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    The Sync Bridle is tailored to the Djinn specifically and I wouldn’t vouch for transfer to another kite - there is just too much going on - even changing the length of one bridle leg by half an inch changes performance and sail pressure, the impact of different vertical spar location and kite proportions on the center portion of the bridle would be massive. To this end, the complete Sync Bridle isn’t available for purchase except on a Djinn, though the bridle components that wear out are available - as mentioned above, both the French and 1.5 style bridles transfer pretty well from kite to kite.
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    How cool to have an area to fly in your back yard and you are right, I need to head out to Antelope Island and fly there. It is a bit of a drive, but might be worth it!! So I ordered a Wolf NG today and submitted my request to Santa Claus for a red STD TICA. You should have seen the look in Santa Claus's eyes when she saw the price😲 Oh well, it's worth a try!! Now if I could just get some wind a blowin.
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    Very nice, sometimes you got to keep your eye on the prize. Thanks for the rokk, I'll post up a new one soon.
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    Dang I'm excited for you. You got 3 way different kites and with hours of practice they'll all fly in 3 mph. IMO wear out your stock dyneema lines. Widow with the 150# and Wolf with 90# is enough at the start. Had Laser Pro pretty early on but it was months before I could really feel a big difference. Quads is a different deal. Somewhere in the back of my mind I think I try to destroy my Nighthawk so I can get a Wolf. Remember that it won't be as stable as the Hydra or Widow. It's more twitchy and if you use the same type of inputs the oversteer will be quite dramatic. It doesn't take long to figure out. At the start it's one you should hold onto the straps instead of looping them around the wrist for sure. When the crash is coming let go.Yeah it's been said before but it is extremely important for confidence. The first breaks rattled the heck out of me. For now that should be the way for all your kites. As I developed I ended up wrapping around my wrist and doing a lot of inputs with my index finger. In higher winds I add the middle. As you get better no way is right except what you like. Dodd Gross in his videos just grips the straps and I think he might be a pro. I have a tendency to be a little kite snobby but that's not my intent at all.I've got 5 high end kites that are the bomb. Been at this 2 years next month and doubt anyone would outgrow a Hydra, Widow ng or Wolf. Yeah the feel of the high end ones is better. Tricks seem smoother and can be more rewarding. No they're not as well rounded as a Tekken(favorite). My boutiques have a more airy feel to them. The dance is more elegant. Can't really see it but you can feel it.If you get a Tica it won't take long to get the drift of what I can't really describe. Here's the thing though the high end ones have never exceeded the FUN factor of my other kites. Having fun is the most important point of all this kite stuff anyways. PLUS ya got quads too!! WOW did you jump into the deep end of the ocean. Hey that's cool I didn't drown and neither will you LOL.
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    Your funny and I enjoy reading your posts!! And I mean that respectfully!! Right now I am just sitting here wishing that the wind would pick up a bit so I could get out and try flying. Perhaps in another hour or so. I have not even pulled the Widow NG out of it's bag yet as I have been playing with the hydra, but suppose I should just to see what it is like. If I were to get a Wolf NG, it would be from Jon T at kites and fun things since they seem to have the best price on the kite. But then you mention the addiction, so I will give it a bit of thought since I will only get one right now and I leaning towards the Wolf. Perhaps I can drop a hint to the wife regarding a TICA for Christmas. And I know what you are saying, if she knew how many I have recently purchased, I could possibly be sleeping with them😉 I don't really have that many, but several new ones in the last month or two. What part of the country do you fly in? I sure hope someone will scratch that itch!!
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    Well I'm on a blather this morning. Late spring Devon announced the Tica. Been extremely interested since. Nator has gotten me really interested in big kites and for a trick kite 102" seems pretty big. Had a12' and 19' single liners but I got back issues and couldn't safely handle them myself. I've been wanting a Benson Superfly for along time to replace my Hydra. Think it would be more durable for the way I fly and very similar. Been really wishy washy on it cause I still gotta Hydra. Beat to hell but far from destroyed with some TLC. It's on the ragged edge of destruction though. Really like the kite so for money spent it's making more and more sense to get another.Restore the one I have for grandkids and newbies. Beef up the new one for me .Wife is not very sympathetic to this kite addiction thing so treading carefully is a must. She's got a point cause I've acquired a few and saying I NEED another is kinda pathetic.Biggest kite I have is a Condor from the 90's. Not a trick in it but dang good at precision. Doesn't fly much because tricking is my thing.Had a Hawaiian Team but I can handle the Condor a lot better. I'd really like to get a Level One Badass and 0ne Eleven but can't justify a spot in the bag. Looking at the differences in the keel and wingtips of the Hydra, Jinx(Esingers photo) and Tica I get a sense the center mass of the Tica would make it more predictable/stable. In 15 mph the narrow wing tips make me think dumping the wind would be pretty easy. That'd make tricks fairly fast so very doable in moderate winds. My guess is above 12 mph quite a bit easier then the one eleven. Thinking it'd be very different than my other standards and one I really want to justify having. The red just looks freaking cool.By the way since you're talking to Jon T get a Addiction. Tricky, tough and FUN, FUN,FUN. Trust me I'll keep bringing it up. Kite is just a absolute blast to fly. If you're not into fast, twitchy, adrenalin fueled flying nevermind. You should be though. OOPS that's a bit snobby but hey what the hey we all got differing opinions around here.At the start I learned the most on a Addiction. Kite still makes me laugh till my eyes water at times.Sold my first one to get the WMP. Got a Psycho to replace it. It didn't but the Psycho in 20 to 25 mph is just stunning at what it can do. Quicker tricks but has a slower straight line speed than the Addiction.Very similar wingtips to the Tica.C'mon, c'mon some of you folks get a Tica and let us know all about it. Got a AWFUL itch. I KNOW Rob B and Esinger NEED another kite LOL.
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    Hey guys, Let me start by saying your resources here are amazing. So I am a single line flyer at the beach. Basically I tie a big kite to the bed of my truck so I can see where I am when boogie boarding in the Gulf. I was looking for new single line kites online and the next thing I know there is a Revolution ad on my facebook feed and I'm like what the heck is that and how does that work. So I buy one. So cool. Anyway I have flown 3 times now, maybe a total of 2hrs with it after the first outing where it just spun right and crashed and had to figure out that bridal was a little off but I have a few questions and what to know what you all think. I can fly it no problem, I can control it pretty good. reverse launch, hover upright, right and left, inverted for a little while. I feel like I can make it go where I want. I am on 65ft lines that came with it and it came with the standard handles with only one knot placement. I ordered some of JB's pro leaders and will do the snagless conversion. Good idea right? Should I get different length lines? Easier to fly? I fly at some soccer fields near me. Its like a park with 8 or 10 soccer fields and a couple baseball fields. Of course all the fields have light poles around them so the 65' fits well. I do notice that the one time I flew when the wind was blowing probably 10-12mph with some big gusts (its always choppy) that the kite will pull hard after a spin and catch a gust. Not as smooth as all the videos ive seen. Probably me over correcting and adding drive but if I have more brake adjustability from the JB leader this should help Right? I'm going to use the method of start all the way out and see if I can launch and go from there to adjust. Im also confused on the kite size. Is the exp the same size at the 1.5 or B Series or the rx xx they sell now? Its my understanding the exp is built to take a beating and is maybe a little heavier that some other kites so it doesn't want to fly great in low wind if I get another kite what will the frame from the exp fit?. Typically we have 4-7 mph wind here inland (im in Houston). Also should I take out the reflex springs? are they like training wheels? seems like some of you old schoolers think they are gimmicky? Im sure I have more questions but appreciate any advice. Learning this thing on my own. Well that not really true, all the reading on here and the videos ive watched I feel like you all and JB are my personal coaches.
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    Equalize from a stake, not the kite. Yes, all 4 should be as close as possible to the same length. The leaders don't count in "equalizing", except as a quick fix in the field. I usually equalize with my handles off, but some leave them on. Never trust what you see setting up - use a stake instead.
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    Yes, it does help get the kites up quickly. Exactly how intentional it is, or if it was originally a quirk that they merely left in place after finding the usefulness, is sometimes debated. If your goal is selling kites, if your goal is to get beginners to get a kite to launch without much skill, then it is effective. If you're going to sell them to people who won't have experienced guides and will have to struggle with it on their own, it removes one potential problem of ensuring the kite has sufficient pitch. Low wind takes experience and skill. You could probably find a good balance point on the short leaders if someone needed to, it just wouldn't be a comfortable grip. Shorter lines, 30 foot, 20, foot, or even indoor lengths are probably more important. Consider that even with well-adjusted lines and leaders it can take many hours (across multiple flying days) before beginners can fly in very light winds. I don't know if they could even be called beginners any more at that point.
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    Looks like the new TICA 2020 is available on the kitesandfunthings.com web site. What are you thinking about this one? It is a big kite and very tempting!! I have spoke to Jon a couple of times regarding it and he seems very excited!! Just curious what you are thinking?
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    No - the springs can be removed. Either just pull them out or cut whatever is holding them. Those springs are just added on. Never been a fan of the new fittings Rev is using. Don't feel like there is enough of the "tongue" inserted into the rod end to hold all the pressure. Feel like it was a solution looking for a problem or just change for change sake.
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    I don't know if you checked the prices of spectra line, but buying bulk and making your own line sets will save you nearly 50% of the cost. Buying a finished set costs roughly $1/foot. If you have some dead time to kill it's worth the effort to make your own. Sleeving is an option that can be used at either or both ends, and it does reduce wear on the kite bridle and handle leaders. Do not buy the spectra line used for fishing. It has a different weave and binds much more easily. There is one brand out there that some have said works, but I have not tried it. The ones I did try were horrid. Most kite shops, both online and brick and mortar, carry bulk spectra in either Laser Pro Gold or Shanti Skybond, or can order it for you.
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    Coincidentally, I just got some info that might help. Rev is offering a free travel frame with any kite. Since not all Revs use the same spars nowadays, I asked which spars came with that travel frame. Here's a quote from the answer: "The Standard Travel Frame... fits Rev 1.5 sizes, EXP, Rev 1.5, 1.5 Classic, NYM, B series, and Reflex RX" Sounds like the RX is in fact the standard 1.5 size. It doesn't explicitly mention the "Reflex EXP" but I would guess it's also 1.5-sized.
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    Since you will have 3 very capable yet different standard wind kites the Tica UL might be the better get for you. From what Devon says the slowness and strength of the kite makes it easier to understand for newbies than most kites. Another kite that I probably shouldn't have passed on so fast is the Benson Deep Space UL. 1 to 15 mph range but never found in depth info on how it would handle inland bumpies. My newbie curve was late fall to early spring.Not that many low wind days during those months. Yanking, cranking and guessing on 3/4 kites in higher winds is a blast buuttt. The conventional wisdom is the bigger slower kites for a newbie take someone further faster. Widow ng fits that bill for standard winds. Never flown in Fairy winds before. Must have been magical LOL.
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    Only 24 hours left in this hotly contested race. @DTill, at this point I don't think it would be presumptuous to go ahead and PM me your shipping address 😂.
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    These questions are somewhat of a topic hijack, so a forum moderator could probably split them out into it's own discussion Nocks are used on some kites, they look much like the nock on an arrow. They have a U-shaped edge that a tight cord is placed inside. When placed under tension the cord can slip back out of the nock to release the spar. These kites use an end cap. The cord is threaded through the cap and left in place indefinitely. The end cap is slipped on or off the spar when you set up or break down the kite. More on the rods below... A split spar is broken, even if it hasn't completely failed. You can tape it, epoxy it, or otherwise try to get some more life out of it, but that is playing with fire. Sometime soon you'll hit a gust or a crash and the spar will fail completely. That will probably mean a sharp edge, and it can mean the broken spar will rip through the fabric. Better to replace the spar now rather than wait for a catastrophic failure that risks even more damage. The good news is you don't need to ship away for them. A store called A Wind of Change moved from Las Vegas to SLC a few years ago. Although they transitioned the business from a brick-and-mortar shop to an online shop, they have a bunch of good stuff in stock at their home. Email or call, explain what you're interested in buying, that you live in Salt Lake, and that you'd like to look at the parts if they can arrange a time. Most likely either Kent or Daelyn will arrange for a visit if you know what you're planning on buying. They're located in North Salt Lake by the I-215 curve. I'm sure they have the official revolution rods as well as SkyShark rods in stock. They could show you the difference (and similarities), and sell you whatever parts you need for your kite bag. If you don't have one, I'm sure they could sell you a quality kite bag, too. ;-)
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    Thanks Breezin, I hope the Christmas wish list works out!! As for the Wolf, it will be a few because I think they are going to have to order it from Premier in the color I wanted. No biggie. Have not had any wind anyway, but they are saying we may have some in the morning. So maybe I can get out a bit before I have to go to work. Good idea on holding the handles. Its been awhile since I have crashed, but I am not going to say that it can't happen. Thus far I have always wrapped the straps around my wrists, but i have noticed in the Dodd Gross videos what you are referring to. I can say, I usually do have fun if I have enough wind to fly and I would love to live closer to a beach!! One kite not mentioned that I have is a Slingshot B3. It is a 3 Meter, 2 string, foil lite that will flat drag my ass around the beach if the wind is up. Earlier this past summer we were in Lincoln City on a fairy windy afternoon and it got the best of both my son in laws, my son, myself and sadly my daughter before were were finished. But we were all smiling and had stories to tell. And in some cases, video😂
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    ok let's break the answer in multiple topics. before to start fly when you connect the lines check the bridle,all different sections to be symmetrical and equals between them. if you see length difference that means is something wrong and make sure to repair before to fly. check the lines to be equal especially if they are the one sold with the kite, most of the time right out of the package you will find 1-2 inches difference Line length: 65 is a good one but most of the flyers use 85 or 120 when they fly together or in team. longer lines give you also a bigger wind window and some more time to avoid a crash. shorter lines 30-35-40 for light wind, urban fly or small spaces. your choice and preference. JB leaders: yes they will help you to gain more control of the line length and smoother mouvement how long you are in control. kite size: the confusing is starting when you throw in discussion reflex technologie kites versus old models. EXP is having the same dimensions like 1.5, B and B-Pro and is smaller then all reflex technologie on the market now except new rebranded 1.5 Classic witch is the old 1.5. Yes, is a entry level for taste of fly quads but is breaking on the same way like all others, difference is the starting price because of the sail fabric and number of stitches. springs: being a beginner is hard to fly in less than 5-10 MPH and springs are adding some weight but also help to recover or a flat launch. if you pass the frustration of low wind test to fly with and without and you will feel the difference yourself. springs are not training wheels at all even if they advertise to be like. they making the sail to have a different profile on low pressure making the kite to act differently.IMO when you have some experience that springs are just dead weight. accumulating experience will not make to much difference if they are or not there but will give you the chance to try more complex maneuvers without to overcontrol hope this helps
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    You are absolutely correct!! I just need to get out and learn what I have😉
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    Best to keep it simple until you get the hang of it. No point making changes if you can't tell the difference. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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    Thanks guys and as riffclown pointed out, I am very much a " self proclaimed newbie"!! I will stick with what I currently have and learn to fly it and then decide what I want to do. Djinn...................🤔 I think I likely misunderstood what makatakam wrote. And thank-you Paul for the info on the french bridle. That would take some time and patience!!
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    you could do a French bridle yourself, fifty feet of 100# hi-test bridle line and four hours of assembly (if you've done it before) here's the dimensions from team Crazy Drivers in France, go slow and you can do it yourself. the impact of such a bridle is most noticeably felt in a dead calm or very low wind conditions, when everything matters most, when you want a direct connection to the kite and no wiggle, when every action is one you placed there, nothing is free like overstreering, so you need a bigger action on the handles to MAKE it fly in the same manner as a stock bridle. You are grabbing the kite outside of the frame with the flying lines, so the kite feels bigger in your grasp. A little tiny steering wheel is never on a school bus. All of the responsiveness (if you like it) or twitchiness (if you don't!) is what all the fuss is about. A stock bridle has two legs that attach to the center on the leading edge, the FB uses 6! The stock one can be moved laterally( w/o the frame moving) inches at the leading edge! The French Bridle has four legs that secure your bottom flying line attachment points (so you can fly w/one line tight and 3 slack,... like WAY out there on the edge!), You're still whole connected to the frame. There's no Whump preloading necessary, that cocking action is built in. Lately I have been installing an inch spacer (loop between the bridle and the kite frame itself) so that loop wears out instead of the bridle. I buy my bridles from Eliot/Cath Shook at Flying smiles kites. There's like forty bucks a piece and I have a whole bunch of Revs. I can't afford to keep replacing them all, equals new suite of Bazzer or Eliot's kites. Does this change the dynamics of flight? Sure but not enough to spend two grand extra!!!! This is not a new bridle design and actually fits best on the old styled revs sails marked SLE 1.5 upon which it was based. I use it on a Phoenix Ash, all of my B-Pros, all of my Shook Meshes and the zen (different size) as well as the b-2/Rev2 or Eliot's new mini shook mesh (75% only, again a different sized French bridle is available to fit this format) When people consider this modification my advise is always put it on your oldest most beat up sail, see the difference compared to a brand spankin' new kite. All that matters is if it feels better to you. Enjoy if you decide to give it a go!
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    The one sold on Kitelife is a standard style bridle (7 attachment points) for 1.5 sized Revs and similar (aka Hadzicki wings). The Djinn bridles are sold only at Kiteforge and are designed and engineered by @John Barresifor the Djinn. The Djinn (sync) bridles also have additional attachment points and require modifying the kite slightly if you are going to attempt to put them on a non-Djinn Hadzikci wing. The Djinn (Sync) bridle has two additional attachment points along the leading edge which would require you to place a hole (and hopefully appropriate reinforcments) at those two points to be installed properly. As a self proclaimed newbie, I would not recommend this route unless you are comfortable with making these modifications.. The Third bridle option not mentioned here so far is the French bridle and that family of derivatives. For those, I'd recommend you contact Eliot at Flying Smiles Kites. The advantage here is better connection to the kite with no modification to the kite required. There are many who swear by the French bridle. I'm sure @Paul LaMasters will lend his wisdoms on this item. Personal recommendation, if your kite has a bridle already on it, you should be fine. If it's worn frayed or stretched and you need to replace it go with a standard bridle from KiteLife or a French Bridle from Flying Smiles.
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    Oh, I won't be giving up anytime soon. I just need some wind so that I can get out and torture, I mean have some fun!! I will take a look at the Djinn bridle. I'm curious if the one they sell here on KiteLife is the same as the one you are referring to. Thanks for the heads up!!
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    View Advert 3 Kite Package I have three dual-line kites that I would like to sell as a bundled deal ONLY. All three of these kites are in excellent shape, almost brand new and have only been flown a couple of times.I'm asking $215.00 USD for all three kites and I'll pay for shipping in CONUS. I prefer Paypal. If you were to buy all three separately, the cost would be over 350.00. Feel free to see more pics on my gallery page at: http://www.rehilliard.net/kitegallery.htmHere are the three kites in the package:Prism Hypnotist (Citrus)A high performance wing shape with a durable frame, the Hypnotist combines the best of both for learning new tricks and everyday fun. Prism combined the wing geometry of the competition-level Quantum Pro with the bulletproof frame design of the Quantum to create a performance hybrid with the balance of a competition kite but the durability to handle all the abuse you can dish out. The impressive 8-foot wingspan makes it precise and very forgiving.Hypnotist Specifications:• Status - In Production• Skill Level - Intermediate• Sail - Ripstop Nylon, Mylar Laminate• Frame - Pultruded Carbon, Wrapped Carbon• Wing Span - 93"• Weight - 24 ounces• Advertised Wind Range - 4 to 25 mph• Made in China by Prism KitesAlbatross Firefox (Red)This kite is the largest kite in my bag, 11 feet in width. When flown, it pulls a loud sound and tracks very well. Even though it's made in China by a Chinese company, I find it extremely powerful and fun to fly.Firefox Specifications:• Status - In Production• Condition - Excellent• Skill Level - Beginner to Intermediate• Sail - Ripstop Nylon• Frame - Carbon Fiber• Wing Span - 132"• Weight - N/A• Advertised Wind Range - 5 to 15 mph• Wind Range Experience - 7 to 10 mph• Optimum Wind Experience - 10 mph• Made in ChinaYin Yang(Red/Black/White)This radically different kite can take you from your first flight to advanced tricks. Wolfgang Siebert's Yin Yang is ultra-precise at everything it does. A great confidence-builder, it just gets better as you improve your skills.Yin Yang Specifications:• Status - In Production• Skill Level - Intermediate• Sail - Ripstop Nylon• Frame - Graphite• Wing Span - 78"• Weight - 7.9 ounces• Advertised Wind Range - 3 to 30 mph• Designed and made by Wolfgang Siebert Advertiser Trip Date 10/11/2019 Price $215.00 Category Kites (Dual Line) Brand Model  
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    The sand grains came in through the leading edge air intakes, fell towards the trailing edge when the kite was upright and worked their way between the stitches into the trailing edge seam. Just reverse the process. It will be long and tedious and you must be careful not to apply too much pressure and movement since sand is what sandpaper is made of, and we know what that will do to sail material and thread.
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    The event turned out very well. The high water was a problem on Friday and light wind Saturday morning, but Saturday afternoon and Sunday were great. I got some tips from Paul LaMasters and hopefully can fly with the group next year.
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    Hey everybody!! My wife and I (Mel and Suzanne) had an absolute BLAST watching and flying with you all this weekend!1 just wanted to thanks or being so friendly and inspirational! Mel
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    The kaiju is tougher than it looks. I've had mine out on 18' lines in gusts of 5-7mph, it even survived a tree attack. Can it handle higher winds? Yes. Is it enjoyable to fly in higher winds? Not so much.
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    Several WoW quad-heads will be attending LBI, so the opportunity to experience a half dozen variations is there at any moment, each pilot thinks he has "the hot set-up" too, perfect for today's conditions. Well? How did you like to do a comparison flying each one's efforts? Paul Dugard, James (Fletch) Fletcher, Dave Humes, Jim Cosca, Marc Conklin, myself. None of these folks has a single kite to fit the day's conditions, oh no, choices are available from each party. It doesn't matter why it feels better or worse, just that you got to decide for yourself on a preference. Tomorrow it might be somebody else's toy.
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    Watch? Come on Rob, if you can hold a stationary hover inverted you are one of us. Imagine you can only move the kite between the sofa and TV in the living room for depth, only as far up and down as the floor and ceiling. That width of the room is entirely yours too! This is your 3-D area, can you stay there in any orientation asked of the caller? If not practice now or alter something in your set-up to accomplish this feat. Lighter frame, different tuning on the leaders, etc come hang with us and it won't be intimidating after an hour. We've got a couple of days worth of practice time, a few hours each afternoon. Test out some else's ride and see how it feels. Everyone shares and that is the best experience to obtain. See you there and YES I have indoor quads for you to bang into the floor, so don't say you cannot fly inside either! That is 5 minutes away from your first touching of the kite.
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    Yes, Thursday to Monday, indoors and outside
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