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Power Kiting



  1. Power Kites

    Whether they're flat, dimensional or parafoil-based, this is the place to discuss any sort of power kite flying, tuning and repair techniques.

  2. Kite Buggy

    Setting the trend for traction kiting in the early 90s, buggying is still going strong worldwide with speed and distance records being set everyday.

  3. Kite Surfing

    Arguably the hottest thing on the global kiting market, kite surfing blends extreme sports with wind sports to make an exciting and media-rich past time.

  4. Kite Boarding

    Quickly becoming one of the hot facets of power kiting, kite boarding is something else... Imagine a big skateboard with knobby wheels, and you've got it!

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    • Rev Bridles, Rev 1 and B-Series
      @SparkieRob : Yes, I have a wind meter that have an option minimum and maximum recording ... it was on tip of a 4ft pole at the highest point of the land and not obstruct by anything (wide open flat land) ... maximum wind was 17.2mph, I checked after spar broke. ChicagoKite and CobraKites does not carry spars or bridles or even endcaps, but only sell Rev Kites as a complete set ... and also there are more than just 2 types of spars ... for example blast spars is llike 22 inches. @makatakam : well, first I did used forum search ... and found at least 85% comments are unrelated to a specific question, in another word ... hijacked or sidetracked ... there are very few great topic with straight comments It would be nice to have a good list of FAQ ... PINNED/STICKING ... now I am wide awake and continuing to look for answers.   Thanks  
    • Rev Bridles, Rev 1 and B-Series
      All the answers are here. Read as much of the posts under "Quad Heads" as you can. There are topics on exactly the questions you have posted.
    • Flynhi's Travel/Rev blog
      How hard can it be to fly a kite, right? People always ask, "Is it hard to learn?" I tell them it takes a little time, that's all. Once you start it never ends. There is always something new to learn. Time on the lines is all it takes. Have fun, smile, breathe. Fly with others as often as possible.
    • Rev Bridles, Rev 1 and B-Series
      Any shop that sells Revs will have bridles. A "1.5 bridle" will fit ALL of the 1.5 sized kites. EXP, SLE's, B Series, Pros and Masterpiece. Same with spars. Just remember with spars there are 2 types. Ones WITH a ferrule and one WITHOUT a ferrule. You could get some "other" spars and cut them. Ferrule them too. Rev makes great rods, a great range of them too. Every application is covered. I wouldn't want the extra effort involved. But that's just me.  With the spar breaking on your Rev 1, did you measure the wind to be 17mph yourself? A lot of the time ground wind speed can be less than the wind speed higher up, say at 140 feet. Also gusts have some high energy in them.    If you are unsure, just ask any kite store to explain. They are pilots who have a passion for kites too. 
    • Flynhi's Travel/Rev blog
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_5XpxbUTS4 Starting to get the hang of this B series. More time on lines.
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