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    Personal announcements, general kite stuff or what have you, if it doesn't easily fit into one of the main discussion topics or kite classifications, this is the place for you.

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    If you know where to find kite videos, let it be known! In addition to general footage, Kitelife is always looking for more sport kite competition or demo routines to add to their video database.

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    If you have a collection of photographs, new or old, post a link to them here! Mugshots, aerial and ground shots of kites all apply of course. :)

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    Looking to off-load a new or used kite out of your personal collection? Post, name your price and someone may just be in need!

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    Discuss kite making techniques, styles and applications here!

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    Looking for other kite fliers in your part of the world? Click in here, find your the discussion for your general area and say hello - kiting is better with company, make a connection here! If you don't see your area listed, send the admin a note and we'll try to arrange something. 

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    Where did you fly today & what were you flying? Have an ideal spot to fly, or even a memorable one away from home? Share it with other visitors, arrange to meet, or comment on ones you see here!

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    Tips for safe transport of kites as well as advice for dealing with any aspect of travel to and from kiting events.

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    For sport kite, single line, foil, or anything under the sun... Feel free to exhange info and share web links for others to enjoy.

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    • Kinda feel like I did. All the great stuff on this forum PLUS this. Gonna have to stay here for at least ten more years so I won't feel like a thief.Got 5 grandkids out today. Showed them the picture of the kite. Much excitement. Took a bit for them to understand it wasn't here yet LOL. Couple immediately took off for the kite shed and had to go retrieve them.28 degrees F with freezing fog. Moms said no flying today. NO ONE brought warm enough clothes GRRRR.
    • Overkill but I got 80' x 150# Laser Pro Competition. Old but I think they are in good shape. Will work well for a Djinn Hard Core I hope. You are like a hurricane there's calm in your eye 🎶, wow I gotta stop!! Fly mostly on 100' with either Sky Dog 80# or HQ 130# lines. As I am getting better the switch to my LPG 120' and 125' is getting pretty dramatic.A lot smoother feel.ALWAYS seem to be adjusting my Prism lines and don't use them much anymore. Will be shopping for a spool of the 80# Shanti Speed. Think that will work best for the duels and for now the quads. When I get better Sky Bond for the quads is the plan. That's my thought but it is subject to change 😊.
    • It's time to start looking for lines. Comes with handles, but no lines I believe. Eighty foot is what comes standard, 120' is what you want for group flying, but 80' will do for goofing around with one or two others. 120' can be cut down into shorter sets as they wear, and gives you a touch more time to react to what the kite is doing. Either would be ok. Get Laser Pro Gold or Shanti Skybond. Don't skimp on the line quality. Cheap lines will cause you much grief. Roy Clark and Chet Atkins -- my favorite guitarists. Eddy Arnold? I thought I was the only one who listens to that stuff! Welcome to my world.
    • I've not traveled any long distance yet.Read a post from a guy that travels a lot. He uses the aluminium tubes for fishing rods. Seems like a great idea but would be pricey buying new for a bunch of kites.
    • Also, search "kite bag" on this forum. There has been much discussion on this topic.