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    Paul Dugard took on a mission of resurrection for me. Zen (#2 R/W/B) has seen Eliot Shook for repairs previously (too embarrassed to engage him again!) so my flying partner spent a few nights pulling stitches and replacing panels, saved my ole mylar backed nylon leading edge though HA! Bitched about stuck together stuff with crazy glue, sail-tape (he HATES that stuff) and nail polish, End-caps temporarily held in place with zip-ties (which have sharp edges and slice the sail when stored tightly). New panels will not match the old ones, but who cares! I'm excited to see the dead raised-up from the tomb. I've no idea what this mission will cost, he's only said "less than a mortgage pymt" in jest Add some knot covers, tighten the attachment points, new French bridle ready to install, sissy sticks and LEDs IT LIVES!
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    Ok, managed to get through my morning work faster than expected. Lucky winner time: One brand new Kaiju is going home with subscriber number 1360, big congrats to @flyalto! Thanks to all for your amazing support, stay tuned for a new prize very soon. 🙏
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    I have 4 yards of blue polyester ripstop from flymart and a yard each of white, black, grey and red texalon from flymart. Started cutting and piecing together some of the texalon, but the weave fibers are very wavy and the fabric has lots of memory. I cut a bunch of hexagons and 60°diamond pieces to do a M.C. Esherish transitions / tumbling blocks pattern out of the texalon. But it seems that the fabric has lots of memory and a kite built this way wouldn't fly worth a damn. Thinking about building a 2m Rok with the polyester as a 6 peice main sail and appliacing the pattern on top with the texalon. Big question is whether I should build in the traditional method of webbing and velcro for pockets or do it quad style and use bungis and caps? I won't fly this is as fighter, only to lift the 12ft. spiky ball I want to buy.
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    A warm welcome... 1560 @Jer 1561 @Ken Slavick 1562 @Wayne Ross 1563 @Sue's Kite Lucky Louie 1564 @Lars 1565 @Gary Rybka 1566 @Denis192 1567 @Gwendalfkite 1568 @Jewcito 1569 @Andy Klie 1570 @Cot51stState 1571 @Cowboyvidz 1572 @Brandon 1573 @OllyDK 1574 @Yoyoing_p Current subscriber count: 392
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    Not everyone has a bag full of kites for any given situation or the sewing skills to make their own 😉. Just this past weekend as I was measuring out a set of 50# 120' fly lines I thought how cool it would be to take a break from sleeving and fly a kite in the backyard.
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