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It's a quadline kite built by Bruno Cocandeau, he was kind enough to let a few of us fly them at Basingstoke kite festival (UK).

It would of been nice to fly them in some better wind (it was quite light and shifty).

It will fly forwards and backwards at the same speed like a Fulcrum, but also side slide the same speed, limited flying time limited knowledge be nice to try again.

There's also another part which closes the holes up, I'll see if I've got any pictures.

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Here's Bruno (with his students😉) just about to convert it, basic explanation is several pieces of Icarus with bungees and clips attached to the outside frame stretching the material over the holes, no picture 🙃


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Due to the many details of the kite, before seeing the picture with the kite on the ground, without a size reference I completely misjudged the size of the kite - I imagined something of the size of a two storey building. Hope that the 14 pin (if I got it right) assembly time is not to long - now I sound totally envious (which I am btw).

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