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    🔥💥🔥Disclaimer: driver is experienced, kite pilot has 28 years experience in a huge variety of extreme flight situations, this was not done lightly - do NOT try this at home! 🔥💥🔥 The Djinn HV performed pretty much as expected, super smooth and great handling of peak apparent wind speeds in excess of 30-45 mph... Just a little more tweaking and I’ll have a real high wind monster on my hands. 😎 Huge thanks to @Carl Norman for jetting me around the lot today, nothing like going fast in a sexy car while flying a kite - okay, maybe 45mph isn’t that fast but I sure feels like it when facing backward with four lines in your hands. 🤘🤘
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    I deal with both Bald Eagles and Osprey pretty regularly.. Had an osprey dive towards my kite once.
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    There's at least a couple of bald eagles at Busse Woods in my area. They've come around to visit a couple of times. They are huge. About the same wingspan as a 1.5 quad kite and just as deep. Not at all afraid of the kite.
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    Mine is no secret but it's made for looking up past where we fly our kites..
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    This past weekend was the 31st Carolina Kite Festival at the Sands Villa Resort in Atlantic Beach, NC. We had no idea how this one would be attended as Hurricane Florence hit us hard and many people are out of work and out of their homes. Also, many of the hotels and condo units were damaged which made accommodations in the area harder to find. But it didn't deter most of our regular out-of-town flyers. The 31st Carolina Kite Festival
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