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    • Before you put your quad set of lines out - watch JB's tutorial til you are sick off it - then watch some more!! We all have little personal twists to it, but the basics don't vary. Once you find a system that works - DO IT THE SAME WAY!!! Create a habit by doing it the same - everytime!!
    • Maybe the power kiters or sigle line flyers would be interested? 3000 feet of line...come on   Laser Pro kite lines rolls new, still wrapped.

      200 lbs X 3000 ft $ 250 (OBO)
      500 lbs X 1000 ft $ 150 (OBO)


      Either separate or together, we flew in team and were sponsored by LaserPro. Unused wrapped rolls brand new.
    • Even smaller that Watty's "Y" shapes!! He made a bunch of them and connected them, but left empty space for venting. Let me see if I can find an image to post.  
    • Comes down to purpose I guess. Small light sticks might be OK on indoor gliders and maybe single line kites (SLKs), depending on size of kite. The bigger the kite gets, it puts more force on all the frame members. Small will break. As was stated, there are better materials to fabricate a kite. Fiberglass, solid carbon rods, hollow carbon spars, etc all make a more consistent product for size and flex. Wood has inherent flaws and can break at them.  That said - I do have an older (late 80s) SLK that uses wooden spars for both the spine and leading edges (LE). Cheap to replace,( 5/16" and a full 36 or 40" long) but subject to taking a set, depending on humidity. I've thought about replacing them with some more modern materials. 
    • I know the Revs disappeared...I was surprised too! I sold and bought more kites in the past 3 weeks than...ever? :-) i fly sometime on Saturday at Shoreline, since I work in Sunnyvale, but frankly it’s not that great, wind is ok, but the ground is really harsh. I’d rather drive to a beach when I can. And I just discovered Aptos beach..great spot.    Yes I used to go at every Berkeley and San Ramon festivals... then I stopped :-) but that might change now.    Best winds!