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    Well...here we go! In proper form, I listened to you all. I started by contacting Lam Hoac. Check out the custom I-T-M (Intense Trick Machine) he made for me. I gave him complete artistic license. Also, if anyone needs a KILLER kite bag, Lam crushes it! I have two Prism roll-up bags, but the bag I got from Lam is like nothing I've ever seen. I'll keep you updated as I grow my collection again. I think a Moonie Mamba and a Benson. For the Benson, I can't decide if I should go old-school-original Outer Space, or go new-tech supernova. Anyone with Benson experience, I'd love a review.
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    View Advert OSK Quad Handles OSK handles for sale. Like new. $35 and I'll pay shipping to the lower 48. Advertiser Jim Doman Date 02/22/2020 Price $35.00 Category Accessories Brand OSK Model  
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    I am hoping to connect someone around the Waterloo Iowa area that can fly a quad. I have several 2 string kites; a parasail and prisom, both 2 string. Have no problem flying either of them. I was in South Padre Island at kite festival last month (end a of a month stay) and was AMAZED with the quads so stopped into the kite shop down there and picked one up on my budget and their recommendation. (HQ Mojo) I was headed back to Iowa 2 days later (to the snow and freezing temps) so I have only been able to fly..... excuse me, ATTEMPT to fly several times. I don't know if it is me or the kite is not set up properly but I DO KNOW it is kicking my butt! I am looking for someone that can help get me started. I must say, the kite can really take a beating!!! and keep on ticking. I am watching all the videos and reading all I can on this site but I think I need some help at this point. Spring is right around the corner and with it will come some good flying weather. Cant wait! If you know of anyone or a club in the northeast Iowa area drop me a line! Help out an old geezer!
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    Announcement at their homepage.. https://www.gombergkites.com/
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    Looks good in the pic - line of sight between T fitting, hole and bridle exit, high up on the T.
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    I have a followup question that's sort of about the bridle. As I was reassembling my Djinn after cleaning from the Emerald Coast Quad Clinic (which was truly amazing, can't say enough about it) one of the T-connectors slipped out of the bridle at the leading edge. How important is the position of the lark's head on that connector to the symmetry of the bridle? Do I need to make sure the knot is in the same place on both sides? If so, where? Toward the inside, outside, or right in the middle? As high up on the T as possible? Here's the spot I mean:
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    Several, they're just not Hadziki wings, they're power kites. Flexifoil's Blurr, Blade, and Rage. Prism's Tensor series. Several of Peter Lynn's quads. None work the same as the Djinn's bridle because the wing design is different. Even so, they change how the force is distributed across the sail.
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    Quite a few models have them. The Rev is an exception at its price point, nearly everything at that cost is adjustable. For single and dual line kites it is the way to adjust the pitch, giving faster or slower flight, more or less forward drive. A quick adjustment for strong or weak winds changes the feel, letting you match the conditions. Adjustable knots can also change the distribution of force. This is what most quad bridle adjustments do. Visually a few millimeters is not much, but on the kite it can be enough to destabilize flight, or to turn an okay flier into an amazing flier. You can slow down the kite for a gentle relaxing cruise, or crank it up to racing speeds and twitchy control.
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    OMG, I feel and probably am just old and dumb, but I wondered what the purpose of the extra bridle knots was. It never occurred to me that you would adjust the bridle, but with all the other DJINN innovations, why not! In addition to flying more, I need to read more.
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