equipment? Share it with the other fliers here, and keep the evolution happening!

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    • About 25% done on the sewing. Sewn portions are marked with stars in the second pic. Left half of this image is photoshopped (mirrored from the right) to show the end goal.. Successful in staying flat so far.. The solid panels have not been sewn in yet. Only the mesh. The center panel is complete. Hoping to finish the taping tonight and sewing this weekend. This should be ready to fly before Christmas..
    • Definitely an option if i was just starting on this one but I'm far too far down the road now to change lanes. Perhaps on a future project. FWIW, scrap on this one so far has been nearly nil. The snowflake on Winter Jacket is the closest I've come so far to applique and that one isn't back cut. I'm a little more into the riffclown method. To adapt other's techniques extensively would run the risk of impinging on their stuff. I want my kites to be unique to me. So far that's working. I have far too much respect for Eliot, Randy, Bazzer and others. I like the Hadziki Wing design, the Eliot Shook old style LE and my own refinements in rigging and framing. Beyond that I don't mind doing it the hard way.
    • ah, so now you can see the consideration of a "Randy Tom" method of appliqué, yeah it wastes fabric (huge qty!) but nothing can slip!   Physically draw on a white backer sheet, all the sewing lines required.  hot tack or "edge weld" all the way around the fabric sandwich Sew thru all the layers and then carefully back-cut (and front cut out) pieces until a single layer of sail is finally revealed  it might be easier and what it your time/labor worth?
    • Just mocking this up is proving quite challenging. This is by far more difficult than any other kite I've worked on.. One panel is partially assembled and taped but not sewn. The inserts are not in place yet. Keeping this sail flat for sewing and assembly is going to be an absolute bear.
    • Rafael - hee  hee!! Not everyone has those "tastes"!!