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    Hi all, I’m not actively broadcasting this across the community but the core group of folks here make KiteLife what it is and have been so kind to our projects over the years so I wanted to share some personal news, hopefully providing a little insight into my absence from many active discussions here. After a little over nine years, my wife and I are separating - still a lot of love, but we’ve struggled for a long time now and our two characters together just aren’t working for either of us... With this in mind, I’ve been spread fairly thin emotionally while we’ve been working our way through what’s next. I won’t air laundry here except to say there are no villains involved, we just need to evolve our situation and I can’t quite swing the long term expense of two separate residences (theirs and mine) so I am currently working to find an small affordable RV for myself like the Itasca Spirit, which actually fits into my long term goals of being able to do kite tours on and off through the year, as well as being able to stay in Portland and maintain sufficient time with my son - I’m close to having what I need to make all this happen, but I may be putting some old kite treasures up for raffle or sale over the next few weeks to cover the difference so keep an eye out for that! ✌️ Life ebbs, flows and continues, my son is still well cared for by us both, so we move forward with our heads held as high as possible while we find our way. Please, consider all this with the kindness it deserves and try not to contribute to gossip - all that needs to be known by anyone outside my family is said here. ❤️ Thank you all for your patience and understanding of my varying output / input while life is under construction, but everything else should be business as usual and as always, this is your home too. 🙏🏻
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    We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers... For roughly 10 cents per day they play a major role in keeping KL growing in every way. Djinn ST from Kite Forge, $375 value, in your choice of standard colors (cool, hot, green or purple fade)! == Full info - https://kiteforge.com/djinn More videos - https://kiteforge.com/videos/ This package includes a ST (standard) sail, Mystic 12 frame and a kite sleeve! NOTE: You will be able to choose any one of the standard color combos, but it will be exactly the same Djinn ST configuration that I fly myself - no special mods needed, it's already a boss right out of the bag... We should be able to ship from existing inventory when a winner is drawn, worst case will be 2-4 weeks for restock (depending on color choice). You can sign up here. Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/377, and will be drawn on Feb 21st, 2019! Our thanks, and the very best to you... Let the drooling begin!
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    Hopefully this compensates somewhat for the delay with our last drawing. And for the record, it *might* be possible too negotiate the model (ST/MV/VT) if you already have a Djinn ST in your bag. No promises, but you guys know I'm always keen to try and find a happy balance.
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    Alright, per the 3rd party drawing service (totally unbiased)... This drawing was held by John Barresi in a fair and unbiased manner, using RANDOM.ORG's Third-Party Draw Service. For details, please see the <a data-cke-saved-href="https://www.random.org/draws/details/?draw=91309" href="https://www.random.org/draws/details/?draw=91309">drawing's record</a>. HUGE congrats to ticket #119, @TheJuggler (Neil) - these kites are going to Michigan! To all... What can I even say... I hope I manage to show enough of myself that you know. Thank you, lets keep making beautiful kitefliers together. 🙏
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    Hi all, just popping in for an update... All the RV repairs and upgrades are holding strong - also put in new carpet, replaced the battery and a failing master brake cylinder, having a 2-way alarm put in today... Pretty much the last thing to fix is the shower, a couple of small cracks and some recaulking. In the meantime, I’m sort of scattered to the four winds with my various divided worlds: 1 - the family’s apartment (Luca’s home and some office tasks) 2 - the RV life (night parking, fill, dump, etc) 3 - my storage unit (other office tasks, RV storage) 4 - my father’s home (visits and parttime night parking) 5 - and of course, lots of upcoming travel by plane (storing RV, etc) Basically, draw a big skewed rectangle over all of Portland and that’s my map from day to day at home... No real efficient way to slice it all up, but I’m doing what I can. I’m not complaining, I’ll find a rhythm with all this but I wanted to inform everyone as to my status, and hopefully preserve the ongoing patience and support shown by all of you during this significant transition. Fly happy, fly well! ✌️
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    It’s the #Djinnebago, of course. Going for license plate KYT 4GE.
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    Picking up this little treasure tomorrow morning. 1990 Winnebago Itasca Micro Spirit... Roughly 97K Just 2 owners before me All major service receipts since 1990 Rebuilt engine, tranny and starter Clean CARFAX She’s nearly 30 years old, I’m already anticipating some work ahead although she has all the telltale signs and records of having been cared for quite well... Looking forward to a crash course over the next week, regardless. 👍🏻 First priorities are to replace the propane tank and get a generator / solar combo to tend the RV battery, also have to have a kite cabinet / case built for where the “activity cabinet” sits in that diagram (currently empty floor space). Already tapped into (and visited / confirmed) an excellent Boondocking site on an old couple’s homestead about 30 minutes south of Portland, as well as securing RV storage to swap my car and RV in and out of as needed depending on what I’m doing (traveling or not). ✌️
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    A new 1.5 mesh based on the Challenge PolyMax and a touch of Icarex Light Blue scrap. Hoping to make this a higher wind kite. Made my own 1" strips from the poly this time instead of using tails. I may open the mesh pattern a bit but you get the idea. Playing with some of all I've learned. You can see a touch of Mesh, A touch of Poly, and a hint of Perspective. Except for the snowflake entire sail will be the Midnight Challenge PolyMax. I'll also be edge binding in the same material. LE will be my normal White.
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    Thanks for all you do John. KiteLife has been a part of my life for some time now. It is everything kites for all kite fliers. Pure & fine all the time. The prizes are just icing on the cake. I have been fortunate to win several times. It is a surprise, a joy & humbling all at the same time. The B series have a special place in the world of kites. I believe I have nine in the kite dungeon now. I guess I have been around just long enough to see some changes. Rock on, SHBKF my beloved B mid vent
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    Brand new condition, original custom colors, never flown except for the ST which has less than an hour of light use on it... My wife just doesn’t have time to fly, and we’re letting this set go to raise funds. All three are yours for $999! Normal retail for the suite of three Djinn is $1155 - pick up / meeting welcome or I can also ship via Priority Mail (usually less than $15 in the US). Full set only, not willing to break up the set, price is firm. Full product info: http://kiteforge.com/products/djinn Facebook listing: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/302154983761785/
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    We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers... For roughly 10 cents per day they play a major role in keeping KL growing in every way. The winner of this drawing will receive one brand new Kaiju by Kite Forge, complete with 7' lines ($135 value)... Actual prize kite is white and blue, as shown in the photo and video above. == Info on the Kite Forge website: http://kiteforge.com/product/kaiju/ http://kiteforge.com/help-tutorials/ == If you haven't done so already, You can sign up here. Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/381, and will be drawn on April 20th, 2019! Our thanks, and the very best to you... Let the drooling begin.
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    After much thought and input.... Sent from my SM-T380 using Tapatalk
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    Didn't have lines or handles in it, but turned out nice.
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    Piecework for the center panel is done. Decided on 3 vertical orange panels to define the middle. I tried several pics to get the UV/Flo Yellow effect and got a pretty good capture.. First with the black light only.. Next is normal light Then Both Only this portion of the kite lights up. (unless I decide to use fluorescent thread.) I have not yet checked the white Dacron to see if it will light up well. Would be an interesting LE effect if it does..
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    A few of us DC Misfits got our hands on a custom Djinn this weekend. Per usual the wind was, well, non existent. And per usual, these guys make it look easy.
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    YER on YER OWN with this one, fella!!! What ever suits your eye best is what works here! Don't even want to know how many hours I've spent on that colorizer .................................................. ...........................................................!
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    Please note, this will probably be the last B-Series we ever give away... I'm down to a set of just three unopened factory B-Series now which I will probably keep in my collection for sentimental reasons, but we should be able to look forward to seeing some Djinns and other cool stuff coming up for grabs in the coming year!
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    Living the Dream; One Nightmare at a Time.
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    Finally got a chance to fly it a bit on short lines. Used my travel frame. Winds near Boston today were 18-25 and whipping pretty soundly.. Kite was great. It ate the gusts like they weren't even there. Nice balanced pressure across the entire sail area. Kite responded like a whip when the proper inputs were given. reaction time on short lines was crazy
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    Good times and appreciative crowds, temps in the 70s and wind after lunch, eventually "big wind" late in the day. Watty won sport kite building and Brian Bevans won Hot Tricks Shootout. Easily 35 thousand there, seems like everyone of 'em had a kite. From 17th street to the Capitol, as far as you can see on the national mall. Crowd favorites?, Chris Shultz bugging inside the space of a baseball infield and Jeffery Burka's huge inflatable flying horse, and the Harold Ames' "flag ceremony". Fantastic backdrops of Blossom trees thrown in,... you should try to make one of these if you never have, truly worthy of the effort and expense. Video ends with shameless plug for WoW
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    Picked up a Singer kinda "Heavy Duty 4432" for 25$ at a thrift store today. Almost grabbed a Sears Kenmore 1311 made in Japan w/ a 1.2amp motor earlier. This was to new and cheap to pass up.
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    I got a gift card for Christmas for some geek stuff, and thought I could turn it into a more advanced rev lighting. I figured this could be a fun project with my skill set. I've a strip of fully programmable lights (5 meters, 300 lights), an acceleration + gyro chip, a bluetooth chip so I can control it by my tablet, and a 9v battery attachment, all plugged into an Arduino board. I've spent a few hours the past two weekends getting the parts figured out and a mockup made, and I've got some simple patterns identified and programmed. As typical, videos of light shows aren't nearly as pretty as the actual light shows. I also have a "sudden stop" that flashes red for a quarter second, not shown in the video. Those are the patterns on the slowest speed, moving one pixel at a time. They can be made MUCH faster. I'm planning on attaching the patterns to acceleration forward/back and left/right to pull the lights to the side as long as the speed is increasing, then return to neutral. That should give long arc-wise turns throwing the lights to one edge, and launch/landings to have the lights bounce around. I want the circles attached to bicycle spins. And sudden stops on ground or midair will have the red flash. Any other ideas to program in to the thing before I start attaching it to a real kite?
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    Another tip - NEVER have someone else wind up your lines!! They are a mess? You are to blame! Not the wife, kids, or guy you just met on the field!! YOU!! Here's a bit of a chuckle for those reading and know the pain: I used to wind my lines on a single winder, but as separate pairs. I would larkshead the left pair together, then straight wind them on, Go back to the kite and larkshead the right pair and figure 8 those over the others. 2 trips. One day, I'm at a clinic of John's and it's time to pack up. So I start my routine of two lines and look over to see John. There's just the hint of a smile creeping into his face as he sees me doing my thing. I yell out - " I know this works!" to him. He looks at me and says - "But I know this works too!" Anyway we all pack up. So the next time I'm alone, I decide to test his method. I had some 50' lines and figured - if they get in a mess, it's only 50', not 120's, so let's try this. So I tried and it worked! Next time I tried it on 80' - it worked again! Finally I used it on 120's - yes!! Now I have some very minor differences that are my own, but all the basics are still in use! I prefer to use 2 stakes. After hooking up lines to handles, I separate the handles by a couple feet. Then I unwind to the kite end. If you have wound them before, there should be 2 pairs. Take a pair in each hand and spread your hands apart. All the wraps you saw unwinding, should fall out. If you are like me and my color code, you can trade hands around to end.up with the sets completely separated, using a little pressure on them. Hook up your kite and ready to go with just a twist in a pair or so - no biggie. Another way is to stick a finger between the pairs as you unwind. If they haven't passed through each other, you should be able to end up with pairs again. No matter what method you end up using - IF IT WORKS and you're comfortable with it - DO IT THE SAME WAY - EVERY TIME! Make it habit. The less you mess with the process, the better off!
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    Addict Kite magazines best multi purpose 2 line kite of the year 2018 KAIJU . HOORAY JB!!!
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    Some days I laugh... the wind apps show great conditions and real life is another story. Today was one of those.. App showed 10/15 @ ese, ideal for this ne Florida stretch of beach.. real life was 0 to maybe 8mph..if that... but the direction was spot on. So with optimism,I took the 12 Phantom with some proper spars installed and I set up anyways being I was there. I wanted to finally fly larger than 12m with the low conditions...but alas I was on a small bar...and didn't feel like any over the bar line grabbing today...as I rode fixed bridles yesterday Trusty battery back up fan got me filled and airborne...without the fan it wouldn't have happened. Once airborne and the twinskin moving ...riding began. Nothing spectacular but still achieving smiles. A small climb in wind and I headed for a wider stretch of beach about 1.5 miles away. Played there for a bit....and poof...nadda...not even a puff. Sunset was upon me, so I deflated and rolled up for the walk...2.2 miles later I felt redemption.A block from my "base" the wind was back and stronger than all evening..Still single digits, but high singles and that works for me. I quickly set back up once at the fan...All I could think was one more ride before sunset. I got that and more! Rode until dark and enjoyed some park and ride fun with some beautiful colors over the horizon. Last ride got me the best casual speeds of the day.. A quick glimpse of that ride on Instagram. In the end... never give up. The rewards are always worth the effort. The struggles will only make you a better pilot. Be it buggies.. stunt kites...and yes even SLK. Ride on... until then
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    Last nights flying conditions...
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    And the first overall look before I start aligning and working out the center pattern.. Center pattern is one of the trickier parts of my builds. Those pieces are individually placed and I have to find colors to keep the same color from being side by side.. It is easier when the kite is lots of colors like this one as I can choose any color from the pallette. It gets much trickier when the kites are 4 colors or less since my standard builds aren't mirrors of the other side but complimentary and offset..
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    Just a bunch of good folks flying into 2019 enjoying a beautiful day. Happy new year to all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Drone footage from March 2018 on a deserted beach. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My wife and I decided to get dual line foils for some nieces and nephews this year. The store only had one Synapse in stock. Hearing that we wanted 4, they offered to order more. I asked if they could order HQ Symphony instead. We have 4 on order. Hooray for Kites and Fun Things. #SmallBusinessSaturday
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    Alright folks, due to my current life transition(s) and unexpected expenses I’m needing to raise some funds so I’m putting up my last full set of B-Pros for raffle... Six kites (framed and bridled) in various good to rough conditions, ALL have a good bit of life left in them except for the STD (would need trailing edge panel replacement) but they are all part of a matched set that I flew around the US and at festivals worldwide for several years. Man, if these kites could tell stories... 🤪 All are actual Bazzer-built B-Series Pros, some with aftermarket leading edge tabs and wear strips added, almost all are TK-ties bridles in various conditions... Here’s a playlist of some of the adventures they’ve been on: Full list of kites and included framed: STD - Race SPL MID1 - 3 wrap MID2 - 3 wrap VTD1 - 3 wrap VTD2 - 3 wrap XTR - 3 wrap Basic up close look at each: All kites come AS IS, a very heavily flown set from my own performance collection - it’s possible that I’ve missed a small hole here or there but the photos and videos above are revealing enough - even at $125 each (a steal) this package would be worth $750, an epic score for whoever wins. Enter here, any quantity... https://kitelife.com/forum/store/product/95-b-pro-suite/ Enter as many times as you like! Each entry ticket is $5, numbers will be issued in order of purchase, no cap on tickets available, one winner will be drawn at random via Random.org on May 10th. Thanks as always for your support. 🙏🏻
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    For this kind of raffle, I think of it first and foremost as a donation to someone who has taught me in videos and a few times in person, who is having trouble and needs money. The raffle just makes it a little easier to give the money.
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    on 90 foot lines.. winds 10-15.. Love the balance of this kite.
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    Getting there.. Quite a bit will come off the trailing edge during the final cut but I decided on a Keystone shaped center panel with an applique star. Ready to join the three panels and start sewing..Using Red thread for this kite. Edge Binding will be Red.
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    That looks like the bridle was caught on grass or a twig or something and it unraveled the bridle line a bit. It's not normal wear. It's actual damage. It will be weaker there for sure. It can be repaired but you have to be super careful not to alter the bridle design trying to repair it. If you apply tension to the segment does it straighten back out or is something else going on? Use the yellow circles to to see where I'm talking about applying tension. If it straightens back out, you may be OK. If something else is going on a repair on some level is probably in order. If you do decide to repair it, find the corresponding bridle segment on the other side and us it as your model to repair this piece.. IIRC, The Symphony Beach uses Dyneema Bridles and the flying line that comes with it is very close to the same material. If ALL else fails you can shorten your flying lines by a few feet to get the material needed for the repair. Make sure you look up how to untie the knots and move the sleeves up before making any attempt to cut anything.
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    Makes me very very angry.. Playing around with some of the scraps.
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    Bridle Test went well..
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    0000010101101000 There are 10 kinds of people, those that understand binary and those that don't.
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    I wish you well John. Please just let us know how we can support your efforts.
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    "take the best & dump the rest!" That means you accept advise that fits your needs and forget about everything that doesn't. You'll hear five ways to do it from a couple of individuals, you'll see it done a couple of different ways as well, then there's an explanation/dissertation by someone standing next to you (uninvited!), ... ultimately you might even play around with variables to try and recreate "IT" as a do-it-yourself project back home. If you go often enough to festivals and see it all done before your eyes repeatedly, it's easy to find somebody for particular advise with one issue that troubles you. It's unlikely there's only a single solution or path to follow, so seek out several folks and hear/watch what is recommended. Then decide if it fits you personally. How, where, why, when,... even whom!!! Take their best as your own & dump the rest
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    Add still more "DOWN" to your tuning Corey, the kite is still trying to surge forward whenever you aren't truly focused completely. You want it so you have to make it go forward, the normal setting/action should more neutral, neither forward or reverse flight, but a stationary hover that is easy to maintain, so easy just resting the handle on one finger tip offers a perfect balancing point. Where that balancing point takes effect is why you tune the handles for your personal preference. Some like it high on the handles, above the foam, just like a trumpet player who manipulate the notes of music with just a finger flick. Some like to squeeze the foam into the hand, using more wrist than thumb. There's no correct solution, whatever works for you must be correct. Slow its down more and hover stationary!
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    I've been asked about what I use to do particular things for kite making. Thought it'd be a good opportunity to share a quick overview of pretty much everything I use. Some are more obvious than others. My kite making tools.. I use a sewing machine (obviously) 2 - 6' Long Metal rulers 2 - 3' Long Metal Rulers 1 - 18" Ruler (metal) 1 - 12" Ruler (metal) A Fiskars Rotary cutter. A Paper Cutter (Office Style) The normal assortment of Scissors (Including a heavy duty pair for cutting plastic) Masking Tape, Double-Sided Tape, A Dremel tool for cutting spars and these two pieces of Lumber. All my strips, diamonds, LE, Mesh etc are made on these two boards.. One is also my updated Bridle Board. The other board is my full template for LE's (including Fold protection and wear strips. I have another marked out 72" LEs and another for 96" LEs. I also have an industrial style metal hole punch I use to punch the holes for the bungees. These tools are pretty much the entirety of what I use to make a kite.
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    A "falling leaf" is just an over extended and delayed Flik-Flak. Step forward as you powerfully snap your thumbs down/reverse (at the kite). Have the kite hovered (upright) and about 2/3rd of the window high to start. The kite will fall over the back (the Flik part) with the down spar bottom tips passing over 180 degrees, stalled. If you stepped forward and gave enough slack (like you can walk into it kind-of-slack) The kite will fall towards the ground. If you did it straight down wind and perfectly even in your hands,....then it will fall straight down wind. At the last possible second, you execute the "Flak" part and unwind it back to upright. Step backwards to take out some slack (remember youv'e made acres of it!) and powerfully snap your thumbs up back towards your nose (Forward) Either knock the hat off of an ant (just missing the ground) or stick that landing dramatically and call "out" Slapping the water with a falling leaf is showing off
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    That's why it is useful to carry several kites in the bag, and to pay attention to actual conditions on the field. Agreeing with Riffclown above, that's one of my favorite ranges also. You know there will be adequate wind. That is 10-15 knots, which is an ideal range for many kites. I'd probably fly a mid-vent quad, but you could fly a full sail if you have strong spars and stronger line, or fly a full-vent quad, or even get an extreme vent quad if wind is always on the high end. If you prefer dual lines, precision flying would work fine, and slackline tricks would be an option at the edge of the window. In that wind range nearly every kite is an option. Also, the weather station doesn't always match conditions on the ground. Just because the weather station is getting a specific speed doesn't mean the speed is everywhere. Just because the station has gusts at that value doesn't mean everywhere has those same gusts. Also missing, the weather reports don't specify the frequency of gusts, or the turbulence of the air, and both of those are important and localized. When winds are high, unless you're on a beach and the wind is coming directly off the water you can generally find something to provide a wind shadow. Location is important. If wind is strong you might find an area ringed by trees, or buildings, or dunes / burms. You might choose to fly at a park located in a dip or small valley instead of a hilltop or terrace. Once you're actually flying, you don't need to use all the wind in the air. You might fly near the ground or fly near the edge of the window instead of the power zone. Plenty of times I've had wind increase while I'm flying, or had large gusts. If it comes up quickly, immediately fly to the edge of the wind window where the kite should escape any strong gusts. Develop your skill flying on the edges or flying near the ground (where wind is less powerful). But as for me personally, if I was planning a flying day and the forecast said 12-18 MPH, I'd be celebrating rather than cancelling.
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    From the album: Riffclown's Homemades

    Showing the backlit hourglass.
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    I bought the GoPro Hero 6 Karma package. I considered others, however the versatility for me make it much more usable than a dedicated drone. I can use just the camera, or use the camera in the Karma gimbal or attach it to the drone. The biggest downside is the drone, if crashed, can be easily damaged. The DJI drones have more protection from damage. The Karma doesn't have obstacle avoidance, where as most other drones do. The Karma isn't a small as some of the DJI drones, however it's video quality stacks up well even against the latest DJI drones. When I'm by myself, I use the drone as an aerial tripod. Just park the drone and fly the kite in front of it. At festivals I just fly around and try to get cool shots. Here's one of my favorite videos I made of just using the drone as a tripod This video I made this month at the Cape Fear Kite Festival. It starts with me using the GoPro on a gimbal and at the end it's on the drone.
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    Welcome to the forum, Flap Floblem. It's good to see people from the Island getting interested in kite flying. I'm not sure if we've communicated before, but I live in Suffolk on the North Shore. I haven't been out flying much this year, but I still grab a short session here & there. Where are you on the Island, and what are your flying hours ? Maybe we can meet up...
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