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    We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers... For roughly 10 cents per day they play a major role in keeping KL growing in every way. Djinn VT from Kite Forge, $395 value, in PURPLE FADE! == Full info - https://kiteforge.com/djinn More videos - https://kiteforge.com/videos/ This package includes a Purple Fade VT (FULL VENT) sail, Mystic 18 frame and a kite sleeve! NOTE: This is exactly the same Djinn VT configuration that I fly myself - no special mods needed, it's already a boss right out of the bag... We should be able to ship from existing inventory when a winner is drawn, worst case will be 2-4 weeks for restock (depending on color choice). You can sign up here. Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/409, and will be drawn on Jan 25th, 2020! Our thanks, and the very best to you... Let the drooling begin!
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    We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers... For roughly 10 cents per day they play a major role in keeping KL growing in every way. Djinn ST from Kite Forge, $375 value, in your choice of CUSTOM colors (normally a $50 charge)! Design yours - http://kiteforge.com/colorizer == Full info - https://kiteforge.com/djinn More videos - https://kiteforge.com/videos/ This package includes a CUSTOM ST (standard) sail, Mystic 12 frame and a kite sleeve! NOTE: You will be able to choose your own CUSTOM colors (subject to design approval), but it will be exactly the same Djinn ST configuration that I fly myself - no special mods needed, it's already a boss right out of the bag... We should be able to ship from existing inventory when a winner is drawn, worst case will be 2-6 weeks from the date of drawing (depending on production schedule). You can sign up here. Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/402, and will be drawn on Nov 15th, 2019! Our thanks, and the very best to you... Let the drooling begin!
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    FOUND IT!!!! I'm an idiot. I had borrowed the frame from it for another kite and this one got rolled up and put in the bag with another kite.
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    My 1st kite was a Widow ng. Could be the kite or maybe I'm just special but I learned 3 tricks on it the very 1st day . Nose dive left, nose dive center and nose dive right. 2nd day I learned how to repair a broken LS.
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    Alrighty folks, still a kiddie awake somewhere... Winner winner, chicken dinner - the Djinn VT goes home with subscriber #1148! A huge congratulations to @renodc2 (Roger Fontaine), and thanks to ALL for your undying patience and support. Give me a week or so and I'll get a new prize up, harass me if I don't!
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    Hi all, Sorry I haven't been on as much recently, this past year has been an interesting one. Just dropping a note to let you know this forum software and all related plugins or apps should now be up to date. Never hesitate to let me know if you encounter any issues, anywhere on the website!
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    I would like to propose a new topic relating to the use of 3D Printing technology to create parts for building and customizing kites. I have almost a year of experience with this technology, using it every day, and would like to share what I have learned with those of you who are interested in the subject. I am an engineer by profession and finding this new tool has been the realization of a dream of a lifetime... If I can sketch an idea on paper and then create a 3D model of it with software then I can hold a physical example of my idea in my hand after printing it. Many ideas can be used as functional parts rather than just prototypes. Surprisingly, the technology is rather affordable for the consumer these days. But there is a moderate degree of skill that you will need to have to design and print your own parts. Printing parts that others have designed is less complicated but also requires some computer skill and skill in using your particular printer. If it is agreed that this is an interesting topic, then please reply and I will give an introduction to my setup and workflow and some examples of parts that can be made. I’m looking forward to your replies. I am very enthusiastic about the subject and hope that your input will also help me gain knowledge. Regards, Segel
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    Feeling a bit quarantined and wanted a kite to represent how it feels..
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    Really, I’m quite eager to get this one, to close the circle. I started out years ago with the conviction: -”Naah, QLKs are for others - I’m a DLKer only”. OK, tried QLKs and “got stuck” there for soon three years now, but for a long time thought that zero wind was not for mortals. Then I got properly started with indoor/zero wind piloting about half a year ago, still sticking to QLKs. While keeping a zero/low wind focus (the available nearby parking makes this kind of a natural choice) a return to DLKs could be through the Kaiju (which will obviously arrive here in Northern Europe any time soon b.t.w. 🙂 ).
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    We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers... For roughly 10 cents per day they play a major role in keeping KL growing in every way. Over 21 FEET (by 58" usable width) of a special DYE SUBLIMATION RIPSTOP from Premier Kites, single piece - unknown value! Per Premier's website: "With recent improvements to the sublimation printing process, Premier feels confident offering printed kites .... The key to a quality printed kite is the use of color and to offering detail. Besides our graphics department is quite gifted with the color." NOTE: The only way you can usually get this stuff is in raffles, auction or drawings like this - its never been sold retail as far as I know and makes a colorful fabric for any kite build! You can sign up here. Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/412, and will be drawn on Apr 1st, 2020! Our thanks, and the very best to you... Let the drooling begin!
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    If the winner isn't interested in the fabric then they should contact me.
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    Well...here we go! In proper form, I listened to you all. I started by contacting Lam Hoac. Check out the custom I-T-M (Intense Trick Machine) he made for me. I gave him complete artistic license. Also, if anyone needs a KILLER kite bag, Lam crushes it! I have two Prism roll-up bags, but the bag I got from Lam is like nothing I've ever seen. I'll keep you updated as I grow my collection again. I think a Moonie Mamba and a Benson. For the Benson, I can't decide if I should go old-school-original Outer Space, or go new-tech supernova. Anyone with Benson experience, I'd love a review.
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    Took delivery of this bad boy suite today. SUL STD & VENT all from KITE-TEC here in the U.K. Just need some half decent weather to go play now. Can’t wait Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Next project will be two kites that will mirror each other. Will use R,O,Y,(FY),(FG),G,(LB),B,V variation across the face. Gray Fade Darker in the middle with the White Mesh interspersed among the gray. This will probably go much slower than my other recent projects due to piecework on several of the strips needed to utilize some of the shorter strips in my strip box.
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    Holy Sh*t!! (Excuse the language.) This was the last thing I was expecting. Guess I had better get to work on the colorizer. Thank you!! Thank you!!! Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
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    Awhile back I asked for input on what to get for a 6 - 12 MPH kite, ended up with a Mamba.(Super easy process with Ken). Got to fly it today(8-10MPH) went well. Much easier to fly than I was anticipating. Did an axel two different times completely by accident as I was playing around at the top of the window. Problem is I really do not know what I did to make it happen. Had a video for you showing my mad skills which ended with me doing a stall and then a quick wing drag and landing. Unfortunately the wing drag ended up being my landing.(hence the CarbonCrusher). Video was too big to post. Picture instead. Blue
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    @westersIn response to your question I started another topic to cover my evolution as a kite maker. I started out with the intent of making my own and wanting a Shook Mesh I couldn't afford. Since I wasn't comfortable hemming and folding strips at the time I started out with Gomberg Skywriter tails. My first efforts are all in my HomeMade gallery. Older kites are on Page 3 (as of this post) In Fall 2017 I made my first kite that wasn't made from tails. I got some closeout material from one of the regular vendors and made my First indigo sunrise. I made to decision to learn the craft fully and in very Early 2018 and spent some time with Eliot Shook down at Flying Smiles Kites and he showed me the basics for the Leading Edge. I also started playing with Orange and Blue Nylon that was part of the same sale. The Perspective Stack, Midnight Royal Taboo, and The Jester followed very quickly. The Jester spawned the technique I refined to make the original Diamonds kite in Feb 2018. I then got up the nerve to order some Icarex and asked for all the scraps they were willing to let me have. I've been playing with color, designs, materials and refinements ever since. That pretty much sums up my personal evolution as a kite maker.
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    First, Thank You @David Coffey for the opportunity to work with this fabric. 72" Mesh in the works for the first kite. First panel is sewn..
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    Just in time for some summer fun... HQ Kites Jam Session complete with zippered sleeve, original standoffs, and speed brakes. Some rules and guidelines: Don’t play unless you’re willing to put up a prize and ship it to whoever wins. Shipping is paid by the original poster, the winner pays nothing. Be prepared to ship your prize anywhere in the lower 48 US States. Sorry, but due to shipping costs, we really have to limit this to the lower 48 US States. RULE CHANGE (7/31/2014): Members from Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii are welcome to enter the Karma drawings provided they are willing to pay half of the Karma prize shipping cost. The method and timing of the payment will be agreed upon between the two parties after the drawing for a particular prize. You can choose the length of the giveaway, but keep it between 1 and 2 weeks. Try to ship the prize promptly. You should be able to ship it within a week, but if you can’t, PM the winner and let them know. Sometimes life gets in the way! This whole thing works on the honor system so if there are any problems shipping or receiving a prize, it needs to be worked out between the two parties. Don’t forget…Karma! This isn’t a competition, but feel free to be generous! If you can only put up a hat, or a tail for a stunt kite, great! If you have something in your kite bag that you never fly and would be willing to ship, that’s great too. Either way, the people that join to win it will appreciate it. When you receive your prize, post a thank you to the thread where you won it.  The thread will be locked after that point so the new **KARMA** stays above it.  Good luck, and have fun! 
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    Main Panel sewing is done..
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    Me! Me! Me!! Never have too much fabric!
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    Widow Maker Pros UL on the right
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    My Djinn arrived today. Earlier than I expected and a day earlier than the posted arrival day. It is gorgeous (even if I do say so myself). Thank you so much, John! I love it!,
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    Love and respect, deepest apologies... Not totally forgotten! 😇 Indeed, just arrived in SPI last night and am neck deep in tactical work with my team today. Please bear with me until this evening, I'll have a brand new Djinn headed to someone before the last kiddies go to bed. 🙏
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    Lon how many, if any other quads do you have? The fulcrum is a beautiful kite and is very fun to fly, but it’s kind of in its own realm. The Djinn on the other hand is at the top of its class. All the refinements John has done to it make it the most flier friendly kite on the market today. It will take you and your flying to what ever level your capable of flying. I own an entire set of Djinns and they are pretty much the only quads I fly now. I did purchase one of the first 5 fulcrums from kites and fun things and rarely fly it. I’d definitely say try one before you buy it, it’s way different than a Djinn or any other quad kite on the market today. If your on the Oregon coast I’ll let you try mine out.
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    True story. Wind was about 7mph, and we had all three (ST / MV / VT) flying team together with no problems. 🥰 Taken the same day:
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    Let me drop a little story about this one: `2 summers ago, John had the 3 versions all staked out at WSIKF, a std, mid, f/v. It was a low wind sort of day, I think I was either on a std or Ashes, so that gives you some idea. Anyway, everyone was queued up to try the std. Made the most sense, it fit the wind pretty well. So I'm in line waiting when John comes over and says to try the mid. OK, I'll give it a shot. I launch, land, adjust tops a knot (John uses at least one more knot of brake than I do!), and launch again. Flew nice, but it didn't set my hair on fire or anything like that. But a good solid feeling. After a bit I set it down and was talking to him, when he says to try the full vent. Now I'm thinking - wait a minute, the winds are light for a standard, and you want me to use a full vent?? OK, I'll try. Same thing - launch, land, adjust tops. Launch again, no problem. So now I have a full vent flying along no problem - my head is a bit spinning - HOW? Before I really get into it, a line starts to form behind me and someone is telling me to lead the group. Not entirely unusual, I lead quite a bit - but I'm on the "wrong kite"! People are still asking, so away I go leading, BUT - behind me are the mid and std Djinns and a couple others. I totally expect to get run over, thinking I'm WAY underpowered!! NOPE!! I'm perfectly safe out here and leading - NO PROBLEM! We go through some stuff and finally land, I look at John and he is smiling and I'm scratching my head wondering what just happened!! MAGIC!!
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    Thanks to Addict Kite! https://www.addictkite.com/john-barresi-nous-presente-en-exclusivite-son-djinn/
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    I only get this opportunity once or twice a year, but... this year I got the chance to fly a Shook 135 in some 20-25mph wind. What a TREAT ! It also sold me on the fact that I need one of those.
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    The lucky winner is... An older subscriber number, #461 is taking home a brand new custom Djinn! Congratulations to @photomom, I know this kite will love those Carolina breezes. Heartfelt thanks to all, this website would not be possible without you, truly.
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    Photo by @Dave Schutsky Thanks for Sharing it!!
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    Tica 2020 is available for order, as I hear. Just yesterday... Today I get an email from KMac that my Moonie Mamba will be ready by the end of the week. I haven't bought a new kite in a while, but when it rains, it pours, I guess. Oh, the kicker ? If you order a standard and UL Tica, there's a hefty discount ! Head's spinning, how do I justify this ?
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    I own 2 revs that I don't know how to fly very well yet. A 1.5 full vent and a 1.5 B series standard. Since May I haven't been able to make the 2 hour trip to learn from the club. Broke a ton of dual tubes learning on my own and don't want to do that on quads. Since I do own quads I'm going to put in my 2 cents. If out of line please be kind. I have a very fragile ego. Number of years ago I was doing a shakedown on a new bobber build. Think HD 48 before they made them but hot rodded to the edge. Merging onto a 4 lane this daft pigeon wobbled up off the side of the road. Ducked and the dang thing bounced off my head cracking the windshield of the car behind me. Wouldn't ya know it was the police. 30 seconds later I was pulled over. Cop asked if I knew why I'd been pulled over. No I says still slightly dazed from the impact.For flipping me the bird he says. WELL I NEVER!!
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    I think the difference as I feel it is that Rev wants you to keep using their product, that’s the end game of Club 38... Honestly, I know that most fliers end up with multiple brand in their bags eventually, my end game is the experience and fortification of the end user regardless of what they’re flying. Its a natural difference though - I’m 24/7 kite from business to family, friends to romance, sport and hobby, it’s all-encompassing for me so my focus is the community at large... The folks at Rev just aren’t “day in day out” fliers, they don’t fly regularly and their depth of terminology / skill reflects that - compounded by the fact they haven’t endevoured to go out and learn what their buyers know. I think partly for that reason, their focus is now on the entry / intermediate level, and they’re very good at it. 👍🏻 But, you also won’t find many (if any) of the world’s true known “quad aces” flying a currently made Rev product - it will be some other brand, probably made by someone who spends the time to know why differences are important. All that being said - I’m with Riff, it’s all good, whatever gets you there... The more you know, the more perspectives, the more styles and tastes you can sink your teeth into, the more you’ll know who YOU are as a flier irrespective of everything else. ✊ All IMHO, only worth the wind it blows on. ✌️
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    Wait - I'm picking myself off the floor!! This spoils my perfect record!! I never win!!! Oh dear - the sky might be falling!!
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    We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers... For roughly 10 cents per day they play a major role in keeping KL growing in every way. The winner of this drawing will receive one brand new Kaiju indoor / urban kite by Kite Forge ($125 value). Actual prize kite is BLACK w/ RED TIPS (not shown in the video above). Lines are NOT included, recommendation is between 7'-12' of 50# line. == Info on the Kite Forge website: http://kiteforge.com/product/kaiju/ http://kiteforge.com/help-tutorials/ == If you haven't done so already, You can sign up here. Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/408, and will be drawn on May 10th, 2020! Our thanks, and the very best to you... Let the drooling begin.
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    Great post. I've thoroughly enjoyed all of your build threads. Your creativity is inspiring, everyone has been building kites for 100`s of years and you create a new diamond's technique. Thanks for keeping the forum alive and creative!
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    Using the sewn pic above, I created a mirror image to plan the center panel. Thinking Silver, Charcoal and Black with White mesh.. I may add additional stripes. Just not wanting a plain center panel. Created the following concept image.
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    And the pair is done!
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    Hi guys. Sorry for the tardy reply. Hadn’t managed to fly any of them until today. Xmas, family issues and bad weather here putting paid to available flying slots. Finally managed to get the STD out today for an hour. Started off with a moderate breeze but the wind ended up almost non existent. Was going to get the SUL out but the sun was dropping fast so called it a day. First impressions, precise and crisp and much as I expected from a Josh Mitcheson design. I need to have a word with the weather gods, to give them more of a workout. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Well Christmas came a little late, but it arrived yesterday. Can't wait to get out and give it a go!!
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    Ah, rounding up the quad array with a vented kite might be useful, in whatever model you find most appealing to you... Vented quads have an amazing upper range, and can generally maintain control / comfort at least 10mph over that of any dual line.
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    This is a very tight and opinionated community. Fortunately we also don't always have the same opinions. To my knowledge there are no truly off-limit questions as long as you understand the answer you get might be as much opinion as fact.. Personally, I think the Djinn is a better quad since it suits my flying style and is based on John's improvement to the Hadziki wing. The Fulcrum is also a very nice wing and has some advantage and disadvantages. The Fulcrum is not a flat profile and therefore has some different flying characteristics. The being said, I think the Djinn is a more durable design, especially at the upper limits of the wind window. As suggested above. See if you can meet up with other fliers and try before you buy. When you ask for help with a personal choice you'll get personal choices but the best choice is one you make via personal experience.
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    At some point on Sunday as I’m looking at the line of familiar kites resting, I notice a newbie within the group and think, cool someone’s got a new toy. So of course I pick it up and play with it for a little while. Two things right off the bat, light as a feather and super responsive. That’s as technical as I can get. Thoroughly enjoyed it in my hands and it looks fantastic against the sun. Thanks Riff. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ooohhh, I'm drooling now. A little bummed that there's only one purple now, so a good purple fade is not possible anymore. But, I found inspiration elsewhere. Anyone recognize it?
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    After seeing the purple framed in black I went back to the colorizer for a revisit and came up with this. Using Silver, Grape, Old Grape, Purple and Plum for the color progression. I was going to use the Wine color in the mix but it is more red than purple and kind of detracted from the overall look.
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