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    Hello...this is my very first time here! I am from Long Island, USA. I have been watching many YouTube videos on kite festivals around the world. Amazing and beautiful. I would love to make my own kite someday. I'm looking for kiters in my area. Thanks.
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    Hi all, names Mike, I'm from raleigh NC. My family and I make numerous trips to the wilmington/ carolina beach area every year, and i have a bit of work that requires me to be there often as well. Looking forward to meeting some of you!
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    New here, been flying since mid 90s, My first kite was a Flexifoil Impulse. Then a Scorpion...we used to fly in Team in Italy, I was STACK ND From 94 to 98, organized many competitions and one EuroCup. Stopped flying around 2003 and starting now again. So many new tricks. I fly both dual and quad. Refreshing my kite bag I got recently Benson SuperNova set and SuperFly set. Amazing kites. I own Revs, Prism and mostly Benson kites.
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    Hi all, just leaving this here to encourage everyone who'd like to find other fliers in their area - I've just added a "Local Connections" area to the forum where @kevmort was kind enough to start a topic for fliers to find each other in the UK. http://kitelife.com/forum/forum/170-local-connections/ Jump in there to say hello if you're in the UK, or post back here and let me know if you'd like a topic for your own region! "Region" is used loosely, can be either country lines or geographically interactive areas (which may include more than one state or country)... Examples might include: US - Southern California US - Michigan Lakes Or whatever, I just don't want to get into a separate topic for every single US state - include your suggested title and what areas it actually includes. Thanks - fly often, fly with others!
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    Bubba lived with Mike Dennis and Pam Kirk(TOTL,Heads Up Kites). Not to long ago he lost Pam.There is a picture of him with Pam while she is working on a kite at GWTW(we've lost a great one). Yesterday Bubba lost Mike too. He has been taken to the San Diego Humane Society. White Bird Lover called them earlier and he's still with us. WBL and I are both going to call tomorrow and try to figure out how to get him to my house. I live on disability so I have to hustle a bit to get extra cash. Asking for some help in getting him here.Maybe some of you know how to do this and maybe some could help with the transportation costs. I got $50.00 to start and will provide a good home for Bubba. I would love to take care of their cat. Mission SAVE THE FREAKING CAT from a kiteless home or worse.
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    I’m in. Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
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    Thanks! I have a ton of pics too now. Frankly I just wanted to swap them with a Fulcrum. Not make money on top. I sold most of my old kites for new (for me) Bensons ;-)
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    Updated totals.. 6 kites have found new homes.. New Total 58..
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    This past weekend was the 31st Carolina Kite Festival at the Sands Villa Resort in Atlantic Beach, NC. We had no idea how this one would be attended as Hurricane Florence hit us hard and many people are out of work and out of their homes. Also, many of the hotels and condo units were damaged which made accommodations in the area harder to find. But it didn't deter most of our regular out-of-town flyers. The 31st Carolina Kite Festival
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    @DTill Hold off purchasing new. There are other options out there. The Djinn and The Freilein are both good options if you are considering the new market.. Personally, I know of a few kites you mentioned probably coming available on the used market very soon.. The New Revs all have springs which some folk (including me) don't particularly care for. They've also committed to a different size frame and connection points to discourage interchangeability.
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    Hi, I'm new at stunt kiting. Two weeks ago I bought a new kite - Yukon II by HQ kites. Today, when I was flying my stand-off ram suddenly broke. Is this thing normal and can I change the ram?
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    Thank you all for helping me!
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    Stock is 2mm fiberglass I always use Solid Carbon to make standoffs. Sent from my SM-T380 using Tapatalk
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    Crashing is totally normal, I always say that I am better at fixing kites than flying them. I broke a leading edge on a treasured kite my last time out. It happens... Contact the Kite Shoppe (forum sponsor). I'm sure they can hook you up with the correct replacement. Unless you have a local store, T would be a trustworthy source on the internet. http://www.thekiteshoppe.com
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    That ^^^ ✔️ I'm quite ready to believe that. So here's the rub - you read around to seek advice, and on one site you read that the premier addiction is too twitchy and has loads of oversteer, then on another you find someone like you that really likes it. So much of this is subjective, which means that a kite with consistent though perhaps lukewarm reviews starts to looks like a good bet. I'm looking forward to flying the Quantum. Today will be the second thirteen hour working day in a row, but I'm off tomorrow. The forecast is cold and clear with 4/5mph winds. Maybe I'll get some light wind practice in. Can I say, I'm really enjoying this kite chat. Thanks to everyone who's made me so welcome.
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    @Breezin, I love this post. Your enthusiasm is infectious. As it happens, I am a yoga person and I think I breath with my movements when flying without really intending to. I know what you mean about the silly grin; it's a ridiculously satisfying way to spend some time, just noodling about in the sky. An SUL you say. Interesting...
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    My, my, hey, hey the search for the elusive sul will soon begin dare I say. Bet you won't have just one. Once you start holding the turtle start pulling the nose towards you. Then your in a type of fade. Do it high in the window to start because when you lose it the kite can power up nose screaming towards the ground. Haven't learned the Spine Shock Splinter trick yet. Close but I can live without it. Once the turtle and fade become fairly easy you'll find yourself trying other things pretty fast. The Limbo should be able to slide stall readily. Simple safe trick that for me is pretty hard to do. When you catch them the smooth glide across the window looks and feels really cool. I start my day and end it doing slides(trying to anyways)no matter the wind or kite. When you get a bigger slower kite you'll look back with appreciation on how the faster kite honed your reflexes.That advice don't forget to breath is sound. Sometimes I still forget to and fall over.Been going on for months now 😩. When I regain my senses I still always have a silly grin on my face though. You'll find that pacing your breathing to your inputs makes things smoother and you connect to the kite easier.Takes a while unless you're some kinda yoga, tai chi etc. type person.Keeps one calmer and more focused too. I don't fly with music yet. As I get better doing combos and figuring out routines music in the ear will become integral in progressing. For now I hum ,sing, whistle and mutter a lot. Mixed in with lots of yelps, whoops and laughter.
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    Well, I've only broken one spar in maybe a dozen flights with the limbo, so maybe I'm not doing too badly. I've got squares fairly well and can land nicely either side of the window. I've got a little bit of a right to left slide, though not so much of a left to right one. When I said the limbo was frustrating, i meant it was fast and a bit unpredictable. The difference in line lengths and bridle will account for some of that, but also it's a relatively small kite. Anyway, next time out I'm looking for a belly landing/take off, and a turtle. Just waiting for the wind.
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    I really don't need any encouragement on this score. As for frustrating, I've watched some of the videos. It looks dead easy. 😉
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    And of saying that, if 5mm was making his life difficult, then 25mm would be making mine all but impossible. I can't believe I didn't check before. 🙄
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