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    For any sport kite topic that doesn't fit into one of the listed forums, you have free reign here... Challenge the panel!

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    We all started somewhere... If you have a question on to do a trick, someone here can probably fill in the blanks as there is a lot of collective experience you can draw on here.

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    From Jacob's Ladders to Cascades, Yo Yos to the Comete... This is the place to discuss the hows, whats and whys of modern trick flying and kites specialized for that purpose!

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    This is where all you Revolution and quad line nuts can exchange information and tips on the finest quad line kite designs known to man... Drop a line!

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    Discuss upcoming indoor events, kites, equipment, stories, flying tips and more... What, me need wind?

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    Any questions or discussions about team or pairs flying on this forum can usually be found here, we are lucky to have several veteran team fliers here in the KL forum.

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    All discussion pertaining to sport kite competition in the USA or internationally, rules, tips & techniques, organization, or anything else related.

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    Got a special trick, technique or modification for your kite(s) or equipment? Share it with the other fliers here, and keep the evolution happening!

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    • SLK Diamond Dive Bombing
      Thanks to @hyzakite and @makatakam I was able to get the prism to fly stable today.  I adjusted the tow toward the bottom and it continued to nose-dive consistently with each adjustment.  Eventually I was able to find a point where it flew very well.  Hopefully I can do the same with the kids' Wham-O kites next time I take them out!
    • Shook mesh rev kites?
      Eliot Shook's meshed Rev designs 174 unique designs and photos, indexed
    • The Reflex
      I got to fly the Reflex a couple of times this past week.   The first time the winds were 8-10 mph and gusty.  I was amazed how well the full sail handled the gusts.  It seems to me to be a slower flyer but easy to handle.  It didn't seem to want to reverse very well but that may have been because I wasn't used to the handles and line settings. The second flight went much better as I had more time and could set the brake where I was comfortable and in control.  The wind this time was 5-7 mph and pretty smooth.  Again the Reflex seemed slower in flight but handled reverse much better.  At times it seemed to drift in the wind and feel soft on the handles.  I had and easier time with inverse hover which I've never been able to do well.  I didn't try the launch from a flat position.      Bear in mind, I'm not that good of a Rev flyer.  I don't do tricks nor fly team.  I'm not into the technical aspects nor making modifications to my kites.  I did like the Reflex more than I thought I would.  I'm thinking the next time I may set up the Reflex and a 1.5 and try them side-by-side. My concern is the springs.  I already see how they can bend out of shape after repeated assemblies and dis-assemblies.  And the little velcro pad comes off the spring easily. So there you are.  My thoughts.  
    • The Reflex
      We had way too much wind up here to fly one on the last day of April -NKM! I was really hoping to put my hands on one and get some personal feedback! Alas - not to be! SOME DAY!!
    • The Reflex
      The target audience is the person who hasn't succeeded much in low/no wind previously (they will be so thrilled!) this kite will fly when not much else stays airborne, you cannot make it fail in flight! I cannot recommend your Reflex acquisition until an understanding of how replacement parts or repairs will be handled is shared,  . . . .... durability is not a current priority of the mission. I got a set of the new funky Rev handles to play with too.  You have to physically force your thumb down on top of the handle to prevent sloppy commands, but it was an auction item and we all need to support the festivals somehow. Buy a hard tube (map-case styled, art supplies store) for the kite and protect the delicate mechanism.  It you don't wad it up at the end of your flights,  you'll probably wear thru a spar before the spring thingy fails. Ian Willoughby and I beat it unmercifully for a few sessions, nothing fell off or was judged in any way "no fun". I am not the trusted voice of reason to listen to about this product, more like Charles Barkley recommending investment strategies.  You owe it to yourself to try one!  At this point some retail customers are receiving product, but I don't know if all the dealers have even seen it yet. first adopter technology is always risky (sometimes hugely rewarding too), but I will have a reflex eventually, then make it fly the way I want after a few months of experiments w/club-mates.