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    Alright, per the 3rd party drawing service (totally unbiased)... This drawing was held by John Barresi in a fair and unbiased manner, using RANDOM.ORG's Third-Party Draw Service. For details, please see the <a data-cke-saved-href="https://www.random.org/draws/details/?draw=91309" href="https://www.random.org/draws/details/?draw=91309">drawing's record</a>. HUGE congrats to ticket #119, @TheJuggler (Neil) - these kites are going to Michigan! To all... What can I even say... I hope I manage to show enough of myself that you know. Thank you, lets keep making beautiful kitefliers together. 🙏
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    Hi all, just popping in for an update... All the RV repairs and upgrades are holding strong - also put in new carpet, replaced the battery and a failing master brake cylinder, having a 2-way alarm put in today... Pretty much the last thing to fix is the shower, a couple of small cracks and some recaulking. In the meantime, I’m sort of scattered to the four winds with my various divided worlds: 1 - the family’s apartment (Luca’s home and some office tasks) 2 - the RV life (night parking, fill, dump, etc) 3 - my storage unit (other office tasks, RV storage) 4 - my father’s home (visits and parttime night parking) 5 - and of course, lots of upcoming travel by plane (storing RV, etc) Basically, draw a big skewed rectangle over all of Portland and that’s my map from day to day at home... No real efficient way to slice it all up, but I’m doing what I can. I’m not complaining, I’ll find a rhythm with all this but I wanted to inform everyone as to my status, and hopefully preserve the ongoing patience and support shown by all of you during this significant transition. Fly happy, fly well! ✌️
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    Brand new condition, original custom colors, never flown except for the ST which has less than an hour of light use on it... My wife just doesn’t have time to fly, and we’re letting this set go to raise funds. All three are yours for $999! Normal retail for the suite of three Djinn is $1155 - pick up / meeting welcome or I can also ship via Priority Mail (usually less than $15 in the US). Full set only, not willing to break up the set, price is firm. Full product info: http://kiteforge.com/products/djinn Facebook listing: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/302154983761785/
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    We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers... For roughly 10 cents per day they play a major role in keeping KL growing in every way. The winner of this drawing will receive one brand new Kaiju by Kite Forge, complete with 7' lines ($135 value)... Actual prize kite is white and blue, as shown in the photo and video above. == Info on the Kite Forge website: http://kiteforge.com/product/kaiju/ http://kiteforge.com/help-tutorials/ == If you haven't done so already, You can sign up here. Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/381, and will be drawn on April 20th, 2019! Our thanks, and the very best to you... Let the drooling begin.
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    After much thought and input.... Sent from my SM-T380 using Tapatalk
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    Didn't have lines or handles in it, but turned out nice.
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    Finally got a chance to fly it a bit on short lines. Used my travel frame. Winds near Boston today were 18-25 and whipping pretty soundly.. Kite was great. It ate the gusts like they weren't even there. Nice balanced pressure across the entire sail area. Kite responded like a whip when the proper inputs were given. reaction time on short lines was crazy
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    Good times and appreciative crowds, temps in the 70s and wind after lunch, eventually "big wind" late in the day. Watty won sport kite building and Brian Bevans won Hot Tricks Shootout. Easily 35 thousand there, seems like everyone of 'em had a kite. From 17th street to the Capitol, as far as you can see on the national mall. Crowd favorites?, Chris Shultz bugging inside the space of a baseball infield and Jeffery Burka's huge inflatable flying horse, and the Harold Ames' "flag ceremony". Fantastic backdrops of Blossom trees thrown in,... you should try to make one of these if you never have, truly worthy of the effort and expense. Video ends with shameless plug for WoW
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    Picked up a Singer kinda "Heavy Duty 4432" for 25$ at a thrift store today. Almost grabbed a Sears Kenmore 1311 made in Japan w/ a 1.2amp motor earlier. This was to new and cheap to pass up.
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    Another tip - NEVER have someone else wind up your lines!! They are a mess? You are to blame! Not the wife, kids, or guy you just met on the field!! YOU!! Here's a bit of a chuckle for those reading and know the pain: I used to wind my lines on a single winder, but as separate pairs. I would larkshead the left pair together, then straight wind them on, Go back to the kite and larkshead the right pair and figure 8 those over the others. 2 trips. One day, I'm at a clinic of John's and it's time to pack up. So I start my routine of two lines and look over to see John. There's just the hint of a smile creeping into his face as he sees me doing my thing. I yell out - " I know this works!" to him. He looks at me and says - "But I know this works too!" Anyway we all pack up. So the next time I'm alone, I decide to test his method. I had some 50' lines and figured - if they get in a mess, it's only 50', not 120's, so let's try this. So I tried and it worked! Next time I tried it on 80' - it worked again! Finally I used it on 120's - yes!! Now I have some very minor differences that are my own, but all the basics are still in use! I prefer to use 2 stakes. After hooking up lines to handles, I separate the handles by a couple feet. Then I unwind to the kite end. If you have wound them before, there should be 2 pairs. Take a pair in each hand and spread your hands apart. All the wraps you saw unwinding, should fall out. If you are like me and my color code, you can trade hands around to end.up with the sets completely separated, using a little pressure on them. Hook up your kite and ready to go with just a twist in a pair or so - no biggie. Another way is to stick a finger between the pairs as you unwind. If they haven't passed through each other, you should be able to end up with pairs again. No matter what method you end up using - IF IT WORKS and you're comfortable with it - DO IT THE SAME WAY - EVERY TIME! Make it habit. The less you mess with the process, the better off!
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    Living the Dream; One Nightmare at a Time.
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    Good condition, only two small breaks in LE mesh but WELL supported by aftermarket LE tabs, wear strips and 2nd trailing edge stitch, original BLACK RACE frame and TK-tied bridle, the very last B-Series that I flew full time before my Djinns were ready. $240 $210 as is, shipping included for US buyers, $25 more for non-US but can combine shipment(s) if you buy more than one of the kites I currently have for sale.
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    Alright folks, due to my current life transition(s) and unexpected expenses I’m needing to raise some funds so I’m putting up my last full set of B-Pros for raffle... Six kites (framed and bridled) in various good to rough conditions, ALL have a good bit of life left in them except for the STD (would need trailing edge panel replacement) but they are all part of a matched set that I flew around the US and at festivals worldwide for several years. Man, if these kites could tell stories... 🤪 All are actual Bazzer-built B-Series Pros, some with aftermarket leading edge tabs and wear strips added, almost all are TK-ties bridles in various conditions... Here’s a playlist of some of the adventures they’ve been on: Full list of kites and included framed: STD - Race SPL MID1 - 3 wrap MID2 - 3 wrap VTD1 - 3 wrap VTD2 - 3 wrap XTR - 3 wrap Basic up close look at each: All kites come AS IS, a very heavily flown set from my own performance collection - it’s possible that I’ve missed a small hole here or there but the photos and videos above are revealing enough - even at $125 each (a steal) this package would be worth $750, an epic score for whoever wins. Enter here, any quantity... https://kitelife.com/forum/store/product/95-b-pro-suite/ Enter as many times as you like! Each entry ticket is $5, numbers will be issued in order of purchase, no cap on tickets available, one winner will be drawn at random via Random.org on May 10th. Thanks as always for your support. 🙏🏻
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    Wow, Thanks John. I’ll be sure to give them a good home, and see if I can’t do an unboxing for those that asked! Thanks again!
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    For this kind of raffle, I think of it first and foremost as a donation to someone who has taught me in videos and a few times in person, who is having trouble and needs money. The raffle just makes it a little easier to give the money.
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    Drawing on Wednesday April 24. This is a house cleaning of sorts. At very least this Karma will include 2 Wacky Worms, an ITB Red/White/Blue SLK, and padded grab handles. There may be more if I’m afforded the time to dig through my bags. Some rules and guidelines: Don’t play unless you’re willing to put up a prize and ship it to whoever wins. Shipping is paid by the original poster, the winner pays nothing. Be prepared to ship your prize anywhere in the lower 48 US States. Sorry, but due to shipping costs, we really have to limit this to the lower 48 US States. RULE CHANGE (7/31/2014): Members from Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii are welcome to enter the Karma drawings provided they are willing to pay half of the Karma prize shipping cost. The method and timing of the payment will be agreed upon between the two parties after the drawing for a particular prize. You can choose the length of the giveaway, but keep it between 1 and 2 weeks. Try to ship the prize promptly. You should be able to ship it within a week, but if you can’t, PM the winner and let them know. Sometimes life gets in the way! This whole thing works on the honor system so if there are any problems shipping or receiving a prize, it needs to be worked out between the two parties. Don’t forget…Karma! This isn’t a competition, but feel free to be generous! If you can only put up a hat, or a tail for a stunt kite, great! If you have something in your kite bag that you never fly and would be willing to ship, that’s great too. Either way, the people that join to win it will appreciate it. When you receive your prize, post a thank you to the thread where you won it.  The thread will be locked after that point so the new **KARMA** stays above it. Good luck, and have fun! 
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    on 90 foot lines.. winds 10-15.. Love the balance of this kite.
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    It has arrived! Our first dual line indoor. We are excited to add to the collection. Started viewing videos on YouTube on flying techniques. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    You can take them out, they like a bit of fresh air😃
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    New Karma!!! New Karma!!! The wait is over. Thanks again @jeepinjeepin for waiting out the cold winter lull..
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    Showing the venting detail.
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    Hello fellow kite enthusiasts! My name is Jon, and I'm relatively new to the kite scene. 34 years old and in the PNW. Looking forward to learning from you all and hopefully making some new friends! Don't hesitate to drop me a line.
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    Getting there.. Quite a bit will come off the trailing edge during the final cut but I decided on a Keystone shaped center panel with an applique star. Ready to join the three panels and start sewing..Using Red thread for this kite. Edge Binding will be Red.
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    That looks like the bridle was caught on grass or a twig or something and it unraveled the bridle line a bit. It's not normal wear. It's actual damage. It will be weaker there for sure. It can be repaired but you have to be super careful not to alter the bridle design trying to repair it. If you apply tension to the segment does it straighten back out or is something else going on? Use the yellow circles to to see where I'm talking about applying tension. If it straightens back out, you may be OK. If something else is going on a repair on some level is probably in order. If you do decide to repair it, find the corresponding bridle segment on the other side and us it as your model to repair this piece.. IIRC, The Symphony Beach uses Dyneema Bridles and the flying line that comes with it is very close to the same material. If ALL else fails you can shorten your flying lines by a few feet to get the material needed for the repair. Make sure you look up how to untie the knots and move the sleeves up before making any attempt to cut anything.
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    Forum, plugins and extra features (including Tapatalk / KL App) have been updated, thanks for your patience.
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    This commissioned sail was started a few weeks ago and has been progressing in a very timely manner. No rush is on this sail to finish right away. Adding much larger solid panels to the Diamonds build technique. After a bit of consulting, the direction of the diamonds was tilted to give a related but different effect. Charcoal and Sky Blue are Icarex, Midnight is the Challenge PolyMax. LE will be white. Still considering options for the Edge binding.. Thinking Black.
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    Bridle Test went well..
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    I'm going to refrain from commenting on how much I like the minimalistic look of the kite. Not going to say how well the colors match up. Not going to speculate at all how good it's probably going to look in the air. Nope not going to say anything at all cause every new kite that you build I seem to start repeating myself. So here's to nothing 👍.
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    Updates! https://www.facebook.com/1357938423/posts/10219104585069677?sfns=mo
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    WOW! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I'm speechless.......
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    Good condition, one small break in the vent along the vertical (circled below), a few small breaks in LE mesh but WELL supported by aftermarket LE tabs, wear strips and 2nd trailing edge stitch, original 4 wrap frame and TK-tied bridle. $225 $210 as is, shipping included for US buyers, $25 more for non-US but can combine shipment(s) if you buy more than one of the kites I currently have for sale.
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    Finished another one. This one is a little lighter and while essentially the same design as the last one I changed a few things. Overall dimensions are smaller, used a stiffer mesh for the pockets, 45ed the corners, the flap is a separate panel and I added a spot to clip my stake. I dig the red stitching and how the red flap looks when its rolled up. Just need to hem the webbing tails, stuff padding in the handle add make a shoulder strap.
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    Congratulations, Neil. You should consider an unboxing video so the rest of us can share in the experience vicariously. I've worked in a kite store and remember how much fun it could be. Again, congrats -Michael
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    Congrats!!! Apparently that Voodoostuff works really well. One post and it's a JB thank you. Pretty gosh darn cool!! Might want to get some advice Wayne 🤣.
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    Alright folks, here it is... The winner of this month's prize is #1473, @Voodoostuff! Big congrats Gerald, I'll be in touch for shipping info - stay tuned for a new prize soon.
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    Indeed guys, I’m in Italy until May 3rd... Remind me on the 4th if I’m not already on it, and I’ll add a KL renewal (immediate refund when it kicks over again)... Thanka a lot for the patience, as always! 🙏🏻
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    I too own a Delta Hawk and a Hypnotist. The Delta Hawk should be fine on the #150 lines. I have flown mine in excess of 25 mph with the line set from my Hypnotist. You can always fly to the edge of the wind window when it’s gusting hard just to be safe. Add a tail to slow it down and put on a show. I was wailing on my Delta Hawk last week in winds above 30 mph with #220x65’ lines and a 75’ tube tail. It’s a great kite to have in the bag for days when winds would shred more mortal kites. Worse case scenario is you break some lines and have to upgrade yourself to some laser pro gold line. Get out there and fly it with intent! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    So grateful to have gotten our first quad ever! Went with Djinn Hot Fade Mid-Vent for our area. Had some lessons mid winter from my Bud Chuck (very very patient [emoji23] with us). New chapter in our kiting adventure. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    BMK (and Aerie) kites rule....for me and my old school style....end of story... Yeah they can do all the tricks but there is something about that "Blue Moon feeling" that who cares about flippy flopping.....they want to FLY!!! I have by Aerie....a K2, a K3, 3 AirFX`s (2 standard`s/1 vented). My all time fav is the Air FX.... By BMK a Mojo ul, Mamba, Mongoose, and Mantis....all standards. Given this...some BMK/Aerie standards can go into UL territory no problemo. However my Mongoose, Mantis, K2, and obviously the vented FX being the exceptions as they like a little more wind....the ones you folks have...lol... Have fun!!! bt
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    Keep us posted on your progress. ask a lot of questions! There are a lot of beginner level videos on this site that are really helpful. I am not an expert by any means... I will say the first thing that helped me A LOT is lengthening the top leaders if you are getting the Revolution stock leaders. The best $6 bucks I have spent, got them off this site. Good luck and have fun
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    go to Reed Design kites < https://reeddesign.co.uk/kites/iskcb/mi17.html > and look up these various animations of the precision figures for competition. Doesn't matter if you want to do that, only that you can have something specific to work on. This is a favorite of mine the "Octogon", a stop sign outlined in reverse flight. You'll need Flash/by Adobe to view 'em and it is so worth your effort to make this happen! Imagine how SLOW you can do them, how precisely, imagine how they can blended, transitioning from one to another. How you could/should select components of each/of some favorites and add them together, into you own routine, suitable for a demonstration. Also, ALWAYS fly to music and relax too, let the kite do all the work,... if it doesn't do that (in today's conditions) you have another kite to acquire!
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    I have gotten a chance to fly my EXP a couple of times in really light inconsistent winds. I think I can get it down, but its a lot different from the other kites I have flown. Im starting to understand how to do a turn. Gotta watch all the tutorial videos again. Right now I am just focusing on landing and taking off. Pretty fun stuff! Bring on the warm weather!
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    Love foils and lots of people start there. Find a flyer nearby and you will progress really quickly with a little help. Lots of smiles when I pull a foil out and fly with my grandkids. Nice thing is they crash and go 99% of the time. Breaking kites is a right of passage and held in great esteem by peers, especially if on film! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Well it's official I'm a pilot not a string holder..I tracked down my local kite store and purchased a a 1.8 m dual line stunt kite. Went to fly today thought might be perfect... Alas I have mastered the solitarily launch and the crash. I really think there just wasn't enough wind. But I also know that I have lots to learn. My longest flght was maybe two minutes.this is probably stretching.it a few seconds. I can see how much fun and addicting it is. Thanks for the encouragement to take the plunge. Kite is fast. With a pretty good pull. Now on to the mastery of simple stuff
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    Belly down, nose towards you = The Walk Of Shame ! 😎
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    Edge Binding and Framing remain.
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