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    Foil axels. Yep. https://www.facebook.com/brett.marchel/posts/1540328212669630
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    Registration for one person, provides full access to instruction at this fun and educational workshop covering the most important aspects of QUAD LINE flying on The Flats in South Padre Island TX (capped at 20 students total) following the SPI Kite Festival. Exact location https://goo.gl/maps/Wf5NZPu4wfo Skill levels from first time flyers all the way up to masters are welcome, there is content for everyone and four instructors (ratio of 5 to 1) available all day including Team KiteLife members John Barresi, Scott Benz (@mystainedskin), Eli Russell (@windpoacher) and Brett Marchel (@Flight Risk). Schedule is 10am to 4pm - we cover an incredible library of important fundamentals in the “Quad 101” starting presentation, so please do be on time and consider something for taking notes - this is also a bring your own kite affair, but all types are welcome. We will break for a one hour lunch around noon, but some of the instructors will still be on the field assisting with remedial skills. By early afternoon we should be introducing folks to how easy team flying can be with a little information and understanding of how it all works - those who feel ready will also participate in a mega fly all together... NOTE: Team flying participation does require 120’ length lines and a 1.5 comparable kite of any brand. Signed up so far: @chucka @frob == Signup link http://kitelife.com/forum/store/product/72-tkl-clinic-spi-quad-line-feb-4th-2018/ Registration fee - $80
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    So a very good and dear friend made me a birthday card today and I must say I love it [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    The reason for this FYI, is that they simply don’t know what many of the community-developed and standardized terms are, they don’t live the kite flying life and had to create their own descriptives. As long as folks understand and can apply the material, that’s what is important.
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    I'm definitely not implying that you only should use this Club 38 thing. I, as many others, have watched (again and again) JB's videos and learned a lot from them. But it was nice to have a sort of "script" to follow. Besides the people on the club 38 Facebook site is as friendly as you guys, so it's a nice place to be and it's nice to get suggestions on how to improving based on your videos. As a lony flier I have no idea what moves are called. Is there a place where I can read about the names? Anyway just wanted to throw Club 38 in, as a suggestion of one possible source of help on the basic.
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    @Flight Risk Thank You for taking it next level. I never even thought to try it but I will now .. I did Throw launch mine once.. Your Jimmy Johns comment was priceless.
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    Building blocks, I was meaning the very basics. Setting up, breaking down, unwinding and winding up are so essential in keeping that new kite feeling positive. If you have troubles with these you are less likely to be open to just go fly. It can be over before you start. In between Heaven and Earth, there are kites.
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    Hey guys, heading up to the bay this coming week. Please ping me, would love to fly with some dual and quad line fliers.
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    There's been a pretty open discussion of it here. --> No one really has a problem with it other than the Club 38 curriculum renaming many common moves to terms not used by quad fliers, any quad fliers.. I got a lot more info from JB's tutorials personally. At least a few people didn't care for the constant script referencing. If it helps you learn, it's worthwhile. At least it's free now.. Initially they were charging $38 and would send you a T-Shirt. Bottom line is use any resource you can.. I initially learned the Catch and throw by slowing JB's B2 launch video down to frame by frame. If it works for you then by all means use it!! Nothing wrong with utilizing everything you can get your hands on to improve your skills.
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    Reporting back from weekend trip to the beach... In the end, I used driftwood for staking down my Rev. Driftwood/tree branches were plentiful for the pickings on the beach surprisingly... Stabbed a long firm pine deep into the sand and all was great. Winds were around 10-15mph, some pulling on the wood stake, but it held fine! Also got to do some water play for the very first time (sing it) My midvent drowned, didn't expect the weight of the water or current to be that much. And yes, the current was going the correct way hehe, I made sure of that. But when it came back out it flew so good still and looked so fun splashing and tossing water everywhere like when a puppy shakes itself off after a bath!! I saved video footage but I am so backed up now on my video log editing.. back logged from September hahaha.
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    It might not be popular to mention here, but I learned a lot by joining the 'club 38' on Facebook. It teaches you the basic skilles and build on them as you go through the program. I liked that it gave me a purpose when flying, and something specific to practice. Of cause mixed with lot of 'normal' flying.
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    Well in the interest of international relations myself in the UK [emoji636] I’d be proud to except this Christmas gift on behalf of the British people [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Omg that’s awesome I’ll have to try that on my 5 meter HQ Beamer lol Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Thank you Wayne! Okay thats something i definitley need to learn (and which is not so easy as it looks on videos hehe) : Flying slow and smooth and with control.
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    Speed control - easy to get used to just zooming around and enjoying, another to keep everything slow and smooth! It will also help you when you get to do team someday! Practice crawling that kite across the sky! Hovering - in any position! Again being able to put your kite anywhere, anytime, shows off the control of quads. Some learn "top down", meaning they take the kite to the top, invert, and slowly start down. Gradually they can fly so slow, things come to a stop. Others go "bottom up", starting the kite on the ground and slowly learning to control the hover there, No "wrong" just different paths that hopefully get you to the same place!
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    practice inverted flight an inch above the ground,.... the weight of the kite and balance points are better, easier with the leading edge facing the land. Get comfortable flying in this position. Imagine you are flying in between the goal posts and the soil on a soccer field. If your kite will not do this action it is tuned incorrectly or you are flying with feet welded onto a steel platform! Place the LE on the ground and slowly force your thumbs towards the kite WHILE you back-up with your feet (holding an inverted hover). Try to be light and smooth with your feet and only do a tiny action on the handles. You don't want to "over-correct",.. allow you feet to add or take away energy. Eventually you should be able to back-up to the top of the window SLOWLY and recover your field (since you walked backwards to make it smooth going up) coming back down again. Work on your glide, take the kite to the edge and pull on handle back to your shoulder blade whilst forcing the other handle as far forward as you can reach, turn your torso too, to face the new direction. your after an action that looks like you are shooting a bow& arrow. Next rotate your torso back to "neutral" and slide your two arms together so one is directly over and above the other. As you slide the handles together or force them further apart you should be able to "side-slide the kite vertically up and down. Pick a spot on the ground a lump of dirt or scrap of paper. LAND ON IT, swap win tips and do it again. See if you can land the center of the leading edge (inverted) onto the point of impact desired. Practice landing on a trash can lid,... when you can take away the trash can and replace it with a empty pop can,.... and still land on it.... you are one of us. Maybe that is an hour away or maybe it's 14 months from now. The quad-lined kites all about one word, "control", you make it respond and answer to your will thru practice and maybe also acquisitions (more models to expand your wind range availability) Get someone to assist you and save years of trials and pain. Honestly and experienced flyer can touch your kite and offer advise if everything is not tuned properly. tuning is like driving a car, you know , you can adjust the driver's position thru seat and mirror, as well as steering wheel adjustments. There's no right or wrong way to drive, unless you can't control your speed or stay in you darn lane!!!! Well a quad is the same way, you can adjust it to fit your comfort and personal preferences. A coach can teach you how to "feel" the differences and determine what suits you best for a given set of conditions.
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    Honestly, practice set up and break down. Practice unwinding and winding up. Building blocks. Just flying and getting comfortable with the "turn left" and "turn right" is good. Landings are good too. Not sure if said or implied but use a stake and set up inverted. In between Heaven and Earth, there are kites.
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    For Sale, some great Benson kites, by far some of the best workmanship found out there. I would prefer to sell them together but may consider splitting them up. The standard has been flown once on grass and has never been to the beach, it is in excellent like new condition. The vented I usually take out when the wind picks up, it really helps on those heavy days. It does have a little bit of discoloration on the leading edges from a recent trip to the beach, I am sure it will wash out. I am selling as now I go to the beach earlier in the day and do not really need this. I am also building 2 sixth sense kites right now which will take up some funds. When I purchased these from Tim, I ordered 2 extra bridles (as I go through bridles a lot) and an extra lower leading edge, these will be included as well . Thanks!
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    Chat log from our most recent Direct Lines event with Nic O'Neill (aka @Flash aka current President of the AKA). 2017/11/09 - Nic O'Neill Thanks for your patience!
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    I think the best is get a 36" mailing tube from Staples, Office Max or Office Depot. You can break down the leading edges and it should easily fit into one of those. A google search shows them in the $5 to $10 range
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    Lead post updated with video of this exact kite being flown - this kite, this video.
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    For whatever reason it posted three of the same topic. Could a moderator delete two of them? Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Report of the Symphony 2.2.4 at the AKA Convention.