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    Hi all, Sorry I haven't been on as much recently, this past year has been an interesting one. Just dropping a note to let you know this forum software and all related plugins or apps should now be up to date. Never hesitate to let me know if you encounter any issues, anywhere on the website!
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    Lon how many, if any other quads do you have? The fulcrum is a beautiful kite and is very fun to fly, but it’s kind of in its own realm. The Djinn on the other hand is at the top of its class. All the refinements John has done to it make it the most flier friendly kite on the market today. It will take you and your flying to what ever level your capable of flying. I own an entire set of Djinns and they are pretty much the only quads I fly now. I did purchase one of the first 5 fulcrums from kites and fun things and rarely fly it. I’d definitely say try one before you buy it, it’s way different than a Djinn or any other quad kite on the market today. If your on the Oregon coast I’ll let you try mine out.
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    Well Christmas came a little late, but it arrived yesterday. Can't wait to get out and give it a go!!
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    The rise of iQuad... And the last day... Sorry for the off topic, but you brought it up.
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    Born and raised there, sadly needed to move back in 2015. There is plenty of wind, especially if you are willing to drive 30-60 minutes. Consider many people make a multi-hour trek to beaches, you could drive a quarter of the way to Wendover and stop anywhere along the highway for similar winds with a shortish drive. There are parks with good winds, and plenty of places with turbulent winds. I had a favorite spot near my home, the terraced soccer fields behind the Olympic skating oval, that often had something moving. Various parks have wind funnels you can find, and urban flying works (in the summer) as buildings make their own winds. If you can take a drive there are canyon winds, mountain ridges in the summer especially by ski resorts, and the desert dunes, both public land and rec areas like the Little Sahara. There are places with regular reliable winds, like beaches on Antelope Island. Both the desert and the island often have amazing wind, and for many people it's a shorter drive than other people's beaches. You are right that the full vent won't leave your bag as often, but often in April and May there will be days you want it, or even wish for an XV or HV kite. Most days I used a full sail or mid vent. The more venting the less you will fly it, but eventually you will be standing in 40 MPH gusts either having a blast or wishing for the hardcore vent kite. That kite may only leave the bag twice a year, but when you need it, you really need it. I've made a trips out to Antelope Island when the wind forecast is good, and it often is smooth from blowing east across 30 miles of water plus a hundred miles of salt flats before that. It is a bit cold this time of year, but bundle up and you can make a day of it after checking the forecast.
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    If money is no object, Fly JB out for a week of private lessons.. More expensive than a kite for sure but you'll definitely be able to fly everything in your bag, possibly including the bag itself..
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    Ah, rounding up the quad array with a vented kite might be useful, in whatever model you find most appealing to you... Vented quads have an amazing upper range, and can generally maintain control / comfort at least 10mph over that of any dual line.
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    My Djinn arrived today. Earlier than I expected and a day earlier than the posted arrival day. It is gorgeous (even if I do say so myself). Thank you so much, John! I love it!,
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    Old ones exist, but it is a discontinued model. It is akin to asking about buying a new 2015 vehicle. You can hunt down lightly used ones, and a store might have an old one gathering dust rather than sold, but they are no longer produced and becoming ever less available. Read this post. For only a little more than those used to cost, get a Djinn. They're like the B Series Pro, but a bit better, with better fasteners and metal end caps, a bit more responsive, more high wind options, etc.
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    30" lines . Are you KIDDING ME!! Last week after 2 years I finally had 2 good days on 50' lines with a sul. Dang it, dang it, dang it now I gotta go short line my Widowmaker.
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    Keep in mind that I'm still a intermediate flyer. Like when first learning my Mongoose and Widow I've tried to keep the go for it somewhat at bay. That's not going to plan. Kites to much fun and capable. The steady firm feedback is the most impressive thing so far. Had it in it's upper range couple days ago. Only got about 45 minutes in before winds started bumping a bit over 30 mph at times. From 20 to 25 it's FAST. From 4 to 25 it stays pretty much the same. Very smooth and stable with very little twitch even in the bumpies. Wasn't quite as good at the edge in the upper range as I thought it would be. Still really good and it's yet to be knocked out of the sky. Power hits quick but easy to control and predictable. Comparatively the Mongoose and Widow in 15 to 20 mph can in the blink of an eye give me a OMG moment.Switched to the Psycho once again . It got blown out at least 5 times before a LLE decided it had had enough. I've learned to fly all my kites a little lower than stated except the Psycho. This one probably not. It'll still trick in 4 or 5 really well but below that it glides to the ground. Made the effort on my others because of the way the wind cycles here at times. Doesn't seem worth it with this one. Kite has a deep pocket with a backward bow in the LLE and a forward bow in the spine. For me that makes pumping air into the sail kinda futile. Not much billow in the sail making it feel powered up all the time. Think that's also why the feedback is so good keeping the kite smooth and stable. Not enough bow to dead launch but makes ground recoveries pretty easy. It does sit deep in the turtle but more similar to my Widow than the Lams. My Lams can lock in and it takes a little flick of a wing tip to release them. More so on the Mind Trick. No I didn't figure that out. Had to call Lam. Hard to describe but once ya get it it's just a thing. That little flick with the right angle has made dumping wind faster and easier on all my kites. The Lams need precise inputs. Skyburner/Premiers respond well to snap and pop. Hydra too. Mongoose /Black Dog up to 12/13 is more of a guiding the kite around with longer smoother inputs. Superfly is different. Responds well to any of the inputs I've learned so far but with time I know I can do it better. Kite doesn't seem sensitive to me. Responsive and firm is what comes to my mind. Then again I fly a Nighthawk, Addiction and Psycho a lot. Spent some hours early on flying a Micron too. Axle based tricks have the most familiar feel. The flip and rollup stuff is where I'll have to adjust the most. Popping the kite into a roll up hasn't worked to well yet. Keep popping in the wrong spot. Climbing to the top of the window just before stall throw some slack with a step forward it rolls up easy. Can catch 2 or 3 with the 1 move. Studying that I think will give me a big clue on the different inputs I need to learn. Another is the kite will spin inside it's wingtip. Pretty good at front roll ups on the Hydra and Nighthawk, It's going to take different inputs but I think this one will do the trick pretty readily too.Hardest hit so far came from a failed flick flack. Knew I'd lost it as soon as I'd flared. Kite pancakes really well so I tried to turn it into a flat spin. Lost that too and tried to recover like on my other kites. Nope. One of my main goals in flying is to launch a kite and understand how IT wants to fly instead of MY way. Not very good at that yet so it's going to take some time to learn this kite. Oddly the better I'm getting it's taking a little longer to refocus when changing kites. Pretty dramatic change when switching from the Tekken SUL to the Addiction. Trying OPK before buying is sound advice if you can. I can't and boy was I wrong in guessing what this kite is like. Happily I'm not disappointed at all. IMO for a high end kite the Superfly is a bargain. Cost was what the website says with no surprises. The build quality is A+. Roll up stops on the Hydra are the worst I have. Don't care for Lams that much either. I like the Superflys the best. A newbie could learn on it but the abuse would border on stupid. Once solid basics are second nature compared to kites I've had or have this kite will get someone to the tricks quick. Kite kinda tells me what it wants. Just don't quite get that British accent yet LOL. If I would have got this in the summer of 2018 I really believe I'd be a bit further along. Not a lot but still. Mainly because the kite instilled an almost instant confidence and it's tough. Could very well be I'm looking back with rose colored glasses on though. In 15 mph winds my Widow gets real exciting. Start flying it like the Nighthawk and Addiction. BONKERS!! To preserve the kite I need better skills to really enjoy it above 13. Superfly is smaller so less pull and easier to trick in those winds. Frame has a little more flex so power is a bit smoother making the bumps easier to deal with. Widow tops out at 22 flying my butt off. Superfly to 25 with more predictability and less adrenaline The Mind Trick is still the best in 15 to 25 gusty stuff and 25% or more slower Had it for more than a year and a 1/2..Some days though it is still hard to Taz, Slot or do roll up stuff. It's a kite that challenges the heck out of me. Kites still quite a bit above my skill set. That's a good thing but man some days on it just suck. Superfly is fitting in perfectly between the Widow and Mind Trick. Learning it will make me better on the other 2 for sure.3 very different kites.
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    Stack lines are also tied.. This is ready for flight.
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    Signed up and paid! I have been waiting for an opportunity like this for a long time. I guess I need to get practicing; it’s been a while.
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    The Purple flies great as a solo kite..
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    And I am glad he did!! Thanks for sharing the videos!!!
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    Agreed, very different animals - and I'm pretty sure both do exactly what they were designed to do, Carl Robertshaw is one of the greatest kite minds on the planet, imho.
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    Comparing the Djinn with the Fulcrum is like comparing apples with pears in my opinion....two kites with four lines but different in anything else. If you are not open to something new you should stay on the rev shape and do it like John recommends it. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Thanks for your thoughts guys, I really appreciate them. As far as my original question, here is what I am thinking. The Djinn is going to be the better all around quad. John put an incredible amount of time and himself into this wing and it shows!! The fulcrum is also a very good quad, but is a different animal. Not necessarily better or worse, but different. Thanks again!! Lon
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    khsidekick, to answer your question I have several quads, but am just learning as in not very good yet😁 I currently have a rev 1.5 classic and a pre reflex NYM. I also have a freilein mid vent exodus and a std vertigo purchased from Andy up at OSK.
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    Once again its winter and I hope everyone is quietly building things. Riff is the only one posting up on here. Im hopeing for progressive stack. My next project is a day bag. Probably only hold 3 quads , handles and 2-3 line sets.
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    Last pic was bad, hopefully this is better. Fabric is custom printed from ripstop my the roll. https://ripstopbytheroll.com/collections/hexcam/products/copy-of-hyperd-300-diamond-ripstop-polyester-hexcam?variant=13654541467696
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    I'd get mesh from Riff on this forum. He probably has a pile of his "tails" kites stuffed in a corner. Nothing handles better in gusty, flying when you probably shouldn't be. I built my own for fairly cheap and fly it when I don't want to pull out my Djinn full vent. There a good first kite building project. If your flying solo in gusty high winds the kite doesn't need to be perfectly built.
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    That's Right. One gross of endcaps to make 24 more kites.. I should be well stocked for a while now.
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    Hey everyone. So I finally got to fly the b-series full vent that I bought online and replaced the bridal on over the weekend. So I guess my question would be. Is the b-series just a better kite than the EXP? It seems to 'float' and fly so much better. Not totally sure how to describe the difference but it did seem like a different animal. Now I know its vented vs non vented but the winds were all over the place. Normal for Houston. 6mph pretty steady and gusts to 14mph. Now I'm wondering if I should get a non vent B-series when I can find one?
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    The B is light years better than the exp imho. I have a couple of sets and the exp. I LOVE my B-series. With that wind range, I'd definitely get a standard. 👍
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    SKD kites are pretty stunning but cost an arm and a Lam...hah! that cracked me up yeah, you probly have the 2nd best wind situation on this forum, 1st being someone on the pacific coast...me? i think we had winds over 4mph maybe twice in december, not much better in november...who knew? i didnt pay much attention to the winds til kiting came along...now im a slave to the wind. i try to fly 3 or 4 times a week for a few hours maybe every day if nothing else is happening and i usually have a list of things to work on (in my head). like you ive got a pretty good quiver to choose from starting with the Echo, the ATM, the Zephyr, the E3, the Hydra and back to the E3 for 18 to 25mph. sounds pretty good, right? noooo ive been mostly flying the Echo in 2 to 4mph for day after day unless i drive a couple hours to the coast ($50 well spent). funny thing is when i do get those rare 10 to 20 minute gigs on a real trick kite the tricks that are pent up in my Echo muscle memory just come boiling out...im like what the f#$%! whered that come from? i uusually have the Atm hooked up and waiting on 50x50s i like the wind range and general toughness of the 7' Superfly but also thought the Supernova would fill a gap for me being slower, more stable, replacing the Hypnotist i gave away...well enough of this rant, im going flying. thanks for sharing
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    Got the power blast in a trade. It's designed to be a power kite, people buggy and land board with them. You may underestimate my board riding skills. These are from the opening of the park in Newberg Oregon. 15 years of having a season pass at Mt. Bachelor can't hurt. It will be a challenge, but I've got kite and board skills. I'll make it work. DT
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    @John Barresi (and other builders out there) - this is probably a separate topic, but I'm interested in the design process that goes into, for example, figuring out where and how to vent the MV. Do you just use experience and feel, or is there any measurement/analysis going on to guide the changes you make? How do you decide what new venting to try? At each iteration, do you build a completely new full-size prototype? I'd be interested in any details you're willing to share. I enjoy building kites, but I don't know how to evolve a design to get a desired result. I'm sort of stuck at the point where I know what behavior I'd like to improve, but not how to get there.
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    I wish I could take more days off work and afford hotels for that long. Mid-day 29th through late on the 2nd. Even though the festival is Friday and Saturday, there is casual flying there on Sunday and later. I'll stay as late as I can, but will need to leave before sundown to get back to real life.
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    I tend to do the travailing bicycle as a rotate tip stab, a rotate tip stab. Then a catch and throw . I"m rank amateur. But if you tap it down with authority you look like a pro.
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    I know of one person @Stuart McCullough that has made a convertible quad with removable vent covers. Adding vents to as an existing kite is pretty easy. Adding too much vent is just as easy though. Decreasing venting will require a tradeoff of additional weight to cover the vent with a fabric of some sort. As with everything else. It's a balancing act. I bought a bunch of cheap closeout material to experiment with. It's what I use when trying new design elements. I usually add midnight to the name when I use this fabric. Failure has to be an option or you might not get past the afraid to cut fabric stage. Learn from everything yuh ou build and you will begin to see what works and what doesn't before you start your build.
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    You're going to have a stack done in no time!
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    Orange Panels are sewn..
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    Looking at your bag I'd say you next kite is a Djinn full vent. Flying in non beach winds I feel it backs up and bicycles better than the standard.
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    The green family (3 greens), Yellow Family, (2 Yellows), Orange Family, (2 Oranges) and Red Family, (3 Reds including a bit of pink) are all cut and ready for sewing prep.. This will be a 6 stack at first. I may go back and add a dark blue and even a wine color to make it 8.
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    Djinn is top of the top but if you have( like me) the curiosity and budget to check and have different models and brands with different characteristics and shapes buy both or at least try them. Fulcrum is have a different and unique shape and because of that a higher pull is expected but on the same time will fly on positions where a flat kite is collapsing
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    I recommend a full vent. A Djinn if it doesn't break the bank.
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    How about Really, It's For Fun!! aka RIFF
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    No bridle on a 1.5 is less than ideal for control, less cupping, less control - I just wouldn't do it, myself, except to enable easier catch and throw.
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    Oh boy oh boy oh boy good luck to one and all 😊
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    Who else got kite stuff for Christmas? I got a pop up tent, Gomberg super sled w/ tail and a set of northern lights for kites. Thanks @windpoacher and nlforkites@gmail.com for sourcing the lights. Now I can be more like Eli and sit in my own autograph signing tent and not hog space in his.
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    Not sure what revived this thread, but a new contrbuter is always welome. Picked up a Pfaff 1525 recently, the pedal feed is actually smoother than the 1222. To bad that one is still in the shop.
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    Yes, different from what I have seen and flown in Lincoln City. The public participation is different. At Lincoln City people wander through like an open house, some pull out kites, some just watch, some shop on the walkway. Here it is mostly sitting around the roped area in your lawn chair to watch. During the event I have flown out a short way on the flats a few hundred feet away, but it was always solo. Watching the same demos repeat for two days gets old, but I would pay special attention to the group flys. Sometimes they were downwind and I could watch everything, sometimes not, and sometimes I would sit on a chair and just watch. I would love to make it a pair. They do interact with the crowd as time permits. My daughter talks about 'that time Fletch captured me with his kite when everyone was setting up', but overall B&S has a strict boundary the masses must stay behind. After the indoor session everyone is on the floor with a line of questions, comments, and thanks. The outdoor days are demo after demo continuously, cycling through each team or individual the entire day. As for kite lights, I'm 0 for 3 on that, evening winds have not been great on the beach. I will have lights with me, and might become 1 for 4 out there. I have had better luck on night flys inland at home.
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    It really depends on your level of experience. If you have not yet reached the "intermediate" level you won't notice any difference at all. If you have you may notice some but will have to alter the inputs because the additional length accentuates the inputs so you'll have to tame them down, but the length also gives you added throw distance as a lever. You'll probably fall out of the sky at first, but once you adjust you'll be ok. Some people like longer, some don't. Try it before you buy it. Personally, I just never bothered. It's fine for me with standard handles. Your mileage may vary.
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    Wife had to come out and watch me fly my newest to see what all the fuss was about(Sky Sport Design AC SUL). After a few minutes she walked back to the house muttering. Think I heard the word idiot a couple times.
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    @ACrop Per your request
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    @kevmort PC31 is a polyester/polycarbonate fabric also trademarked as Icarex.. It's is more water resistant than Nylon and seems to be lighter.. IT's the fabric of choice for high end kites. We refer to it as PC31, Icarex or commonly Poly. http://icarexpolyester.com/ @ACrop They are all PC31 but some are scaps from older runs that may simply be different dye lots. From the front one almost looks black but turns oberjin (eggplant) when backlit. Two very similar purples, a lavender, an Eggplant and a purple wine are the pieces I have.. These all came as scrap pieces so I don't know the proper color names.. FWIW, some of these are the much older Icarex that had a rectangular grid instead of the square grid we are more familiar with.
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    I would borrow a machine if you can before making the leap. Anyone can see with some patience, but making sure it is your brand of patience would be wise before starting a sewing collection...cause let's face it, it is not just a machine you will end up with. Machine, cutting mats, quilting rulers, rotary cutter and special scissors that will cause you to threaten anyone who uses them for other materials, a light for seeing clearly at the machine, 4 types of tape, storage tub for the sewing stuff, another for kite bits, big paper for templates, a new table when you get kicked off the kitchen counter after a week, and we haven't even started with kite parts. If looking to buy not every machine has the three step zig-zag stich programmed in, so that is something to look for. Kite making is fun, but know that the rabbit hole is deep Alice. With that said....what am I gonna build next....Xtra vent or indoor??? Sent from my [device_name] using http://KiteLife mobile app
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