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    Personal announcements, general kite stuff or what have you, if it doesn't easily fit into one of the main discussion topics or kite classifications, this is the place for you.

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    If you know where to find kite videos, let it be known! In addition to general footage, Kitelife is always looking for more sport kite competition or demo routines to add to their video database.

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    If you have a collection of photographs, new or old, post a link to them here! Mugshots, aerial and ground shots of kites all apply of course. :)

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    Looking to off-load a new or used kite out of your personal collection? Post, name your price and someone may just be in need!

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    Discuss kite making techniques, styles and applications here!

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    Looking for other kite fliers in your part of the world? Click in here, find your the discussion for your general area and say hello - kiting is better with company, make a connection here! If you don't see your area listed, send the admin a note and we'll try to arrange something. 

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    Where did you fly today & what were you flying? Have an ideal spot to fly, or even a memorable one away from home? Share it with other visitors, arrange to meet, or comment on ones you see here!

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    Tips for safe transport of kites as well as advice for dealing with any aspect of travel to and from kiting events.

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    For sport kite, single line, foil, or anything under the sun... Feel free to exhange info and share web links for others to enjoy.

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    • Looking for the following kites. Vented Eclipse Vented Illusion Alien   Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk    
    • Hey all this is Baileydl79, I use to run around on the Revkites forum under nobodyspecial for a minute, former east coaster now in DFW area.
    • I use a tapered 2P in my 1.5 SULs as the vertical.   Heck I even have a set for my Zen (oh man are they ever delicate, NO hard flailing allowed) The one I prefer is called a "Response" it's painted and silky smooth finished, alas long since discontinued too.  I have 'em in different strengths.  Like a set in my Shook Mesh Hybrid 75%.  It carries the 150 CLX fat spars in the LE (more curvature OVER the leading edge make a better glide, ~ like a frisbee compared to a dinner plate) The SULs get one that weighs 12 grams @ 32-1/2 inches long.  I cut down the FAT end to fit, keeping as much bottom strength as possible.  The tube is also reinforced thru the use of Magic Sticks pushing from the other side. "Response 12" Through the use of a tapered down spar you have effectively pushed more weight towards the LE, in my opinion that always helps create a better glide.  Add a little momentum and you can fly when others struggle.  something for nothing! You can go further to the outside edge of the wind window too. Keep the hard flailers away or at least warn 'em, if you've framed very light w/tapered tubes These tubes were blemished and got 'em for a like 2 bucks a piece, easily 15 years ago.  So although delicate don't think they aren't durable.  Skyshark makes a great product for a profoundly ridiculously low price. Try a set of their fat tubes (CLX-150's?) too.  The whole frame is like $36.  Insane value, I mostly only use the LE unless it's really bookin' outside. NOTE:  This tube REQUIRES Rev end caps, other knock-off brand caps will have to be swapped out. Experimenting with the "travel-frame format" allows even more personal adjustments to be found.  Plus it breaks down smaller
    • Here are some kite aerial shots of Ormož Basins Nature Reserve, an important bird sancutary in Prlekija region of Slovenia. Please read a sweet story about nature conservationists and heavy agroindustry working together to preserve a truly special ecosystem!    
    • Glad meet you  also. Or maybe it was remeet?  Anyway, riff probably has more info on those SkySharks than I do. I know Rev, others, not so much.
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