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    YER on YER OWN with this one, fella!!! What ever suits your eye best is what works here! Don't even want to know how many hours I've spent on that colorizer .................................................. ...........................................................!
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    My wife and I decided to get dual line foils for some nieces and nephews this year. The store only had one Synapse in stock. Hearing that we wanted 4, they offered to order more. I asked if they could order HQ Symphony instead. We have 4 on order. Hooray for Kites and Fun Things. #SmallBusinessSaturday
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    I bought the GoPro Hero 6 Karma package. I considered others, however the versatility for me make it much more usable than a dedicated drone. I can use just the camera, or use the camera in the Karma gimbal or attach it to the drone. The biggest downside is the drone, if crashed, can be easily damaged. The DJI drones have more protection from damage. The Karma doesn't have obstacle avoidance, where as most other drones do. The Karma isn't a small as some of the DJI drones, however it's video quality stacks up well even against the latest DJI drones. When I'm by myself, I use the drone as an aerial tripod. Just park the drone and fly the kite in front of it. At festivals I just fly around and try to get cool shots. Here's one of my favorite videos I made of just using the drone as a tripod This video I made this month at the Cape Fear Kite Festival. It starts with me using the GoPro on a gimbal and at the end it's on the drone.
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    Thanks for all you do John. KiteLife has been a part of my life for some time now. It is everything kites for all kite fliers. Pure & fine all the time. The prizes are just icing on the cake. I have been fortunate to win several times. It is a surprise, a joy & humbling all at the same time. The B series have a special place in the world of kites. I believe I have nine in the kite dungeon now. I guess I have been around just long enough to see some changes. Rock on, SHBKF my beloved B mid vent
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    next time you get a chance,... examine one of the master's kite building effort up close & personal,.. see how Ron Gibian does it? What is his seam width,.. how many stitches per inch, .... do you want "black" on both the front and the back sides, like him? The Randy Tom method (sew all the fabric colors together for the entire sail, then front and back cut out the appliqué pieces until you're left with just a single thickness). Wastes huge amount of fabric, but nothing can slip/slide/or wiggle out of alignment, there are no hot tacking holes either, no gummed-up sewing machine, your efforts are expensive but completely perfect, like your own national entry into the AKA building comps? Some folks (Lam Hoac) "mount" all the colors onto a white carrier piece of fabric, easy to see the lines, simple to butt the pieces and an accurate fit of the appliqué based upon experience. Now you have to hold those pieces in position as you slide thru the sewing machine. What is your solution?, masking tape, hot tacker, spray-mount adhesive, water adhesion thru a capillary action? You do NOT back-cut out the backing layer, the white stays one piece. Ask Lam for a black kite and oh how he howls, back-cut out the backing layer yourself and now he's concerned if you did a good job,... "cause his name is on it!" Did you know you can make the entire kite with no sewing at all? 3M's 9460 VHB adhesive tape,... I've flown single skinned quads of this construction method for 3,000 hours. Guess what?, no weight of the thread, no excess overlapped seams, no perforations (sewing needle holes) to promote early failures. It is not faster, just another choice to be made as a builder. Here's a word to explore,... if a dualie sport kite is your interest: catenary cut,.... that's where you adhere a curved surface to a straight edge, thereby making a 3 dimensional shape w/o any framing to force that shape. Like a tent instead of a tarp. Who's the master of this technique?, Ken McNeill, blue moon kites. Until you have personally experienced a kite built this way, ...... anyway, more options to consider as a builder. If I wasn't so impatient I'd be making my own kites too, alas I know my own serious flaws and deal with 'em, accordingly. I will pay for expert production by a true master class builder who signs their work and backs the product.
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    First good flight. https://youtu.be/VkM-T3sVM6A
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    That was awesome.
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    Be careful to use high quality Spectra lines for the quad. (like the two I mentioned above) Anything less will begin binding up after 3 spins (remember, you're using twice as many strands). Once the lines lock up the kite just keeps going where it was pointed and you can do very little to stop it, and the stronger the wind the worse the effect. That's how you break those expensive carbon frames. All the other accessories can be half-assed, but your lines need to be top notch.
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    Lovely sentiment, warming my heart. 🙏🏻 You know why I’m here. ❤️
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    My first favorite SUL was the infamous Prism 4D. I flew it so much I had to repair it a couple times in several places. Vulnerable areas are the center tee, which bends, the nose, which wears & the spine pokes through & the leading edge fabric, which is quite light & thin. I even bought a spare one eventually. Still flying this one. But then I splurged & bought a new Sky Burner Pro Dancer Super Ultra Light. After my mentor, RobB, told me about it & I watched his amazing videos, I had to have it. It is an "old school kite". This is still my go to kite for amazing flying in very light winds. I prefer flying this full size kite on 90# x 100'. When you are gliding out to regain ground you can run quickly, well quickly for me, and the kite will keep going effortlessly until you stop to turn & begin the next up flight. I call this kite "My Beloved". You know you're a kite nut when you begin naming some of them. It remains my favorite for the type of flying I am able to achieve with it at my current level. But then, in March of 2016, I finally reached Nirvana. Another true SUL & this one is legendary. Dang! This one is stealing my heart. It is helping me fly super light air & allowing me to learn some slack line tricks at the same time. It will also handle a little higher wind as it has a deeper sail than the PD SUL. It is a good example of a bit of mass making the kite have a bit of inertia that you need for getting completely through a maneuver. Not everyone likes a "Frenchie". It's working for me. Now I find myself leaving the first two at home. So that is my 3-2-1 list, SHBKF See ya in the sky....
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    Went out to join in on the community kite fly this past Sunday. Great Wind, No Sun
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    My recommendation? a lightly used Pfaff mechanical machine is what to seek-out, USED it has a "walking foot" which grabs the fabric like the jaws of a pliers, from both the top and bottom. That makes a huge difference when you finally begin working with super slippery material like Icarex and a seven foot seam! I've seen kites made with just a straight stitch (as opposed to the triple stitch zig-zag, as that was all that was available on that old model, almost like a manual with the foot pumping mechanism. After my first kite sewing retreat struggle, I gave that machine away, promised the bride we'd never own a kite I couldn't acquire w/VisaCard, but eventually a bunch of great kite builders in my local club forced me to learn how to do it myself. (particularly Dave Ashworth, he only flies stuff he built himself, never the same twice!) That Pfaff led to an even greater appreciation for the workmanship of a true master builder, such as Shook or Bazzer. I took lessons from a guy who owned 7 different brands, each time I had to learn a new one, you learned what features were most desirable and then I found machine that could provide those desired functions as a reasonable cost. Low bottom bobbin warning, needle down/stop locking, walking foot, a fitted table so more of the fabric is flat going thru the machine. Lettering and advanced (Kewl) stitching features are a computer as opposed to a mechanical feature, costs will also increase accordingly. no one will EVER care as much as you yourself do when building YOUR kite, but that doesn't mean you can't get something made as a custom, perfect and your way, for a little bit of extra cost, try ASKING for it. The best thing about doing it yourself is the sense of satisfaction when folks converse about your creation, or enjoy flying it themselves. Changing something for testing purposes?,.... what happens if? Being a builder make these considerations fun to explore, most resulting in failure, but occasionally you hit a home run with the bases loaded. These are magical moments to savor or share. Being a builder allows you to work cooperatively too. From my experience this is the single most rewarding activity in kiting,... your entertainment choices may vary -plm
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    Playing with the Active Track function (locked onto my body - it didn’t want to recognize the kite). Nothing exceptional, music is only there so it’s not so boring to examine the video - just playing with the drone functions still. Obviously LOTS yet to learn.
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    The other strong issue is the MASSIVE attrition in both high end kite buyers and cottage kite makers... Also, manufacturers and stores both used to be owned and staffed by hard core kite folks, those are farther and fewer than ever and practically none in the US, so most of what we have available isn’t conceived by true end users.
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    The only thing to be careful of if you want to extend its life - watch how high a wind you fly it in. I know you like pull, but in this case, too much and the sail stretches and will never return to how it was. On lines - watch JB's tutorial til you are sick of it - then watch some more! Then when YOU have a method down pat - DON'T CHANGE IT! Do it exactly the same and make it a habit!
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    Hey! Busy week. Sorry I couldn’t be on yesterday to see this. Thanks!!!
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    @SmokeHavel Ready for this??? You are already in.. As a paid subscriber, you not only have the tutorials but you are also automatically entered in @John Barresi's regular KiteLife drawings..
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    I like the stock layout, those 2 are my "Stock" wishful thinking. My custom design is attached... Sent from my SM-T380 using Tapatalk
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    My Rev bag outer pocket gave up the ghost, so I ended up getting an ITW dig bag. Easily holds the 5 kites I use, lines, handles, fix-it kit. I carry a bunch of stuff in my hydration pack, it was built to be a small backpack as well. My concession to age was to get a Wheel-Eze beach cart. Went to Costco and got a folding milk crate. Make up the crate, attach to the cart, load my bag, pop up, hydration pack, ice chest, and any extra clothing - pull it like a golf cart to where we are on the beach. No more "schlepping" my stuff around!!!!
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    WOW!!! SUPER STOKED!! THANKS TO ALL YOU KITE LIFE PEOPLE!!! Kite will NEVER leave me or my family. This kite is going to be HUGE fun!!
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    Please note, this will probably be the last B-Series we ever give away... I'm down to a set of just three unopened factory B-Series now which I will probably keep in my collection for sentimental reasons, but we should be able to look forward to seeing some Djinns and other cool stuff coming up for grabs in the coming year!
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    Thanks for the tips. I've watched a lot of the Ktielife videos, I know i'm ready. And the Rev Club 38 should give me some structure to learning too. I'd be cool if I was closer to Mr. Barresi to attend a clinic. I have a New Tech Kites Spirit quad that I really like. Yeah some may say that kite is akin to riding the nickel car ride outside of Woolworth's, as opposed to driving a real car. But it was all I could afford and at least I was flying. Now that I'm grown, and the kids are out of the house, I can afford the ones I had wanted for so many years. Mr. Barresi may even have me talked into a new Djinn! That would be my Lambo sitting in the garage until I can drive it.
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    Prodancer SUL by Sky Burner, not known as a trick kite but one of the top 3 extreme light wind fliers I've ever laid my hands on. https://www.facebook.com/barresij/posts/10213407694490973