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    • Thanks SKS65! There you go, Peter, that's a fairly short trip for you. And maybe fly a bit with the guys there. Definitely worth a phone call. 
    • Hi Peter You can also look at A  top kite shop in the Netherlands. They sell almost every model (the new and 'old' ones) and they give a nice discount at this moment The owner is a really nice guy. Send them an e-mail if you have any question. I'm sure he  can help you
    • Hi, and welcome to the forum. The Reflex is just a Rev kite with a different panel layout and pattern, plus the reflex "springs". The springs change the flight characteristics of the kite. It will fly more easily in very low winds, and floats better in ground recovery glides, and will fly further out at the edge of the window. It can also be recovered from the face-down, leading edge towards you position just like a Speed Series Rev. However, it will not move upwind for the catch and throw trick, has a floaty feel to it and feels lighter on the lines, makes axels more difficult and is a bit slower overall. As riffclown said, some people like it some don't. If your style of flying is "yank and spank" you probably won't like it. If your style is "grace and precision" you probably will. It is not bad or good, just different. It is made and designed as well as any Revolution kite, and if you find that you don't like the springs, you can just bend them back, remove them, or use uprights with no springs. The newer models are built on the 1.5 format and frames are interchangeable with other Revs of that size. Early models have larger frames that are not interchangeable. With the springs disabled it flies like a regular Rev. I have flown one of the early models, and found it to be a capable kite. I don't own one since I can modify one of the many Revs I have by installing a similar spring, and have already experimented with making 3D Rev sails. It is a bit more expensive, but on  the plus side it incorporates many of the design improvements that were pioneered on models that are no longer available. Lately I have not been paying as much attention as I should have to know exactly what is new and standard on the newer Rev models, so please check with the company before you purchase.  
    • If all you can get your hands on are the new sails - you can always get a couple of extra spars and use them as verticals without springs! Try looking for used if possible. Might be difficult in your locale. The classic is a renamed "B", with the same panel layout, dimensions, etc.
    • The Freilein Kites seems to be getting a lot of attention and the workmanship on them is top notch.. I have 6 Freileins and can't even find a single stitch out of place.. If you can find an older Rev B-series (Not their "Classic") it would be a good choice.. An older 1.5 with no Reflex Springs would also be a good choice.. If you find an SLE though, try to avoid the 7/16" Leading Edge.. While it's very stiff and sturdy, it's also quite heavy and does change the way the kite flies.  Even an EXP (Pre-Spring) would be a great step in the right direction. ***Note.. For Some Reason Rev seems to think everyone wants Springs and that's simply not true.. Some people LOVE them.. Some not so much. I honestly fall into the latter category.) If you are proficient on the HQ Mojo, the Rev/Freileins or similar design will be an absolute dream to fly.
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