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Help Topic: My subscription is still active, why can't I access Kitelifers.com?

We migrated the entire Kitelife Subscriber archive over to these forum pages in April of 2008.

What was wrong with the old subscribers site?
  1. Users needed a separate login (2 total) for both Kitelifers.com and our forums.

  2. An update was not available for the script we were using to manage our old
    subscribers section and presented a possible security threat to our server.

  3. We needed to update/manage two separate and different types of database
    between both sites, adding to our ever increasing workload.

What is better about the subscribers section here on the Kitelife forums?
  1. Only one login is needed to browse the forums or download subscriber content.

  2. The software we use (Invision) is regularly updated and far more secure for
    both our users and from a web site administration standpoint.

  3. Now, we can update/manage subscribers as well as our forum/subscriber content
    through a single interface, making it much easier to keep our database up to date.

So everything is now on the forum, how do I get recognized as a subscriber here?
  1. If you've not yet registered for the forum, do so here.

  2. Send us a message containing the email address and name you subscribed with,
    as well as the email address and user name used to register on the forum.

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That's it! kid_content.gif

We appreciate your continued support, and are happy to assist with any questions you might have.

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