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Single handed photos of flying duals


Before leaving for a kiting session I invested 20 minutes time to create a bar handle. The zero budget material (pointless going for some fancier before knowing what you want) I chose to use was a pin of lilac - a very hard material. In fact it is the only type of hard enough pins that last when playing with the German Shepard. In the background you can see a very frequent visitor - a Field Labrador (a more original Labrador type, quick/quick turning, jumps over high fences and with a very strong and constant desire to fetch). It may look innocent, but is the worst constantly-in-to-play "garden assistant" I know. I don't want to know what would happen to a flying kite in its vicinity.

Learning to fly by using a handle was surprisingly quick (compared to trick learning). OK a few nose dives, but that was really expected. The handle was a bit too short because I couldn't do any snap stalls and no cart wheels (assuming this a a reason). Hopefully both hands will be strong enough to manage longer handles when doing quick movements. Off the kiting field I've started to use the left hand more and sometimes just wiggle my laptop quickly (or tilting my bag) while waiting in a line e.g. to get some more left hand exercise. A boost in kiting confidence was when the one hand fade launch worked. While cart wheels didn't work, fade launches became the remaining choice when the kite was not in a normal start position.

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The thought has crossed my mind (and lines). However going to two bar handles (better name for this?) from one bar handle is a larger step than going from normal handles to one bar handle (or is it just that the novelties add up?).

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1 hour ago, Wayne Dowler said:

Several do 3 at once!! Bar in each hand and a waist belt for the 3rd!

Thank you for this piece of info. Now I can save valuable time by skipping the intermediate stages of dual DLKs and tripple DLKs and instead go for quadruple DLKs!! :)

More down to earth, I have no idea how much I'll pursue this latest fad or even if I'll ever stop lawn darting one of two kites after a short while (the remaining one usually is no problem). Will two kites give you the piece of mind during a long session? Do I want to take time from more standard DLK activities? And, you are back again to the situation with no free hands and therefore no in air photos of the kites.

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On 4/24/2017 at 6:29 PM, RobB said:

It seems that I had the same idea as you while out flying one day...

That was very "field-creative". I prefer to do things in advance if I'm given the choice to do so. The in field crafty things for me is mostly limited to simple temporary tape repair  (non-tedlar and non-ripstop). Well, an exception, a not so fashionable temporary paperboard brim was fitted to a brim-less hat about a month ago - the during the session available way to deal with a low and much annoying sun.

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