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    This was in the AKA newsletter..
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    Things are moving along nicely for some new stuff in 2018... http://kiteforge.com http://facebook.com/kiteforge http://instagram.com/kiteforge http://twitter.com/kiteforge Fair amount of video on the Facebook page, and there’s also a sign up link for early information about getting in on limited first releases.
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    Big tease (mid-axel) from the new Djinn quad line prototype test flights, stay tuned, get on the mailing list for first dibs when they come out!
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    Looking to visit Cath and Eliot sometime this spring but not sure when. Maybe the trips will coincide.
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    I received my Fulcrum custom today and had a chance to fly it for about 40 minutes in winds from 0 to 6 mph winds. It does take a more time to assembly than a Rev or even a dual line kite, but not terrible. So far I can't find a position it will not launch from. It's a pretty easy quad to fly, so much so I would probably train a first time quad flyer on it. It does have a some pull to it, but it also is a large kite, larger than a Rev 1.5. Probably closer to a Rev 1 size. I did have a couple of times that I wondered which end was up since it has a symmetrical form. It came with both standard and UL 3 piece center spreaders. I used the UL end spreaders and standard center spreader since it looked a little more involved at the time to change the already attached center spreader out. It flew pretty good in low winds and I could imagine it'd be a hand full in winds around 10 mph or more. Up and down are very easy. Center spins are good and end wing spins are readily there. Side slides are going to take a little more work, but seem like they are possible. One thing I was able to do that I've had problems with was flying a quad with one hand. I had problems flying a Rev like JB does with one hand, but this is an easier kite to do that, in my opinion. Definitely a cool kite and recommended for a different quad experience or beginner quad flyers.
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    Had a great time Sunday with B13 and his bro giving me tips. Those guys are very chill [emoji1] Anyway i've been DIYing a bit. First is a kite stake made from a tent spike bought off ebay and a hard rubber ball. The clip is for when i equalize lines. Bringing me to the equalizer made from a plastic protractor, paracord and some dremeling skills (color matched to the rubber ball stake). Basically hook the lines on each sides, pull on the paracord and if the center notch aligns with the cord, the lines match Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L21 using KiteLife mobile app
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    SOLD I found this pair recently and they were never flown. They would make a remarkable stack of two. Great shape and relics to be sure.Asking $175.00 each + shipping or $300.00 + shipping for the pair Pix Link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/bsvs1xmx9rW9UJTq1
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    What power this stack has. I prefer to keep the train in tact as the link lines are all in great shape and the sails are perfect. I do have individual bags for each kite and will consider breaking it up.Asking $100.00/kite or $600.00 + shipping for the entire train of 12.Pix Link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZjDsR0LWKBgEOfF13
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    Careful in higher winds, I broke an inner wing spine, the upright with the center tee that the outer cross spar runs through. Standard frame, 16-18 mph winds, closer to the edge of the window than the center. Was too much wind, but couldn't resist trying out the new toy. Was fun for a few minutes! Now have to wait on spares, but needed to order other stuff anyway.
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    Hi Mike, winds (as almost always) were kind of all over the place although not very high. Reverse was very easy and maybe a bit fast than forward. I didn't tune it much, other than giving it a bit more forward speed by taking it a notch closer on the top of the handle leaders. Since the winds weren't very high and it's a big kite and it didn't seem fast in general. I could possibly see some tricks out of it, but didn't have enough time to really get a good feel for what it's capable of.
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    I'd love to throw at least a few hours one day to Symphony 2.2.4 Team flying..
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    I'm going to try to stay the full duration this time around. Felt like I missed a really good time last spring. Whatever JB wants to do is fine by me. I speak Quad, Dual and Single line Looking forward to getting together with the group again! I miss you all.