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    • @SHBKF very nice Invictus! I've have two Horvath gliders on their way.   His "I'll be back, Darling" combo. @Breezin Glad a Cadillac save you buddy.  We'll try to give 18 wheeler's a little more distance with it. In two weeks we should have at least five Symphony 2.2.4's together for a large fly/pillow fight!  @riffclown   @Mike Klaiber @John Barresi Eli Russell and myself  (Am I missing any other owners for that weekend?).   Stoked!!
    • Yeh I use the glove hitch as shown above with good results. on my 4D. A slight change to the clove hitch is the "Constrictor Knot" if you don't ever want a rope/cord to ever loosen once tightened.   I use this knot a lot for lashing parts together. Also the top of my power kite handles. (using a single piece as the leaders on both sides and the strop combined). Really the only way to undo it once it's had pressure applied to it is...........
    • Wow SHBKF I want one of those too !! Is it a Gentleman? Last time we were in Vegas looking at dozens of hot rods and exotics at a show Wife stopped and pointed to a car pulling into the lot. What is that she asked in awe. It's a Maybach I replied. Now if I can get her to look at kites with that same discerning eye her life will become more enriched and mine a little easier. Last Cadillac I had could fly. Well once anyway. 18 wheeler running a red light knocked me 62' thru the air. Killed the car but not me. Getting close to 6 years later and I still thank that Cadillac. Just did . Oh my a 1960 black 62 series driving south from Kona to the southern tip of the Island. Flying on green sand with another kite out along the weed line catching dinner.Later eating dinner watching land being formed off to the east while the sun sets. Hawaiian snow wafting thru the air. Little beer, little Tequila. Cozy sleeping bag and in the morning do the same for breakfast. Now that's something the Wife would  go for. Note to self call travel agent for bribe arrangements before calling Tim Benson.
    • Relax folks had beans last week. It's kite kind not that kind. Flew the Hydra yesterday and winds went from 1 to 15 the whole time.Should have flown the foil. Now I think I understand the term bumpy winds. Never got my dance on and spent most the time trying snap and slide stalls.Good practice but felt kinda blah. Wind would load and unload sail before I knew it and spent a lot of time regaining control. When I went to take down the kite I realized I had been flying with the red sleeve at kite and red strap in my left hand. No wonder my timing was off . Yeah if it was that easy most of us wouldn't fly. Got my new Widow Maker Pro std. today. Set the kite up for pics. Had some questions and called K&FT. So excited I could hardly talk. Really!!! Winds were pretty similar today but thankfully Iv'e learned some patience.Did some stalls but mostly just flew.1/2 hour in  winds started gusting  15 mph + and put it away.Flew my foil for awhile and had a good time. Thank goodness it relaunches 95% of the time. Really has helped my precision on the frames zipping that thing around close to the ground. Read the laments of many who have got their new kite only to have to wait for good winds. Sometimes days. Got a little more empathy now and I even got to fly a bit.  Sigh just when I thought I was getting the wind figured out a bit the season changes. Hopefully when fall comes I'll remember most and won't have to learn all over again. Had such a good time on the foil today really thinking the Spiderkite 1.2 is gonna be here sooner then later. It really never will end will it. There are  just way to many cool kites.        
    • We arrived home tonight & as I approached the back porch my wife said, "Oh, there's another kite."  I said that I had been expecting one.  I picked up the long tube & commented how I would have to keep the nice tube to use if I sold a kite.  She laughed & said, "Well that's not too likely."  She's used to me getting kites shipped in & really does not get after me about it.  She also has a late model Cadillac among her personal collection of vehicles.  Gotta love her.   SHBKF Here's what was in the tube.  Some of her horse & rider figures on the right are worth as much as a good kite