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    • That's good. I didn't want you guys thinking "Why can't I do that the first time out?".
    • Two days drying time now and all is well, its been folded, bagged, and set up again with no new issues. I'm not using armor-all btw tried that and it didn't work much. Tire shine product has dried pretty well now and I can barely detect if it's greasy or not by feel. In other words, I'm not sure if it has an oily residue or not. 303 is  good to know about but I'm not familiar with it. I might have tried it if I hadn't already used Tire shine. The kite still has a slight odor to it, the tire shine when you first apply it is quite strong but dissipates after a few days. I think perhaps more time will also help. I may give it a rinse with water after about a week or so and see what the effects are. We went to the field today to fly but there was absolutely no wind so we packed up and headed back home. West Marine has 303 but its 22 dollars a bottle. We go by there on our way to the flying field, {my boy and I} Thanks for the recommend, Maybe I'll pick up a bottle for the car. I never would have known, looks like good stuff.
    • Oh, I wasn't under the impression that was his first flight at all. I just love his videos. I find them well put together and inspiring. And I'm judging my quad progress only against myself and what I skills I set out for myself to do. And backwards isn't so hard Actually, the pilot is @Flynhi
    • That first video -- don't be fooled by it. It may be his first flight with a Rev, or maybe that particular Rev, but he's definitely no stranger to quad-line kites. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, flies a Rev backwards and sideways across the window moments after the first time they ever launched the kite. I sincerely hope you guys don't judge your progress by what you see in that video. It takes at least 20 hours solid flight time to start getting near that level, sometimes more, except for super-talented "naturals" like me. Just kidding. Took me about 100 hours of trying to learn on my own to get to that level. If you are close to that already -- well deserved kudos to you. As Wayne mentioned, especially on JB leaders, start at the farthest knot out and start bringing it in until you can launch. However, with additional time under your belt, start going out towards that far knot for additional control and more ease of holding the inverted hover. It will also help relieve much of the discomfort in your wrists and forearms when you've been flying for several hours. More stamina for extended fun time at fests and such. When you want additional lift and/or speed from your kite, learn to move your body rather than your arms for the same reason. Smile, have fun and don't forget to breathe.