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    • There's a few great topics on the Reflex in the Quad Heads section.. I'd suggest checking those out before purchasing anything.. Reflex is a great sail. Also a great teaching tool.  It is also a very forgiving kite and easy to learn on but then at that point you've only learned the Reflex. Despite Rev's steering everyone towards the Reflex as their "everything " kite it bears to know that the differences can impact flyers long term If you start with any other  Rev 1.5 sail, you'll be able to adjust your flying either way, up and down the Rev Line to include the Reflex.. You'll also be able to better understand and appreciate the sail AND frame differences.  If you've ONLY flown the Reflex, you might be in for a surprise when you grab the handles on an SUL or 1.5. It is different.. You might just yank a normal 1.5 out of the air before you adjust and get the hang of it.. The cost factor applies here as well. There's a reason there's so many threads about Rev Alternatives. You have to scroll down the page if you look up quadline kite on Amazon. I bought a HQ Kites Mojo trying to avoid the investment of a Rev. I still fly the Mojo because its twitchiness makes me correct my flying before I go between the Foils and a Rev. That being said, learning on one of the highest cost kites in the current production line is kind of like taking first driving lessons in a Corvette ZR6. Maybe not the best of ideas  Face it, replacement rods and parts for the Reflex aren't nearly as easy to locate as the standard 1.5 stuff. It takes a bit for anyone "even a natural" to get the hang of it and most of us have cracked a spar at some point haven't we?.    
    • Hi and thanks for your welcome.  Im a beginner but have been blown away with the quads and wanted to know whether the revolution reflex would be the best for someone who's never flown anything but bog standard stunt kites before.  Ive watched the tutorials and although it looks quite difficult to get to grips with, I'd really love to get into it all. Thanks in anticipation and all comments and advice gratefully received. 
    • That's a hike! Maybe someday soon! I do want a rev tho

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    • We haven't gotten around to using the tail weight yet because when I bought it used it didn't have one or its bag for that matter, so I finally got around to ordering a bag last may and ordered the tailweight for it too. My boy is just starting out trying to learn some tricks and we've been spending most of the time learning the kite in slow winds but not too much trick work.Just haven't gotten around to trying out the tailweight. All true about adjusting the bridle for higher winds and tighter turns though but when the wind picks up we'll go to the atm or his std fw 2.5 silverfox at around six mph. It's mostly his choice. thanks everyone for all the info, winds are pretty light this morn, we may go see what the kite will do without the spreader. Many other things need doing- have to see what I can put off.
    • Believe it or not, we would have died for some sparrow farts on the beach this summer.  Seems like the wind knew when our club flies were occurring and went away just for those few hours.  September should be better or, at least somewhat cooler.  It is a given, though, that the wind will die at tide change and pick up again after.