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    DEcided to go ahead and finish the bag while I wait for the answer..
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    but the "Darkside" offers milk and cookies!!!!
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    I was going to go to ITW last week and get a Kymera and Echo. Doo doo happens. 2 weeks ago Paul said they had 40+ blue,10 red and no green. Didn't get the impression prices were going up. Hopefully they're working with De Bakker and something new is on the way. Hydra is the kite that I really started to learn wrist and finger inputs on.I second Exult on the easy inputs. That can be a pain for me at times but the kite recovers from mistakes incredibly well. No matter the kite now because of the Hydra my inputs are much smaller and smoother. Less crashes. Still fun in higher winds to go yankity yank though.Watching JB fly the Kymera and PD flying the Focus Hydra the differences in the kites justifies having both for me. Pretty cool watching them fly knowing the kites were built for their differing styles. One day JB would have the edge. Next day Paul. Then I'd step in with my Mind Trick and blow them both out of the sky(insert as many deflating ego comments as needed here 😰).
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    Accepting QLKing as part of one’s kiting activities is a process (shouldn’t I be using the valuable time to learn DLKs tricks? - I just started to see that QLK tricks are not non-existent, but are less emphasized). Give it some time! As an old (did I just write that?) DLK kiter, starting with QLK gave me something of an identity crisis (yes really!) lasting close to a year. Don’t worry 🙂, it just makes me think of scifi/horror with themes of groups being possessed or replaced: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0049366/ (Invasion of the Body Snatchers) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tripods https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Who_Goes_There%3F (Who Goes There …or The Thing) (or why not a good old Star Trek Borg?) Remember, there is nothing to fear, you’ll become like us eventually: 🤔 👽👾🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🐺👻😈
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    I don't do roll ups, but yet needed to add (rip stop) tape to hold them. Much differently, but wouldn't like to be without either one. The Kymera is a great and trickable flyer with a large wind window. The Hydra got a smaller wind window. Little input is required to make it do much trickwise. Pitch sensitive as well - won't get stuck in a turtle. For a beginner the Kymera would be easier to understand. In case I'd be out on an initially low wind day starting with the HQ Shadow, I could then go on with the ITW Kymera, then the ITW Hydra, then HQ Infinity (then a vented QLK).
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