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    For any sport kite topic that doesn't fit into one of the listed forums, you have free reign here... Challenge the panel!

  2. Beginners

    We all started somewhere... If you have a question on to do a trick, someone here can probably fill in the blanks as there is a lot of collective experience you can draw on here.

  3. Trick Flying

    From Jacob's Ladders to Cascades, Yo Yos to the Comete... This is the place to discuss the hows, whats and whys of modern trick flying and kites specialized for that purpose!

  4. Quad Heads

    This is where all you Revolution and quad line nuts can exchange information and tips on the finest quad line kite designs known to man... Drop a line!

  5. Indoor Flying

    Discuss upcoming indoor events, kites, equipment, stories, flying tips and more... What, me need wind?

  6. Team Flying

    Any questions or discussions about team or pairs flying on this forum can usually be found here, we are lucky to have several veteran team fliers here in the KL forum.

  7. Competition

    All discussion pertaining to sport kite competition in the USA or internationally, rules, tips & techniques, organization, or anything else related.

  8. Adjustments and Modifications

    Got a special trick, technique or modification for your kite(s) or equipment? Share it with the other fliers here, and keep the evolution happening!

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    • It's a "speed foil", isn't it?

      If so, designed for speed more than power.

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    • i"m in. i heard this 4D is one of the best from Prism 
    • Sorry if I started a brouhaha :), all great info though and some very funny stuff, I had anticipated much of what was said and all is very true. its great to know about changing the frame if my boy decides he wants to try to get more out of his freilien after he is more experienced. btw wayne you and my boy spoke at the ocean shores kite fest back in june, perhaps you remember, he asked about the freilein and you told him the same as what you posted above so we went and bought one soon after. He wore the outback oilskin hat he always wears. He says hi and thanks for helping him on his decision. We'll be at  WSIKF in a  few and are looking forward to a great time. we'll be there all week this year so he can have more time to fly before the sport kite comps on fri,sat.  Last year he only had the dualies to fly and was so outnumbered by rev flyers it was hard to find a place to fly inside the ropes. One lady even put her quad down on his lines and forced his kite out of the sky,  luckily no damage but it could have been worse for both as he was flying his silver fox 2.5 vented in some pretty heavy wind but the kite is pretty much a tank so I told him it may not have been intentional and all is well, {part of my job as kite wrangler}. unrelated to this but some may find it interesting, He'd set his kite down and was walking somewhere when I looked over and saw some people picking up his kite and another was about to grab his lines and was going to fly his kite!  wind must have been 20mph. I had to run over and stop them before they wrecked something, they were foreigners and thought anything inside the ropes was for anybody to fly. Have to watch stuff like a hawk man. One of the high points of that year was watching Mr. B and all the others team flying out on the field, I don't recall what day it was     but it did help convince him to pick up quad flying.
    • This is the bag I travel with - takes all my kites, clothes and more, still checks as one normal item as long as you stay under 50lbs.

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