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    Tips for safe transport of kites as well as advice for dealing with any aspect of travel to and from kiting events.

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    • I looked over and straighted The Briddle Out So that everything Is Now all completely even on Both sides.  Took her outside on short 14ft chains no straps  and messed around a bit in the yard , The Kymera Is Very Nice, I know That This Is My First Kite, But Wow, she shot straight over my head and was floating in very low winds, nice.  Managed To Not Have any rough landings and everything went very Well.  I’m very excited to be Involved In this Hobby, I’m very excited To Go Fly This weekend and I believe That There’s Going To Be a real connection to these DLK.  
    • Was wondering if The Kymera Is Ok To Be left assembled and Hanging.  Is there any Need To Break It Down, I’m with in walking distance from the Beach 300 yards probably, So I just Really Don’t think Breaking It Down and putting together over and over is Ideal.  Please advise 
    • Probably done for safety reasons or just didn't want to change out lines when changing kites because the other kite(s) wouldn't have an issue lifting the line. If that was the case, changing lines could be wasting flying time, i.e. reeling in perfectly workable flying line to replace it with perfectly workable flying line doesn't make a lot of sense, if you want to maximize your flying time.  Wind conditions can dictate what sort of line you use, flying with or around other people can, and should, be a factor. Larger diameter lines, will probably have more stretch than smaller diameter lines rated the same line strength. When you are flying larger kites, you want that line stretch to help deal with gusts or choppy wind conditions. 80 LB Kevlar line is much smaller in diameter than, say, 80 LB woven hemp line. The Kevlar line won't stretch as much as the hemp. I wouldn't fly a kite on hemp line. I would not use Kevlar as a kite line when flying around other people, as it has a tendency to be proficient at cutting through other kite line materials. Single line kite line can cut through multi-line kite lines fairly quickly.  Going for overkill in line strength is safest, but I make sure that my kite line is the weakest link in my anchoring system. Make sure you use an anchor appropriate for the ground conditions, wind conditions, and the pull of the kite.  Generally speaking I use 50 LB line for small kites, 3-4 foot diamonds and deltas. 80 LB on deltas smaller than 6 foot. 150 LB on 6-9 foot  deltas and power sled 14's. 250 LB on 9-14 foot deltas and power sled 24's and 500 LB on deltas bigger than 14 foot and power sled 36's.  
    • So the Kymera Arrived Just Now.  Got her all put together and ready.  Looks really Nice.  Thank You Into The Wind For A Perfect Transaction.  Here is a picture 
    • Dinner and a movie? Your going through the same growing pains that every other kite flyer went through as a beginner. Don't let it frustrate you. Remember, this is fun. That's why you're doing it. You will survive the unknown territory and arise victorious. With time. Give it some. Each time you fly you get better and learn something new. If you are learning on your own without help from someone with lots of experience then it will be a bit more difficult but more fulfilling. I learned on my own for the most part of two years. As far as difficulty doing circles -- Check that your lines are of equal length. When you start a circle push one hand toward the kite and the other away from it, even behind you. If you're still having problems there may be an issue with the bridle. Check that all bridle legs are not wrapped up around something, twisted or tangled. All parts of the bridle should be symmetrical, left and right. I none of this helps, make an effort to get to a kite festival or a kite shop and ask. Take close up photos of the kite parked on the field and post them here. We can take a look and maybe spot what's gone awry. Just about any time anyone plants the kite face down on the ground with the nose towards them, it's time to take a walk. Unless the kite has a bowed leading edge, it is difficult to recover. Even if you're good at it, if you're flying on sand it's just like dragging your kite across concrete. It will cause much wear. I always walk. Once you've been flying long enough those moments will become rare, but even the pros manage to do it.