Power Kiting



  1. Power Kites

    Whether they're flat, dimensional or parafoil-based, this is the place to discuss any sort of power kite flying, tuning and repair techniques.

  2. Kite Buggy

    Setting the trend for traction kiting in the early 90s, buggying is still going strong worldwide with speed and distance records being set everyday.

  3. Kite Surfing

    Arguably the hottest thing on the global kiting market, kite surfing blends extreme sports with wind sports to make an exciting and media-rich past time.

  4. Kite Boarding

    Quickly becoming one of the hot facets of power kiting, kite boarding is something else... Imagine a big skateboard with knobby wheels, and you've got it!

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    • Over the last few days, it seems I can't remain signed in. I have to log in repeatedly. Anyone else experiencing the same. It's happening to me on multiple devices.
    • green-race equipped mid-vent is good to about 18 or 20 mph, after that you'd need a beefier frame and fully vented sail to slow down the savage beast. most of us start with a full sail and full vent, maybe a couple of extra frames also, to increase the "cross-over" abilities, for example a flexible frame in the full vent or a stiff in the full sail. maybe even a blending of the two, for a hybrid frame?,... (even easier if they are "travel frame sized" to mix and match based upon conditions and your preferences). We all have at least three kites eventually: a full sail, a mid and a vented, that is about a thousand bucks new. Or you could just buy two kites (but still spend the same amount of money, getting a an SUL full sail and Shook mesh 75%.)  Then you have a vehicle choice between about 2 mph and 30.  The Shook is double the price but also doubled up on the wind range,... you get what you pay for more often than not! Used or entry level is okay if that's all you can afford.  I'm in a local kite club (WoW), we'd prefer you join, use our stuff and saving your lunch money for two summers, then finally by an EXPERT kite, made just for you,.... your fabric choice & colors, your design pattern, crafted for your preferred wind-range, heck even your own preferred builder to take the concept to execution.  If you are with our club long enough and you will be expected to provide lessons and loaner kites too.   The weakest flyer on the line gets to fly everyone's kite for a few moments and compare, then choose that one as theirs for the day based upon preferences.  That kite's lucky owner gets to go set-up another kite for themselves.  Someday soon, when they look down the line realizing "I'm not the weakest flier & have to have my own stuff".  That might take 4 hours or fourteen months.  With all this experience, drafting a wish list is easy, then consult us for guidance and pull the trigger.  You know we will be forming a line to try-out your new customized ride, right?  
    • Sporadic, shifting direction, gusty and not really long sustained averages.

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    • Now that is a cool video, I shall keep trying

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