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  3. Not having used that particular part, If weight is the major issue for you, I'd agree with at least the cross part of the "T". Shortening the upright portion IMO might be a balance of how much you can remove before you have the Spars start popping out under flailing torque. Personally I'd probably leave that portion alone. Just my opinion and that's based on a part I have not used. -->yet.
  4. Nice to know. Thanks! A small tip for everyone who wants to use that FSD "T" connector: it's a good idea to shorten all three ends to save some weight
  5. Both the Freilein and kiteForge items are hard rubber. The item you identified is comparable.
  6. Hi Kev, that's a bit far for a day's outing unfortunately
  7. Thanks a lot Jeremy, Bill got in touch in another thread (new members section).
  8. Hi Bill, thanks for your message. Dunstable sounds good - an hour's drive isn't too bad. Are you still meeting every Sunday? Guess it's good to stay >2m apart when flying kites anyway Maybe I can bring some gloves and sanitiser if we are to share handles... Unfortunately I don't have facebook (and refuse to do so). Could you give me coordinates of the field here or in a PM please?
  9. Hi Fubar, Jeremy Wharton gave me the tip that you are looking to fly quad line ! We are not too far from you on Dunstable Downs and you are most welcome to come and join us, we are usually on site from 10am on Sundays where we can assist you in what and where to buy and of course try our kites ! You can find me on face-book as"bill final " and team "Dunstable Downs Old Gents"
  10. Hi Fubar, I'm in Cumbria bit of a distance, on Sundays there are flyers that meet up at Dunstable Downswhich is not far from you and a great field, theres two line and four line people there, see if we can get you some contact. Sent from my SM-G973F using KiteLife mobile app
  11. Those Freilein or KiteForge connectors are made of plastic, right? They are hardly available in Europe, so I use the FSD edge connector, which is made of very durable rubber: https://goodwinds.com/20799.html
  12. Collection slowly growing: 1. KF MV Djinn Quad Hot Fade 2. KF STD Djinn Quad Custom color 3. Rev Standard B Series Red/Black 4. Rev Standard B Series Red/White/Blue 5. Rev FV B Series Red/Black 6. Rev FV B series Red/White/Blue 7. Rev MV B series Red/White #KiteKouple #RGVKiteflyers
  13. Second Panel is sewn. Time to take a break and continue this kite another day. Picture is the overlap shot of both panels.
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  15. Using the sewn pic above, I created a mirror image to plan the center panel. Thinking Silver, Charcoal and Black with White mesh.. I may add additional stripes. Just not wanting a plain center panel. Created the following concept image.
  16. Hi Fubar im in Gloucestershire
  17. Hi guys, I'm based near Cambridge - anyone not too far away?
  18. Welcome to the forum. Bunch of flyers in the UK and a bunch of festivals. As soon as the c-crap is over get over to a few of them. They'll help you along. They're even friendlier than RC guys. I also done both, so I can say that with confidence.
  19. Hi All, A bit of a random question here, but I recently watched John Barresi's tutorial on how to assemble an indoor kite (I don't have one, but I was just curious on if it would be any different than a regular kite) and I saw that that kite had sail tensioners which ran from the nose to the standoffs (battens?). I assume that these tensioners served the purpose of holding the sail tight for better light wind performance (obviously good for an indoor kite), which got me wondering: Wouldn't adding these sail tensioners to a full size kite built for tricking expand the lower wind limit of the kite? Or is there something I'm missing? Has anybody tried to add these components to a full size kite? If so, how did it affect the kite? Thanks for your time.
  20. Thanks for the input @riffclown - my experience from previous hobbies agrees: learning on the cheap stuff is often a frustrating and ultimately more expensive idea.
  21. RE: The Mojo. Many people pick up the Mojo as a lower cost alternative to an expensive Hadzicki based wing. The Mojo is a different animal entirely and is not a kite I would recommend to "learn" on. It's twitchy and can be a bit unwieldy, especially for beginners.
  22. View Advert Wanted set Phoenix Pros In search of a used matching set of Phoenix Pros... Anything except purple. Ashes up to extra vent. Show me what you got. 👀 Advertiser meshellesharples Date 05/25/2020 Price $1,125.00 Category Kites (Quad Line) Brand Model  
  23. thank you, I really quickly realized I want something that can be packed into much more smaller package ...haha...I'm also tempted to build my own. I'm surely not underestimating learning curve and I'm well aware that even the cheapest kite will perform quite of tricks in hands of experienced pilot. I'm just doing a bit of a research, where to look at next, if there is some general recommendation or not. But looking at it from perspective of covering more options s great hint. the one I picked has 2m wingspan, needs a bit of a wind to get flying. so next one will be something probably larger and lighter for days with not so strong wind. lot's of research ahead of me - both on flying theory and also the gear... fun times
  24. Thanks John! I'm an avid flyer, although not too much kite experience. Most of my flying experience is RC, and I have a mix of fixed and rotary wing craft. Over the past 2 years I've also been flying gliders (actual, not RC!) and was close to getting my license before the C-word hit us. In terms of kites I have been flying a 2-line delta wing which is a lot of fun. It's quite old (although not much used) and marked as a "Pico" from Flexifoil International in Newmarket, although I couldn't find any information or photos on the internet (well, flexifoil are now a big corp but that model isn't on their website) - I'd be very curious if anyone knows about these! (I can post a photo if you want.) At this point I discovered the 4-line kites and really want to get into that... Still deciding which one to get first though. I'd like to meet people in my area (Cambridge UK) if there are any! Cheers --Thomas
  25. Hi all, I've been flying a 2-line delta-wing stunt kite and am getting a bit bored with it. I've discovered quads and really want to get one. Not too sure which one to get and would appreciate trying to fly one - anyone in the South East? I'm based near Cambridge. Also interested to know if anyone has opinions about the Pulse from https://www.kitetec.co.uk/pulse - any other suggestions welcome, for example any thoughts about the cheaper stuff (e.g. HQ Mojo or Meteor). I'm mostly interested in flying on the higher wind days - when there's not too much wind I fly radiocontrol :-) Say 15mph+ as forecasted on BBC. Thanks!
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