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    • I hope everything works out and you have an enjoyable experience with your new kite.  
    • It was a combination of minor things that was difficult to show in pictures. Premier said it was within specifications but wanted it back. It probably would have worked fine but I wanted Premier to advise me about it. The spine weight pocket on the bottom was sewn on crooked, and it looked to me like it pulled the sail off center a little. I think one wing was shorter than the other by maybe 1/2 inch. I didn't measure the wing lengths because it was already going back. I noticed that the leading edge bungee string knots were tied at different lengths but had the same tension. And one was tied 1/2" longer than where the red mark was for the knot. When I tied the knot on the mark to match the other one, that wing was excessively tight to assemble. I think someone tied it longer to compensate for over tension due to one side being shorter, if that makes sense. A small 2 inch section of stitching on the leading edge was questionably close to the edge. No worries. I will still buy one when I can inspect it first. I have no ill will toward anyone. As far as stains go, I don't really care about minor stains cause it is going to get used and abused. But yes mine had a faint stain also. Premier said all of them that they inspected had stains. Kites and Fun Things said that is normal for this kite.
    • I understand your experience @cjay, no slight intended, just surprised and sad it worked out that way. For defects on the Widow NG, I've seen quite a few fabric stains, curious to hear what else folks have found.
    • Sorry if I missed the post, but what were the defects you found? I just bought a brand new Widow NG Special for $130 and was thinking I should go inspect it.        
    • I am aware they are respected. I was polite and respectful to them, even after.  Any reasoning about why this happened is speculation, such as; maybe they felt enabled to do that because of their position in the industry. Or maybe their priority is in defending the product due to a business arrangement. Whatever the reason I don't have to deal with it.   I am aware, and I wasn't blaming them for the Widow NG quality control either. For not manufacturing it they were defensive about the suggestion that there might be defects with mine. Premier sure was nice and helpful about it though. Premier said to return the Widow Ng to them, and either get a hand inspected replacement from them or contact John for one since they might have one on hand, and it might be faster since Premier would take an extra week to get it to their office from the warehouse. So I contacted Kites and Fun Things about it. Called and talked to Marieanne on the phone to see if they had one, and would look it over for me, and what they thought about it. Before I even finished explaining the situation on the phone she had the position that the kite was perfect, and I was wrong sight unseen. But she wanted to see pictures. I knew that was a waste of time due to the backfire effect, where someone has a preconceived idea, and no evidence will convince them otherwise, they only dig in deeper and defend their belief more. But I did email pictures. The logic was strange to me though. There are no defects, but I should tolerate defects because of how inexpensive the kite is, and how much just the frame was worth.