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    Alright, per the 3rd party drawing service (totally unbiased)... This drawing was held by John Barresi in a fair and unbiased manner, using RANDOM.ORG's Third-Party Draw Service. For details, please see the <a data-cke-saved-href="https://www.random.org/draws/details/?draw=91309" href="https://www.random.org/draws/details/?draw=91309">drawing's record</a>. HUGE congrats to ticket #119, @TheJuggler (Neil) - these kites are going to Michigan! To all... What can I even say... I hope I manage to show enough of myself that you know. Thank you, lets keep making beautiful kitefliers together. 🙏
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    YER on YER OWN with this one, fella!!! What ever suits your eye best is what works here! Don't even want to know how many hours I've spent on that colorizer .................................................. ...........................................................!
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    The best part of the Djinn is that you're getting the "PRO" regardless of stock color or custom color. Out of the bag, it's the exact kite JB or Brett have in their bag. I've flown all 3 vents variations and I can say the Djinn didnt make me a better pilot. It let the pilot in me come out better.
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    Some days I laugh... the wind apps show great conditions and real life is another story. Today was one of those.. App showed 10/15 @ ese, ideal for this ne Florida stretch of beach.. real life was 0 to maybe 8mph..if that... but the direction was spot on. So with optimism,I took the 12 Phantom with some proper spars installed and I set up anyways being I was there. I wanted to finally fly larger than 12m with the low conditions...but alas I was on a small bar...and didn't feel like any over the bar line grabbing today...as I rode fixed bridles yesterday Trusty battery back up fan got me filled and airborne...without the fan it wouldn't have happened. Once airborne and the twinskin moving ...riding began. Nothing spectacular but still achieving smiles. A small climb in wind and I headed for a wider stretch of beach about 1.5 miles away. Played there for a bit....and poof...nadda...not even a puff. Sunset was upon me, so I deflated and rolled up for the walk...2.2 miles later I felt redemption.A block from my "base" the wind was back and stronger than all evening..Still single digits, but high singles and that works for me. I quickly set back up once at the fan...All I could think was one more ride before sunset. I got that and more! Rode until dark and enjoyed some park and ride fun with some beautiful colors over the horizon. Last ride got me the best casual speeds of the day.. A quick glimpse of that ride on Instagram. In the end... never give up. The rewards are always worth the effort. The struggles will only make you a better pilot. Be it buggies.. stunt kites...and yes even SLK. Ride on... until then
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    Last nights flying conditions...
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    I think the difference as I feel it is that Rev wants you to keep using their product, that’s the end game of Club 38... Honestly, I know that most fliers end up with multiple brand in their bags eventually, my end game is the experience and fortification of the end user regardless of what they’re flying. Its a natural difference though - I’m 24/7 kite from business to family, friends to romance, sport and hobby, it’s all-encompassing for me so my focus is the community at large... The folks at Rev just aren’t “day in day out” fliers, they don’t fly regularly and their depth of terminology / skill reflects that - compounded by the fact they haven’t endevoured to go out and learn what their buyers know. I think partly for that reason, their focus is now on the entry / intermediate level, and they’re very good at it. 👍🏻 But, you also won’t find many (if any) of the world’s true known “quad aces” flying a currently made Rev product - it will be some other brand, probably made by someone who spends the time to know why differences are important. All that being said - I’m with Riff, it’s all good, whatever gets you there... The more you know, the more perspectives, the more styles and tastes you can sink your teeth into, the more you’ll know who YOU are as a flier irrespective of everything else. ✊ All IMHO, only worth the wind it blows on. ✌️
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    According to the Meters, this is Topic #8000.. Thanks @John Barresi for the excellent resouce.
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    Drawing on Wednesday April 24. This is a house cleaning of sorts. At very least this Karma will include 2 Wacky Worms, an ITB Red/White/Blue SLK, and padded grab handles. There may be more if I’m afforded the time to dig through my bags. Some rules and guidelines: Don’t play unless you’re willing to put up a prize and ship it to whoever wins. Shipping is paid by the original poster, the winner pays nothing. Be prepared to ship your prize anywhere in the lower 48 US States. Sorry, but due to shipping costs, we really have to limit this to the lower 48 US States. RULE CHANGE (7/31/2014): Members from Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii are welcome to enter the Karma drawings provided they are willing to pay half of the Karma prize shipping cost. The method and timing of the payment will be agreed upon between the two parties after the drawing for a particular prize. You can choose the length of the giveaway, but keep it between 1 and 2 weeks. Try to ship the prize promptly. You should be able to ship it within a week, but if you can’t, PM the winner and let them know. Sometimes life gets in the way! This whole thing works on the honor system so if there are any problems shipping or receiving a prize, it needs to be worked out between the two parties. Don’t forget…Karma! This isn’t a competition, but feel free to be generous! If you can only put up a hat, or a tail for a stunt kite, great! If you have something in your kite bag that you never fly and would be willing to ship, that’s great too. Either way, the people that join to win it will appreciate it. When you receive your prize, post a thank you to the thread where you won it.  The thread will be locked after that point so the new **KARMA** stays above it. Good luck, and have fun! 
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    on 90 foot lines.. winds 10-15.. Love the balance of this kite.
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    New Karma!!! New Karma!!! The wait is over. Thanks again @jeepinjeepin for waiting out the cold winter lull..
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    Hello fellow kite enthusiasts! My name is Jon, and I'm relatively new to the kite scene. 34 years old and in the PNW. Looking forward to learning from you all and hopefully making some new friends! Don't hesitate to drop me a line.
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    0000010101101000 There are 10 kinds of people, those that understand binary and those that don't.
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    Definitely some possibilities!!!!
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    There is both. This was a topic about cameras, which I also happen to do a lot with. For camera equipment, the question to ask is: What is holding you back? Usually the answer is not gear, it is time behind the camera and time spent studying photos that have been taken. There are plenty of challenges where a skilled professional photographer is given mediocre equipment or even trashy equipment and asked to produce what they can. The skilled professional can produce great results even on poor quality equipment. However, if you gave a $20,000 camera rig to a novice the visual quality may be amazing but the composition and other elements will still be novice quality. In regard to that specific equipment for @Mutani, they're all good and unlikely to hold the person back. They won't produce the same quality as high-end gear, but none of it is bad equipment. The same with kites, the question to ask is: What is holding you back? For people in this forum the answer usually is not gear, most of us have a bag or two with kites for a wide range of conditions. Low wind, high wind, even no wind or indoors, the equipment is there. Similarly, usually the thing holding us back is more time in the air, and time spent critically reviewing our current results. As for ability in this field, there are professionals in kites where I think we could tie a rock to a string and they'd find a way to make it fly gracefully through the air, with just a bit of legwork.
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    I bought the GoPro Hero 6 Karma package. I considered others, however the versatility for me make it much more usable than a dedicated drone. I can use just the camera, or use the camera in the Karma gimbal or attach it to the drone. The biggest downside is the drone, if crashed, can be easily damaged. The DJI drones have more protection from damage. The Karma doesn't have obstacle avoidance, where as most other drones do. The Karma isn't a small as some of the DJI drones, however it's video quality stacks up well even against the latest DJI drones. When I'm by myself, I use the drone as an aerial tripod. Just park the drone and fly the kite in front of it. At festivals I just fly around and try to get cool shots. Here's one of my favorite videos I made of just using the drone as a tripod This video I made this month at the Cape Fear Kite Festival. It starts with me using the GoPro on a gimbal and at the end it's on the drone.
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    I'm in! Oh wait, that's not how this one works 🤔. I'm still glad to know I'm automatically entered in these drawings. For me just the anticipation of winning has been worth the yearly subscription. Last month was my first drawing... I'll try to be more patient this time around 😂
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    Maiden Flight at Wright.. This kite is ready for its new owner.
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    Ok, managed to get through my morning work faster than expected. Lucky winner time: One brand new Kaiju is going home with subscriber number 1360, big congrats to @flyalto! Thanks to all for your amazing support, stay tuned for a new prize very soon. 🙏
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    Took the day off except to attach the leading edge. It may not be a kite quite yet but it has the matching bag already.
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    I spent hours watching some really great fliers "click" with their routines.. That Wow factor truly is a matter of the flying emphasizing the musical phrasing. Addressing the mood of the song with the style of flying and then adding accent points where appropriate to literally punctuate the performance. Paul uses soundtrack styles of music a lot which have natural builds and lulls which he takes advantage of every time. Take the analytical approach to this. Looks at the performances you want to emulate and what you remember from those performances. I call them pop points. What was going on with the kite at the time? What was the music doing? What particular point of timing, performance or trick made this stick in your mind? Paul's "Back to the Future" routine from a few years back had him doing a catch on 80+ ft lines. He'd tug the kite just before a certain point in his music and it would seem to take forever diving out of the sky into his waiting hand. The times I saw him do it, the catch was the crescendo and everything leading to that point in the music was just building to that catch. The timing of the catch was everything. Watching John Barresi's looney tunes performance, the animation of the kite literally carries you back to the cartoon that sparked the performance. The kite becomes everything from Bugs Bunny's ears slapping Elmer Fudd's head to a chasing gait to even the flowers blooming after the hair tonic was applied. It all fits. John's "I'm the Man" demo for the Djinn had a pop point for me as well. The diamond bicycle. The smoothness of that particular sequence within the video highlighted the entire sequence. Watching Chris Shultz's Mirage stack performance is mesmerizing. The kites have a life of their own with a banter and playfulness that literally demands you watch. It's one of those moments where you forget you are recording and end up recording the ground or the sky while you just watch. These are pop points for me. What do they all have in common? The motions of the kite whether difficult or easy, clicked with the music and the overall performance to create a memorable moment. It doesn't have to be an axel or flic flac. It can literally be a stop or sudden change of direction or speed. Now when I'm listening to music I use for my demos, I find those accent points I want to emphasize and practice whatever move I want to do there around that point. Where do I need to be in the sky? What aspect does the kite need to have at that time. The pop points don't have to be difficult at all. One pop point I use in a song is an unexpected double cymbal hit. I time my approach loading the sail and flying slowly across the window (forwards) using each beat of the song to load the sail a bit more. On the double cymbal hit, I quickly accelerate the kite with each hit releasing the energy I've loaded up into the sail. It's not a hard move to do but when you see it timed with the music (and when I get it right) it just pops. You listen to the song later and the cymbal hits you never noticed before will stand out to you. Bottom line is, Yes, there is technicality involved but those pop points are what makes a performance memorable. Placing them at strategic parts of your sequence will maintain audience attention and get you on the right track. As you start stringing these pop points together with cohesion and continuity, your performance will leap ahead with the impact you are looking for. Personally, everything between the pop points, I fill with soul flying. I think Paul does some of the same approach. I'm under the impression John visualizes a grid in the sky and approaches it methodically with short sub-routines and transitions between them.
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    Panels fully basted and ready to be merged in the middle and sized to final dimensions. Merging the middle is the last step before sewing.
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    Ha is that even possible when it comes to kites? Already won a fantastic prize and think I really need this too. Won't feel guilty either. Well maybe a wee bit remembering how rotten it makes you feel Wayne 😞. NAWWW 😁!!!. I'll let you pet it though.
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    Keep us posted on your progress. ask a lot of questions! There are a lot of beginner level videos on this site that are really helpful. I am not an expert by any means... I will say the first thing that helped me A LOT is lengthening the top leaders if you are getting the Revolution stock leaders. The best $6 bucks I have spent, got them off this site. Good luck and have fun
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    Love foils and lots of people start there. Find a flyer nearby and you will progress really quickly with a little help. Lots of smiles when I pull a foil out and fly with my grandkids. Nice thing is they crash and go 99% of the time. Breaking kites is a right of passage and held in great esteem by peers, especially if on film! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    New Smyrna Beach. @Jynx flies there. She's a Milwaukee, WI snowbird and on the beach almost every day if the weather and tides allow. A few others show up there frequently also. She's pro grade and can flatten your learning curve considerably.
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    I recognize a few kites there.. The misfits look familiar too.
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    🔥💥🔥Disclaimer: driver is experienced, kite pilot has 28 years experience in a huge variety of extreme flight situations, this was not done lightly - do NOT try this at home! 🔥💥🔥 The Djinn HV performed pretty much as expected, super smooth and great handling of peak apparent wind speeds in excess of 30-45 mph... Just a little more tweaking and I’ll have a real high wind monster on my hands. 😎 Huge thanks to @Carl Norman for jetting me around the lot today, nothing like going fast in a sexy car while flying a kite - okay, maybe 45mph isn’t that fast but I sure feels like it when facing backward with four lines in your hands. 🤘🤘
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    I would add that planning on doing a practice wing is helpful. That first wing will teach you things about handling your machine and materials. Kite fabric is not forgiving at all of uneaven tension or less than smooth moments feeding it into the machine. It also keets needle holes permanently as a record of errors. . If you skip the practice wing you will likely find that your first kite is noticably asymmetrical from errors. I did some scrap practice before my first wing, but the size and weight of the first wing changes things and it too three wings of work to make a 2 wing kite. Also, kites involve a lot of long straight sewing so check your bobbin fill more often than normal. It is easy to crank out distance faster on kites than other projects that are curvier. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using KiteLife mobile app
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    I really hated missing the community kite fly. I also hated the thought of not doing any kite flying at all. Finding Time To Fly
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    in action if you want to see😁
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    Stacked my two Synergy Deca Zero Winds. I really liked their floaty behavior.
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    pattern reveal. Ceiling Cam. Video 150% speed.
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    Had some breeze today so took it out for a spin or two. I really like the way this kite feels. The center vents make the overall feel of the sail more like a full sail balance but still the venting of a midvent.
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    Maybe this is morphing into a slightly different question (although if it ends up with "you don't need a new kite", I'm going to be pissed!). So if I'm flying in wind like the other day where it's 2 minutes at 18 mph, then 2 minutes at 7 mph, over and over again, which frame should I have in the full vent? I was using the 4-wrap and struggling through the low wind points. I'm a bit nervous about using the 2-wrap in that case, but should I be?
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    From a few weeks ago...
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    IMO, they are pretty much interchangeable. The difference seems to come into play when you start talking about P3T which is a tapered spar.. Not sure.. the polymax has some cool reflective properties but the refractive quality is not so much. The is the same material as Indigo Sunrise, Winter Jacket and others I've made with the word Midnight in the name. Hopefully first flying video will answer your question for both of us.
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    Join us for two full days of quad instruction with 31-time US champion John Barresi in Long Beach WA on June 15-16, 2019... This is the workshop for folks who want to build up their solo skills and the very basics of team flying! We'll be covering everything from absolute basics (pure beginner) all the way up through advanced techniques and team flying, as well as providing short flight routines that are sure to help your skills along while having fun at the same time. Saturday morning is always a group presentation, full 101 on the ins and outs of Rev equipment and related theory, this covers a metric ton of stuff that even the "pros" think they know, but don't... From there, we usually go through the fundamentals of clean launching, landing and control methods... Students then break up onto their own kites to work on the "homework" (maneuver combinations) that I'll distribute beforehand, during which instructor(s) will make the rounds between each flier, offering supporting instruction, as well as addressing individual interests. Sunday is the same without a 101 presentation, followed by a couple hours (or more) of team skills introduction to close out the day. Students will use their own kites, any line length will work (80'-90' is very common) but 120' length will be required for team exercises. Must be spectra or Skybond lines for team flying. Testimonials - http://tinyurl.com/jb-testimonials Registration is $150 per person and includes full access to the clinic on both days (10a-4p), discounted to $125 for KiteLife subscribers... Clinic sign up here - https://kitelife.com/forum/store/product/97-quad-line-clinic-june-15-16-2019/ == Please note, there are only 12 spots available and we expect them to fill up very quickly. If you need any equipment prior to the event, we encourage you to check out our long time NW supporter The Kite Shoppe for a full variety of Rev kites and parts. Signed up so far: @Russ Wilson Jennilyn W Dominic W @Gordon Sievers @Jim Doman @DTill @Ken Slavick
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    North East Corner Of Illinois Near O'hare Airport -- Sorry, the devil made me do it. Took me a while to figure out PNW. I guess I'm not the sharpest tack in the box.
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    And then you met me !
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    Is it a reflex? Probably 65 foot lines which are a bit harder to learn on, IE... handle input gets to kite faster...compared to longer lines. Slow, small, inputs.
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    We solved the bridle installation direction issues with the Djinn end caps and bridle, using dedicated bridle holes that point the right way already and don’t conflict with the bunji direction. 👍🏻
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    Thank You Mark.. Framed and Bridled. This kite is ready for wind.. Unfortunately, no breeze to try it in today. Flight pics and video soon.. Bridles and loose ends will be trimmed up after flight test..
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    FWIW, it flies in 8-12mph very well Black Race Frame and 30' x100# Skybond.
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    This sail now has a new home..
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    It is normal. All parts will break eventually from use and abuse. They break most often when you are starting out and are crashing frequently. They break less often when are skilled and are cautious with your equipment. Most damage come from crashes, hard non-crash landings, and from dragging along the ground. Sometimes parts will be destroyed on impact. Sometimes they will be damaged but won't completely break until placed under stress. Parts can also break under the stress of high winds, but for beginners that is less common than impact or snag damage. Several companies (including HQ) sell the rods, clips, and other necessary parts to repair the kite. It may take some labor to cut rods to the proper length and securely attach them, or they may have an exact replacement part. Sometimes the kite vendors will send a no-cost replacement part for a newly-purchased kite. Contact them and ask. Otherwise shop around, there are many stores that sell parts for a range of prices.
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    Six inches and 175 pounds? That's like a 12-foot deep dish pizza, more or less. 😂
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