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Going quad line (for 20s maximum duration...)


Upon arriving to the beach/field the day I was going to try the new handles doing quad line and dual DLK it looked like I just had missed out some high wind action... :).

So how was this first attempt with two DLKs. The Hydra was on 20m lines and the Kymera on 25m lines (as often before). At this early stage of my "dual dual" training I could not notice any drawback with this unsymmetrical arrangement. Crash avoiding and some rudimentary left/right control are the main issues. The attempts that lasted often were (or bore resemblance to) two lying figure eights. When doing the figure eights both the kites were going left/right at the same time without the lines crossing. Well one more recommendation - don't try to be to clever when (or be careful at least) when attaching the line to a handle. I was lazy and let the handle remain and hang lose, which caused a difficult line tangle.

Recommendations from a beginner, based on this event:

  • Get going - you don't need the perfect gear from start and you may already have the required items and can make some simple handles yourself if needed (perhaps a quad handle if available would do?). You don't need two identical kites for the initial training.
  • Possibly you could try with some longer lines if available and if the field is large enough - after all if you are new to this you are likely going to feel like first time dual beginner. Actually this is a good remainder of how it was being a beginner when you see an absolute beginner "landing" your kites again and again.

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