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    • And throw logs on the fire!

      Congrats to all.

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    • Nope, and I'm not going to give any further clues. The purpose of extracting parts of the conversation was to share a fun and unexpected situation, without embarrassing individual sales employees. ... Hmm... I think such things could be generalized into a topic. How about a "Kite related misunderstandings and unexpected fun situations" topic in the "Home > General Kite Stuff > Open Topic" forum, the next time someone experiences something of that kind? I also realise that this post has completely left the Kymera drawing topic, not a single word relates to it and that I probably should volunteer for a walk into the corner of shame.
    • You can fit 2 kites per pocket.

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    • I don't know how much they were charging back in 2013 and beyond but $200 seems a bit steep for a 5-kite bag, no? As my collection has started to grow I've been contemplating a multi-kite bag and while I want to drink the kool-aid and get the 'proper' bag the price does seem a bit much. I've seen some of the older ones that are stitched well but can anyone vouch for their newer bags?
    • Another option might be to just use some gaffers tape. I applied some to the nose of a vented silver fox for my boy some time ago because some of the edges were starting to fray and the thing I like about it is its a cloth tape that's fairly durable but unlike the cloth tape you buy at the hardware store, it can be removed without leaving a residue, or at least what little is left is easily removed. It stays put  pretty well, is black and blends well with the nose and other wear area's. Not recommended for the sail area though. I wrap the nocks on some kites to minimize impact damage to the tips and to cover the tensioner lines that tend to snag on the tips. a roll of say 60yds is about 20$ It is also good for other emergency repairs like camping equipment ect.. while on the road. I always have it in the car when we go camping or to the beach. I've seen the pictures of your atm when it was damaged and used some to cover the trailing edge on either side of the standoffs of my boys atm since he has the black and grey one and is holding up well. That wasn't a repair but a preventative measure.