Power Kiting



  1. Power Kites

    Whether they're flat, dimensional or parafoil-based, this is the place to discuss any sort of power kite flying, tuning and repair techniques.

  2. Kite Buggy

    Setting the trend for traction kiting in the early 90s, buggying is still going strong worldwide with speed and distance records being set everyday.

  3. Kite Surfing

    Arguably the hottest thing on the global kiting market, kite surfing blends extreme sports with wind sports to make an exciting and media-rich past time.

  4. Kite Boarding

    Quickly becoming one of the hot facets of power kiting, kite boarding is something else... Imagine a big skateboard with knobby wheels, and you've got it!

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    • Those kites are beautiful.

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    • This is true Makatakam funny thing is today I’m finding myself with my present low mobility having my headphones in listening to my music making up what I could fly to and the moves I can or rather try to do which puts me in the “ flying with purpose “ state I guess

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    • You can take some tape and wrap the female end a few time to strengthen it. That's been done to my Mind Trick vented. Iv'e had it in 30 + winds and haven't broke anything yet cross my fingers. Helps that I don't crash as much.Put the c clips 3" from end of tubes. Make a loop in both ends of your bungee small enough that it fits snug over the c clips. Make the bungee length so it's snug not tight. If you do break the LS and don't mind the extra cost  replace with Nitros. I never did the mod on mine. The last time I broke the Widow ng spreader was trying a comete. Wrapped the line around the kite with line above the roll up.Yanked not knowing where the line was and pop. Took awhile to figure out what to do in that spot. Broke the Hydra and Zephyr LS doing the exact same thing. Now I put kite on back and rotate away from the wrap. If I can't do that go to ground in a controlled crash. Been working so far.
    • i made the change with a 1.5 bridle and maked some testes. almost no forward input. lift just on reverse or in really hard wind. guess what? i forgot to add 4 inch extension on the bottom bridle. more testing tomorrow 
    • Nigel, what are you looking to do with the kite ? The Quantum is a great kite that will take you very far. What do you feel that you're missing ? What's your flying style ? Being that you're in the UK, I would suggest a Benson Kite. Contact Tim with the answers to these questions, and I'm sure he would build you something you will treasure for the rest of your life !