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  1. Power Kites

    Whether they're flat, dimensional or parafoil-based, this is the place to discuss any sort of power kite flying, tuning and repair techniques.

  2. Kite Buggy

    Setting the trend for traction kiting in the early 90s, buggying is still going strong worldwide with speed and distance records being set everyday.

  3. Kite Surfing

    Arguably the hottest thing on the global kiting market, kite surfing blends extreme sports with wind sports to make an exciting and media-rich past time.

  4. Kite Boarding

    Quickly becoming one of the hot facets of power kiting, kite boarding is something else... Imagine a big skateboard with knobby wheels, and you've got it!

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    • And a few Stills from today  
    • Good Breeze today . Mesh #4 flew a bit differently than I expected.. Still was easily controlled but the sail loaded differently than what I was expecting.. No Audio in this video.. Just a shot clip to show it flies..  
    • Where will the logo appear: stickers, cards, web sites or all of the previous? Do you count a gradient as one color or an infinite set of colors (and therefore not allowed)? If you want to make a vector drawing image, but don't own a license for Adobe Illustrator or don't want the hassle of dealing with software licences (after upgrading computers or continuing using the program when going from home to work or vice versa e.g.) or want it for free (as in speech and beer), go for Inkscape (available for Windows/MacOS/Linux). The native format is SVG with features such as being possible to mix with html (you can include links in parts of the image e.g.) and that the resulting SVG-file is a text (XML) file that you can edit by hand for total control (or to learn SVG). As for all vector graphics, the pixels will not appear no matter how much you zoom in.
    • My thoughts are a logo that displays hands holding quad handles and line straps.   I don't have any drawing talents, so I can just present thoughts.
    • Thanks Lynn, I'm going to call the Flying Smiles Kites and see if they have a line set.   If I can't get my hands on a set, I'll definitely borrow a line from you. Yes, the Symphony quad kite is definitely a different animal from other quads.   It loves to move sideways, but not so much up and down.   I believe the person that produced this kite lived in the Washington DC area and would show up to competitions around that area.   I can't remember the exact years, but definitely in the 1990's.   Around that time TC Powers was pushing his Ultra dual/quad line kite.   I was never really impressed with that kite or any delta that was flown as a quad