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    I have been trying to learn how to fly the Gemini for over 10 years... I still don't get it ! I found 60-75' lines the best for the Zephyr, and 50# line is out of the question. I broke 50# line countless times before giving up. For those light winds, try flying without the weight, no upper spreader, and the bridle adjusted all the way towards the nose. I found it easy to keep the Z in the air in 1-2mph winds, but the tricks don't start until 4-5mph. Lastly, put the kite away when the winds go into the double digits, I know the rating is higher, but it's not worth risking the kite in those winds...
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    Try the Zephyr in 4-8mph with the weight in, and the nose tipped back a bit. That will give you the instability to start some serious tricking. It will also make any kind of stall move easier. Stalling the kite equals almost everything you can possibly do with a dual line kite.
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    Djinn MV (mid vent) in 5-7mph, still some design tweaks to make but close enough to give you our best tease yet. This clip is real-time with no speed adjustment, we just ran it through a Prisma filter to keep a little suspense going. 🤟 https://www.facebook.com/kiteforge/videos/341633012979898/
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    I can say there are two additional LE connections (7 total), but the other details are a little more obscure and harder to describe, not that I would describe them just yet.
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    This is an extremely steady flier. Great at festivals then there are LOTS of kites flying. It won't move around all over the sky and tangle.
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    Hard to explain without opening the door too wide right now, wanna get everything a bit closer to the finish line but... We’re using an original bridle design, has some unique dynamics at different angles (ground gains, axels, flic flacs, as examples) and shapes the leading edge under pressure.
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    Wow, I thought dual line kites were the red-headed step children of the kite world and SLKs were more popular... Is this drawing hidden to all but me ? I don't get it...
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    Ok, a little more... Djinn ST in 0-3mph, gotta love the “auto axels” and clean flic-flacs that come with the Sync Bridle! <3 🤘 https://www.facebook.com/kiteforge/videos/341669716309561/
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    Went out earlier with winds gusting 8 to 12. Put up the Widow for about a 1/2 hour until winds got higher.Was on 150 # 100' lines. Put it away got the Addiction. Set it up and before launch got a 24 and 28 hit. !!! Came in called Into The Wind and I am going to Boulder tomorrow to get a Jet Stream. Bought a Pfaff 1122 sewing machine yesterday to build a Faux C. Patience my donkey ! When I want to fly by golly I'm going to fly even if I have to sit on my butt getting dragged around to do it ! Need 2 high wind kites anyhow. Then I am absolutely done buying kites. RIGHT ?
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    Isn't it a great feeling??
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    Nearly all metal, reliable, great choice for a entry machine. [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    I'm thinking It's good enough to get started. Didn't want to go over $100.00 so it took awhile to find a Pfaff. Between learning to fly and sew I should be busy for the next couple days. Maybe more . Hoping ITW will let me see their work space tomorrow. If not no offense but am going to bring doughnuts.
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    My goodness folks it's like you all are 6 years old on Christmas Eve . LOVE IT !! Videos are great. Very mysterious.
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    Sounds like a good way. Nose back to be able to reduce drive or do a full stall more easily. The weight to introduce pitch happiness for flare/turtle movements to my experience/belief. I'd say many tricks such as an axel, tricks starting with an axel (like a FA), stalls and slides require an initial stall, while other stuff like various kinds of launches, flic flack from a flare, 540 (again starting with a flare), tip stab, figure flying, speed control, (snap?) turtles, snap lazy, card flip, cart wheel, other ground work don't need to start from an axel. On the other hand much of the latter category involves some kind of slowing down to a stop or near stop. Other tricks like a half axle or a cascade I don't know if the momentary stops (direction changes) qualifies as stalls or not. Sorry, meant to say: "while other stuff like various kinds of launches, flic flack from a flare, 540 (again starting with a flare), tip stab, figure flying, speed control, (snap?) turtles, snap lazy, card flip, cart wheel, other ground work don't need to start from a stall."
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    Even w/o the weight the Zephyr is the easiest I have to stall. Khsidekick when the wind is right maybe we could meet at the top of Vail pass or Loveland pass and fly our PDSULs and Zephyrs. Would make for some cool pics. Up there on a sunny day 10 degrees feels warm . Don't plan on team flying though. I'd destroy everything LOL.
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    Actually a bit more extensive than that. It really is a unique approach.. You'll see..
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    It's amazing the difference 20' + or - makes. Iv'e done better on the Widow ng with 100' 150# and the Nighthawk with 100' 90# line sets. As I get better I'm sure I'll gravitate towards the shorter lines. For now sure is nicer having different sets to fly on. The Addiction doesn't care !! Figured from other post that putting the Zephyr away at 12 would be wise. I've taken out upper spreaders on the Widow and Addiction. The flex scared the snot out of me.Still crashing and landing to hard. Haven't put the weight in. unless I go over 12 don't see the need yet. K&FT just called Pro Dancer on the way today . Zephyr probably won't be under 4 very often. Nice know it will though. Asked Marieanne about 4 mm upper and 2 pt lower for Zephyr. Advice was keep it as designed so I will. Funny how we the consumer always try to tweak perfectly good designs and are not that successful. Sure is fun though.
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    They don’t know what they’re missing. One of the things I love about your videos, nice mix of single, dual, quad, just sails on wind - it’s all relevant. 👍🏻
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    Very exciting! [emoji38] Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Sync bridle? Explain, please.
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    There are a few of us thinking this way..
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    going to make a few FS threads the closer it gets to the release of this kite
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    It takes a while to build up a rapport with some kites, but once you do they will amaze. The Zephyr is one of those. Another is the Benson Gemini. Try one when you get the chance and you will understand fully how picky some can be as far as the kind of input you give it is concerned.
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    This project is complete unless I need to tweak after flight testing...
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    There would be no sharp objects, using a cordless drill and a file. Chuck the tip of the screw in the drill and use the file to knock down the threads under the head. Look for any type of "panhead" screw that has that unthreaded area. Same size as what came with the kit. Depends on where you are on what measuring system you are using.