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    IMHO just because the eyes are not copyrighted doesn't make printing a sail with them OK to do. Rev proudly called the eyes a masterpiece and I feel that if you are going to call something artwork copying it with some small changes doesn't honor the artist and seems slimy to me. Yes, the eyes are cool, but they are a Bazzer creation and known that way. I would have had no problem if rev had come out with a whole line of printed sails with new eyes artwork. I am thankful for the revs o have and the fun that they have provided me. However, I don't like some of what I have been hearing of how they have treated some of thier partners- and that will be considered as I make future kiting purchases. Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app
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    This kite now has a new home. More info very soon..Reinforced a few parts after a consult with @John Barresi and added the Air Force logo to make it a 1.5 version of Yonder.. @Roadwarrior26 Enjoy your new kite and Welcome to Kite Life..
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    Seriously ? Aren't these 'Bazzer's Eyes' ? I'm not a big fan of Revs, I flew for years before giving in and getting my first Rev. OK, to me, the Rev was a necessary evil, something to fly when the wind was too high for anything else. I warmed to the whole Rev thing because of the great people involved with them. I have a few, know how to fly them (sortof). Recently, when the company was going through some changes, they really started to rub me the wrong way. I could elaborate on a personal experience I had with the 'new' Rep that came out to an east coast festival that was less than pleasant, but won't... But... is this payback to Phoenix ? *Sorry if this topic is a little too spicy, mods, feel free to censor me. But, I would like to say before getting deleted... the above looks like a cheap 'knock-off' !
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    Hmmm... Not factory finish yet, but looking forward to pushing its limits!
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    Say it with me... Djinn. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    I don’t really care what they’re buying long as they’re flying and winning - so many kites end up in the same bag anyway, let god and skill sort ‘em out.
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    I am now officially blocked from Revolution's Facebook page, and all my posts relating INTIMATE knowledge of the Bazzer Eyes history have been deleted from the discussion there. Short and sweet - I was right alongside Bazzer (as was all of iQuad) at the time he created the very first Eyes kites, I owned two of the original four (Rev I size), received directly from Bazzer in July of 2006, two were also made in orange for Ben D'Antonio at the time. Those four kites predate the entire masterpiece idea, and actually sparked Ben to create the program so other renowned kite artists could participate as well... First official branded "masterpiece" was made by Ron Gibian ("Archi-Rhythm" as I recall), the first of the 1.5 series, and I seem to recall they were shortly followed by Bazzer's licensed 1.5 reproductions of his Eyes motif. == Some historical reference here: Raffled off on KiteLife in 2009: https://kitelife.com/forum/topic/3210-raffle-original-masterpiece-prototype-revs-sold-out/ Changing hands again in 2017: https://kitelife.com/forum/topic/7746-original-ninja-eyes-rev1-set-by-bazzer/ Moral of the story, Ben had a No Fear T-shirt with some eyes on it that may or may not have been the original inspiration, but other than them being EYES, there is very little aesthetic similarity - the original Eyes art was created exclusively by Bazzer, period, me and several others were very close to the process and discussion while it happened. == All things aside, the Hadzicki wing design is now public domain (like the airplane, zipper or elevators) and it will serve all companies, designers and artists well to create NEW aesthetics, leave the old behind, avoid contention and invent new horizons. Moving forward and onward!
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    They might need to put a patch on one eye.. It seems their new ideas are the ones that others have had..
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    Here's a video I created of two glider kites made by Thomas Horvath. They are purchased as a set of kites and are both made with a Spectra Laminate sail material. The first half of the video shows the "I'll be Back" glider kite, the second half is the "C'est La Vie, Darling" kite. As with most Horvath kites, the names are unique I hope you enjoy the video https://www.youtube.com/embed/fZDEefycPag
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    The whole DC crew is off to the festival in Ocean City this weekend. Do not be afraid to fly other people's kites, we understand when things go wrong but you can try a bunch of stuff quickly and compare side-by-side. If you break a spar we all smile and say THAT"s OKAY, you remember this attitude and carry it forward. We're not paying you if we break yours either! Now with that fear factor out of the way, just come down and join us, try our crap and have fun. I'm new here in DC, only been doing it for a couple of decades @ the Washington Monument. I'm the current president of the local club too, Barbara, my misses is the RTeasurer naturally. Dave Ashworth was our past president. He only builds his own kites and is nationally recognized for his outstanding indoor and SSUL designs (usually they are quad-lined). My coach, Jeffery Burka and other friends in WoW have been Revolution consumers half a decade longer than me. I've got probably 60 revs in various sizes and configurations too, a whole bunch just for no stinking' wind. In fact I'm working w/Dave and Eliot Shook on a new indoor kite that can also go outside, but it can fly standing on one foot with 100 foot holographic mylar ribbon tails. It's Dave's 3rd generation but we are using more durable material now instead of Orcon. We are still in the development stage but I'd value your input as well. Next time you see me, say hi and give it a spanking! I fly EVERY Sunday regardless of the weather and we have a presence on Facebook if you want to join us. We just did an indoor and outdoor gig at the Strathmore Music Hall, also have a display of kites up in the mansion thru the end of the month. I'm the "other Paul" by the way. Paul LaMasters,... my buddy is Paul Dugard we travel as a roadshow to many festivals together. Kind of an ass 'cause he can fly two revs at once and they don't have to match either. I hate him really! Fletch, grand national champion indoors and he and Melissa (Harpster) won Quad Pairs Ballet too. We have every kind of kite enthusiast in our group and no fee for joining since the treasury is cash wealthy. Please join us and master the dead calm flying, so you long for days like August in the District just as the rest of us do. -plm (AKA as REVflyer)
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    Every kite ever made has its limitations. There is no one-size-fits-all as far as wind conditions go. You have two choices. You can either fly the kite you have when conditions are good for that kite, or you can get more kites so your arsenal covers more of the possible wind conditions. Three kites is what most people who really enjoy it and want to fly often end up with. One for low or close to zero wind, one for the mid-range and one for strong wind that approaches 25 mph. For most folks below 2 mph or above 25 mph is beer/TV time. There are kites made for those conditions, but they are specialty kites and can be expensive. What you will end up with in your kite bag depends on how badly you get the bug. For example, I fly mostly quad-line and have 14 quad-line kites in my bag. Do I need 14? No, I could get by with 7, but I like to have back-ups. I also have four or five duals, and about the same number of SLK's. It allows me to match my mood to the wind. All you need is just enough to make you smile. After that it's all gravy.
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    Even when they say “Rev family”, it’s actually a limited permutation of the QUAD FAMILY built during iQuad’s prolific travels, education and activity worldwide... We are all kiteflyers, and won’t be sorted by brand.
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    Just some fun days on the beach.
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    Here's what a five stack looks like. Plenty of pull, great fun to fly. SHBKF
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    or any one of us from my perspective..
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    A bit of team training and Mega Fly Prep from the Corolla quad clinic 2018
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    I recently finished my first kite build, and I wanted to throw a public "Thank You!!" out to my kite making mentor: Elliot Shook, who allowed me to follow in his design footsteps, gave me guidance, techniques and encouragement. Without Elliot's generous mentorship this kite would likely still be flying only in my imagination. Holding my kite up to Elliot's work I still have a bit of fine tuning to do, but hey I still need an xtra vent, so I will get better. Elliot's eye for detail and build quality is definitely masterpiece material. I finished it just in time to take it to JB's OBX quad clinic and got to show it off to Elliot and all my best flying buddies. When the wind let up a bit (should have made an xtra vent for that weekend!!) I got to put it up with the sun behind it and it sparkled in the sun beautifully, and seemed to fly just fine. Nothing like seeing your own work flying and keeping up with the others in the sky. it flew just like a Shook should fly: smooth and un-phased by the bumps, in higher winds than I should have put it up in, and pretty as a can be. Also, Thank you to all of the folks who have pulled out kites to let me examine and photograph them, lent me your sails, and answered my questions about sewing and techniques - many of you were generous with your time and knowledge. The generosity of this community never fails to warm my heart and add lift to my efforts. To anyone thinking about taking the sewing plunge....I encourage it. I learned a ton, and kite making materials are not forgiving, so give yourself plenty of practice scraps and time. Oh the joy of flying a kite I built can not be described adequately. Thanks Again Elliot!
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    Welcome to KiteLife and to Kiting in general.. It was an awesome experience seeing the Cheshire grin on your face as you began the journey.
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    My favorite kites have been flown to rags, no longer flyable, embedded with memories and stains, now living on the wall.
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    Are you sure it's catching on the line? Is it perhaps catching on the handle that sticks out beyond the hog ring? The answer is: Yes, the mod will help, but as JB said, it is caused primarily by "hand slop", something that you will fly yourself out of with time. Did you notice that it usually happens when you try to quickly compensate for a "not-so-good" move, and that's what makes it really annoying? Definitely mod your handles to no-snag. Two dollars and thirty minutes will make it go away, but do continue to improve the accuracy of your inputs -- that is the best remedy.
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    Excellent wind today! She flew with Twin tails and also with a 33' center tail (not shown)!
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    Two of my favorite flights from an excellent 4-person Squad Clinic weekend with @Sari Alexandra Becker, @Katrina and @Mark Giadone, this is all footage from the second day (much improved over the first)... We had even smoother and tighter flights after this was filmed but the camera wasn't running, you know how that goes. 100% freestyle, no routine, the pilots have no idea what is coming next - order of maneuvers is all off the top of my head. Second set starts at 4:54, FYI, less bodies in front in front of the camera.
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    Short video of some of my progress after flying quads for nearly 2 years give or take a couple of months. Thanks to all the people that have helped and continue to do so along the way. Really has opened a whole new world, an amazing community [emoji847] Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app
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    Alright, I’m in! Let’s go Team Corolla!!! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    As soon as I win JB for a weekend we will setup next year!