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    We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers... This month, Skydog Kites and Hang 'em High Fabrics have donated TWELVE classic SkyShark Response AirFrame carbon tubes, one of the earliest "super strong" tapered spars at a length of 32.5" and weighing in just under 19 grams each at full length, they are super smooth and super stiff... With the idea of possibly framing two or three high end sport kites, also included are six arrownocks and eleven ferrules, and these spars should serve particularly well as leading edges and / or bottom spreaders. All 12 spars, 6 arrow nocks and 11 ferrules will go to a single winner, and we encourage you to research amongst classic fliers and even SkyShark themselves about these spars which as we understand it are no longer made, and we're not even sure of the exact era. == If you haven't done so already, You can sign up here.Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/415, and will be drawn on August 1st, 2020!Our thanks, and the very best to you... Let the drooling begin.
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    Awhile back I asked for input on what to get for a 6 - 12 MPH kite, ended up with a Mamba.(Super easy process with Ken). Got to fly it today(8-10MPH) went well. Much easier to fly than I was anticipating. Did an axel two different times completely by accident as I was playing around at the top of the window. Problem is I really do not know what I did to make it happen. Had a video for you showing my mad skills which ended with me doing a stall and then a quick wing drag and landing. Unfortunately the wing drag ended up being my landing.(hence the CarbonCrusher). Video was too big to post. Picture instead. Blue
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    Wow! I never win nuthin! Thank you very much. I remember reading the riffclown thread about this some time ago, and had the thought of converting a Symphony but never did get past the thought. Now, my lack of sewing skills is irrelevant, for this project anyways. Awesome is right. Cheers, Michael
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    Let’s see if I can answer all of that😅, current focus flic-flacs in the different clockwork orientations, which for me with the Djinn bridle they seem harder especially inverted (I like a challenge), clarity of shapes with rotations, always focusing on keeping that leading edge straight to direction of travel. Mainly I’m a solo flyer even more so with this COVID, things are easing slowly, so most of my inspiration comes from content on social media, SPI flying with team Kitelife in January made me more precise overnight not sure how. I revisit some of my old videos that’s all I can compare myself with. Then I have a few favourite videos probably top of that list is the Djinn release video, so much flight control in that video. As for kite models the only quads I fly are Djinns they are the ones that make my hairs stand on end. For me they make it feel new every time I go out. Difficulties yes those clam rolls🤬😳😅, JB has helped me out with those (and many other things🙏) I owe him a lot. New projects, I’d like to get back to some team flying, I’m missing the people I’ve met over the last 3-4years. And just getting out there and flying when something funky happens see if it can be replicated who knows what’s next, hungry with anticipation for the future.
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    Sent from my SM-G973F using KiteLife mobile app
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    Great to fly. A few hours on the line with one and I wanted to buy it... Until I looked closely at the specs. The leading edge doesn't break down, so it is a long kite put away. While it is fine for many people it means I cannot transport it without wedging it in diagonally against the side wall. I have re-measured my vehicle a bunch of ways, diagonally, secured halfway up a wall panel, etc. Make sure it fits in your bag and vehicle. If you have room, it flies like a dream. Soft and gentle when you need it, and a moment later handles yank-and-spank motions as graceful commands.
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    It took me months to learn simple tricks, like the axel. Years to learn how to 540. Cascade ? IDK if even now I do that right, as well as the 1/2 axel. But... I fly because it's fun. It was frustrating sometimes, but I am past learning 'every trick in the book', so now it's just fun.
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    *insert ripping drum roll* Our lucky winner is #1602, @midibot is taking this bad boy home to Canada! Congratulations Michael, and thanks to all for playing! 🥰 == Stay tuned, got some cool stuff in from @Skydog Kites very recently... I think you'll really like it, probably break it up into 3-4 drawings. Talk soon! 😘
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    Had to do it. This kite is a UV pop star.. Love the way it lights up with the classic Black light.
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    Yay!!!! Good on yaz!!! Yes all lines must be of equal length....and that's just scratching the surface....check out the following for starters.... https://kitelife.com/video-tutorials/ Have fun!!! bt
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0CcM1uHT7k Here's the maiden flight (couple of crashes and all)
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    OMG, just took out my newly finished Symphony Pro 2.5.4. I love it!! What a totally different experience to the regular 2 line kite. Taken my enjoyment of kiting to a new level. Took a bit of trial and error to splice the bridals but got there after I realised that the string I was using wasn't good enough (initially tried using the line that came on the Symphony 2.5 Pro, but it didn't open up nicely and was nearly impossible to splice). I recently bought replacement quad lines for a Peter Lynn hornet so ended up using the old flying lines to make my bridals. I managed to get my bother into it too after I bought my niece a Symphony Beach 1.3 for her birthday. He instantly bought a 2.2 pro and will no doubt be converting it after seeing my first flight video of the 2.5.4. Strong work @riffclown thanks again. Can't believe HQ aren't selling the 4 line Symphony Pro kites out of the box but there is something satisfying about doing the conversion yourself (I even learnt how to use Mrs LeMac's sewing machine!)
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    Definitely a Mantis. Check the tail strap on the back side of the spine for more identifying information. Mine is a UL. Black Diamond 3pt lower spreaders, P200 spine, P100 lower leading edge. Sorry, don't want to de-spar the kite to see what the upper leading edge is, but that should be enough to figure out if you have a UL or standard.
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    Level One Genesis. Nice kite, goes back a bit. Youtube promo of the versions I got from a google search:
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    Blue Moon looks like a Mantis Sent from my Lenovo TB-8705F using Tapatalk
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    I haven't bought a kite in a very long time. Last kite I bought was one of the first production Djinns. (and I do mean extrelmely early production) Other than that, I make everything I want or need. I flew one of the early Kaijus back when we had JB visit us in Corolla. I have dozens of kites and some which have not graced these pages due to the design being unique and I don't want to share those particular ideas. I'm exclusively 4 line and not fan of indoor but I did enjoy some serene time with a single line glider JB let me try. All of that being said, a shortage of kites is not my issue. Not being able to fly the ones I want to fly is the issue. Changes of me buying kites right now, nearly zero. Kite parts 100%..
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    Thank you for the words of encouragement. I feel like I'm on a kite-less island surrounded by Kites I can't fly.
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    Here are just some thoughts on these tubes. They are indeed stiff if one looks at the weight alone at 19 grams (although weight alone may not be the only factor). The current Skyshark 5PTs are about 15 grams, and the 7PTs are listed as 20g. A Nitro Strong is 17.5 grams. So -- insofar as a dual line kite, that would possibly be more aimed at a higher wind configuration and/or a biiig kite, no? My eight foot wingspan Benson SuperNova has 7PT lower spreaders, and that is very sturdy. For lighter winds I use 5PTs (with lighter meaning 10/12 kph (~6+ mph) and up on that kite, for me anyways). Many of my UL kites sport 3PTs. Some of my SULs use 2PTs. So: this prize consists of very special rods for very special projects. Someone is going to be very lucky. .
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    Great giveaway John, these tubes are down spars only for SUL or standard sailed kites, PERFECT option easy to compare switching back and forth. Someone is gonna inherit some irreplaceable items, discontinued decades ago.... RARE and DESIREABLE the taper forces more weight forward resulting in a better glide when leading edge down doing field recovery envy to the winner, PM me if you want to unload, trade, sell, donate to a worthy cause? -plm
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    Most probably available from Rev directly. Can't be too pricey?
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    There needs to be some clarification..... First off the old B series and the new classic (in B sail pattern) are the same except the new classic series has the features of the B pro....ie doubled/sewn up LE ends....no more rev fray...yay!!! The only real difference is the new classic B has the velcro bits on the back side for Rev`s reflex frame system... I have a grey fade and did not need the frame or reflex stuff when ordering....sail only (have many frames)...and the velcro bits were on the sail. If you have an SLE sail....then it has a different sail pattern from the B pattern. The present EXP pattern is the same as the old SLE pattern...which given colour choices, can sometimes look way better than a B....huge factor. I digress....I have a full vented SLE sail and also had a full vented B.....yes I sold the B and kept the SLE....also, very important, the SLE can be the name of the kite only and will have a regular frame and NOT include those confounded tomato stakes they used back in the day....hence the SLE (rods) name. Either/or ya got yourself a nice kite....now the fun stuff... If you`ve saved 80 bux on this kite you are now 80 bux closer to your next kite as it is virtually impossible have only one (or two or...), or there is that other lineset/bulk spool, frame??? bt
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    Yowza...I really like that sail pattern.... That`s quite something!! It reminds me of....and please take this as a huge compliment...Steve Tapp`s multi paneled Enigma in a (your) quad sail. Maybe it`s the colours???...dunno but I`m thinking my eyes may get kooky after flying that for a while....guess you`ll have to send it over here to test my theory...lol. bt
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    Decided to revisit my original perspective design with a bit of black and Flo Green. LE is also Flo Green 72". Edge binding will be black. Sail is sewn and LE is ready. Should finish this kite up tomorrow.
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    Check on some fishing rod building websites. https://www.mudhole.com/supplies-rod-building
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    The tale of the runaway kite. One we don't really want to repeat. http://carolinabeachkiter.com/2020/06/25/our-excitement-for-the-week/
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    Hi, I'm a long-time kiteflyer who hasn't flown anything for probably 15 years (college and then grad school will do that to you). I stumbled on this site after a bit of a journey that started from my cleaning out my parents' house last week. I came across a 1990s Into the Wind catalog and decided to see if they were still in business (nice to see that they are, as so many shops seem to have closed). Noting how their selection of 2- and 4- line kites had dramatically shrunk, I started looking to see if my two favorite kites were still in some kind of production (whether directly or evolutions of the model); the Flexifoil Stranger (which came with an awesome VHS video that I used to watch with my friends back in high school) and the MEFM (a Big Easy-made one). Sadly, it looks like neither is in production anymore, and that makes me a little scared to fly them - both are in excellent condition and the MEFM is essentially perfect (the last kite I ever bought). Part of me is inclined just to buy a newer one (that is replaceable) and leave those two for very occasional use. Nice to see that Prism is still in business though, as I kind of broke a spar on my Prism Micron waaaaay back and never got around to fixing it. I'm guessing I'll need to get some new line if I want to fly again, as I'm guessing my Spectra/Dyneema has too far degraded to use safely.
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    I understand it completely.
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    Hi Fred, Just thought I would mention that I own both a STD and a vented Challenger. IMHO, they are both very nice kites and the build quality seems to excellent. I am sure that whatever Andy shared with you about the kite is spot on!! The TICA 202 is also a very nice kite, but as Andy pointed out, a bit bigger and that may cause issues for you and your back. I am fairly new at kiting and am trying to learn a few tricks. I have MUCH to learn, but have no doubt that the Challenger is up to the challenge and would be able to trick with ease!! Good luck in your choice, Lon
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    If i don't win this I'll probably convert one myself, or send one to Riff to convert.
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    5 days to go for this very special kite.
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    Video as promised.. End of day one..
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    High pace, precision and flow (unless, of course, you do sudden starts/stops)! Inspirational! - I want to go out for another session (and I have already managed to have two (quick) sessions earlier today).
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    Great flying in a great spot..
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    Hello, I'm looking into getting back some sort of flying again... kites seemed a most headache-free path to take, so here I am. More specifically, I'm looking for a portable kite solution that can fit into a small or medium-sized backpack. My whole everything is depending on the kite's portability, if I can't fit it into the backpack, there will be no flying around. Of all the problems I will have to overcome to get into this hobby, portability is the most severe of them. With that cleared out, I now ask: what do I do? 「I noticed that portability was mentioned some other times in other threads, but there seems to be no specific thread that focuses on the whole portability thing」 The local vendors which I have easy and reliable access to have some few RTF kites in stock, all over 180cm or so. Even if I manage to fit most parts in the backpack, I would still have to carry around the long non-telescopic tubes and spars, which is something I just can't do. The backpack idea is mostly to keep troubles away on a local level as well as carrying them around comfortably. "Fighter kites" (as I've seen they being referred to on this forum) are a common sight here. It is global knowledge that locals will attempt to attack anything that flies and could possibly be cut down by a dangerously glass-infused sharp wire, or destroyed by getting entangled on the lines, such as photography multirotors, other kites, balloons, and full-sized helicopters. Therefore keeping my own kite out of sight until I reach a most remote and deserted area is the optimal way of ensuring that no one will keep their eye on me until I settle down somewhere. Most zones where I could possibly fly a kite in peace cannot be reached by any land vehicle as well, so the backpack is irreplaceable. I am willing to pretty much do anything to fit the kite on the backpack, whether that be building my own, modifying stuff, inventing wonders, whatever it takes. I will not go out with any kites on sight - nor tied around unusually odd packages. It has to fit into the regular looking backpack so nothing will seem wrong or out of place to random observers around. Up to this point, the only reasonable solution that occurred to me seems to be building a miniature kite that would fit into a customized case that would go into the backpack, this way being permanently ready to fly. What do you guys think about it? Any suggestions?
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    The lines are (supposed to be) equal length, so it doesn't matter which go on top and which on bottom as far as flying goes. But most people choose a color for the bottoms and one for the tops and stick to that. My mnemonic is that the ground is "darker" than the sky, so I put the darker color on the bottom, closest to the ground.
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    If memory serves me, black bottom👍
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    Ooh la la!!!! That's a nice one!!!! Yup....very "easy" kite(s) to fly, and yes it will "give away" some moves while still retaining that mystery of wtf was that???? There are many reasons why the Mamba has been around for such a long time and still rules the roost as it is by no means a one trick pony...one of the best allrounders ever!!! I think you will be very and pleasantly surprised at how well it will fly and perform in UL wind territory!! (Sometimes I enjoy my std Mamba more than my ul Mojo in low winds) Most definitely a kite you'll want to grow and dance with..... bt
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    And don,t forget that the vertical rods go on the back of the kite !
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    Exult The "rough handling" of my UL tube was all my fault. When assembling the kite I had one of the tubes tangled in the bridle. Instead of releasing all of the standoffs, I removed just one, when I went to pull the tube in question from the T fitting, snap went the tube in my hand. Lesson learned, remove all standoffs before disassembling the frame. As far as yanking and banking goes; that is my way of saying you can fly the kite hard with exaggerated inputs.
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    When purchasing your standard Fulcrum, be sure to buy the UL frame as well to compliment the standard frame. That being said, the only pieces I have broken over the last 16 months with my Fulcrum are the Nitro Lite tubes which make up the outer spars of the UL frame. One was broken by gusty winds in the mountains of N.C., the other by my rough handling of the tube. Get yourself a spare Nitro Lite tube and ferrule with your order. There are two different diameter sail standoffs, qty 2 each, that come with the kite. You might ask for one of each size to act as backup in case you misplace them. All other frame components are sewn into the sail. The most important thing to remember with your Fulcrum is to make sure you get the tubes seated deeply into the T fittings on the outer spars when assembling the kite. I always assemble the kite, pop it into the air, fly back and forth a couple times, set it down and go double check the assembly to insure that the frame is seated deep into the rubber T fittings. I’ve enjoyed my Fulcrum. It’s unique shape attracts attention, I can yank and bank with it, and with the UL frame there is always enough wind to fly. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Hi Bill, thanks for your message. Dunstable sounds good - an hour's drive isn't too bad. Are you still meeting every Sunday? Guess it's good to stay >2m apart when flying kites anyway Maybe I can bring some gloves and sanitiser if we are to share handles... Unfortunately I don't have facebook (and refuse to do so). Could you give me coordinates of the field here or in a PM please?
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    Hi Fubar, Jeremy Wharton gave me the tip that you are looking to fly quad line ! We are not too far from you on Dunstable Downs and you are most welcome to come and join us, we are usually on site from 10am on Sundays where we can assist you in what and where to buy and of course try our kites ! You can find me on face-book as"bill final " and team "Dunstable Downs Old Gents"
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    As Dragonfish mentions, it seems you could be better served by a parafoil kite. No tubes and spars, and they can be folded or stuffed into a small bag. If you encounter people who would destroy your kites, a dual line kite if you're looking for activity would probably be better as it's easier (and less costly) to replace two lines rather than four. For ready-made kites, an HQ Symphony, Prism Synapse, Skydog First Foil, Cross Kites Air or Boarder, or maybe smaller with a Flying Wings Mighty Bug, and many store-specific variations which may have better availability in Brazil. They fold down small in a backpack, are lightweight, and are difficult to damage in a crash. They can still have lines cut or other damage by aggressive fliers, so you'll need to stay away from destructive people. If you're looking for more pull, HQ Rush, Prism Tantrum, or even a Prism Tensor or Elliot's Magma may be more your preference.There are many variations and store brands of these, as well, called power kites, traction kites, and trainer kites, they can produce tremendous pull if you're feeling vigorous or are in need of a demanding workout, or are considering kiteboarding, kitesurfing, or riding around on a kite-powered buggy. Larger designs really should be only flown over water due to the ability to lift people into the air, and those landings are harsh. Beware with these larger kites, they require more training and safety mindfulness as they increase in power. That is an option. Do you want to spend your days flying kites, or designing kites? Or if you have your heart set on a smaller frame kites, some kites have "travel frames" available. Rev 1.5 travel frames are about 40 cm long. If that works for you, many of the revolution 1.5 sized kites (Rev, Djinn, Phoenix, RevoPolo, etc) could work with modification if they don't sell travel frames. Basically the rods are cut in half, although it does affect the strength and flexibility. You could do the same with a dual line framed kite, although each joint introduces a weakness and changes how the frame flexes and bends.
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    Hi All, Thank you for the invite. I am just a newbie to the Rev family but i love kiting my whole life! Since I wanted to learn a trick kite (quad) I have searched a lot on the internet and read quite a few forums. After this research I was convinced to buy a official revolution kite. I really love it! difficult but I am will master it someday. kind regards, Ruben
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    ran across this info by accident and am very glad that i did. i will assume that this has been listed on this site before, but maybe it can come to light for the newer flyers now. fascinating. you can see other levels of instruction with a search of "fly 4 fun." i happened to find the master's list. tom https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=fly+4+fun+master
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    https://www.youtube.com/user/DPmama74/videos That should keep you busy...
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    Warning: The horsing around is omnipresent in this blog entry. If you are easily annoyed by silly contents that is scattered through this text you are hereby warned. Sunday afternoon after almost 2 days of cold rain the winds were really good for the local field/beach. The breeze was perfect, even (T-shirt) warm. I decided to get my HQ Infinity out. We have only seen each other about five times in kiting fields so far. There is a freshness about the situation. This is the first kite for me where all the spars are wrapped and and at the same time is equipped with an adjustable weight. The mysterious Infinity late on its first evening here after its long voyage. Could this be the one? The wind was so that the kite could maintain a pancake on the ground, while going from the position with nose on the ground trailing edge upwards to ground pancake was a bit difficult. I'd say that the wind was quite ideal for fade launches. I'd also say that compared to my other (oldie) kites maintaining the fade feels easier. It is however difficult to separate ones own progress from the properties of the kite. So, the wind made putting the kite in a "ground pancake" (by tilting forwards as above) for the fade launch a bit time consuming. Card wheels are very often useful when launching a kite, but unfortunately as thrilling as cold porridge. Therefore I decided to try launching the kite in a way I've never tried before: let the kite fall backwards instead so it gets in a ground fade position, pull on one side so the kite flips around and in some way can be launched. Now to the surprise, something that never has happened before - a trick succeeded in the first attempt! In fact, it only failed once in this afternoon evening! When looking it up later the name of the trick turned out to be a sleeping beauty (sleeping beauty by DPmama74: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VANxs3rZd5E ). Once again I don't know whether it is me or the kite that can do this trick easily (suspect the kite though). Although I've tried it on other kites and on other occasions and managed a few times, the lazy Susans was now there for the most of the time. Not always but to a degree that I had not experienced before. I also noticed that the turtles did not sink so rapidly - hm ... should compare this to other kites. First dinner with the Infinity - a long wonderful but yet so short evening. The air was dense from expectation. (yes, the Swedish midsummer nights are bright). Ménage à trois: "No, Jam Session return to your sleeve! - It is not infidelity, this is Infinity! To condense the tricking of the last session the Infinity, compared to my other older kites, seem to assist me in the in these tricks (yes a very limited list of tricks, but the tricks that I'm currently working with): * Fade/fade launch * Sleeping Beauty * Lazy Susan This thing about the wrapped spars is a bit new to me, the pultruded ones has been the standard for so many years. The main exception being the Prism Illusion, where the lower leading edges are just very fragile. However the infinity is not the most light wind kite (with weight at least) so this kite could be more durable? How much can these spars really take? Dynamic DT15? A secret code was obviously written on the lower spreaders of the Infinity. Getting a bit too carried away by my barnstorming text of fiery rhetoric pitch for being heavy on input on the lines (in Home > Sport Kites > Beginners > Breaking Spars, Very Common?) I kind of entered a more careless daring mode. After a while, during a heavy on the lines type of lazy Susan close to the ground, the kite instead exited the turtle and rapidly banged a wing tip into the ground. After this the kite felt a tiny fraction slightly more flexible and there was a small group of about 1.5cm (~1/2 inch) long fissures on one of the lower leading edges closest to the centre-T. All fissures being parallel to the axis of the spreader. I decided to go on (I hear the forums collective "NO!!!"-cries of horror), but with gentler handling. I now think I know how much a DT15 can and can't take since I now has experienced being within and at/beyond the limit. The Infinity after the session that caused the fissures in one of the LS's inner tube end. Pink Floyd - The Post War Dream: "Was it you for you? Was it me? Did I watch too much TV? Is there a hint of accusation in your eyes?" Also notice the deep sail that should make (I assume) the kite to track well (OK, but not immensely impressive after turning with tail weight at least). As I said this is still the early days with the Infinity. I've only tried the Infinity with the weight yet and has been starting from this spring very spoilt with tracking from the Tramontana. I should try it out without the weight and be observant on how tracking is affected. There are so many nice features, so many bridle settings that can be adjusted, the leading edge connectors are covered to reduce snags, there is a well centered thick patch to protect the sail from the top spreader, yo-yo stoppers, adjustable leech line, keeper lines to avoid having the bridle being caught on the end of the spine and there is even the slack lines that help the LE to preserve its shape and to prevent it to vibrate during higher winds. I have one minor complaint, the sleeve is a bit narrow. A detail you may think, but I don't want to add wrinkles to the sail. This kite is best oriented in the sleeve with the nose up. A bit too narrow sleeve. The First Letter to the Infinity During your convalescence I've been flying with my HQ Maestro 3 - fear not because with it's sail pattern it is sure not a beauty. However the tricks we experienced were still there (fades, sleeping beauties and lazy Susans), though the lazy Susans were not as mighty as yours. The sleeping beauty success ratio was a bit lower, mainly because I started to experiment with inputs. Infinity, I hope you'll recover soon, so we can perfect the lazies and make them reliable, so we can test smooth soft sleeping beauties and more aggressive ones and so that we can start to work on those back spins. And Infinity what would happen to your personality without the tail weight? The Second Letter to the Infinity I keep practicing the tricks I learnt/discovered/evolved/refined with you. The Tramontana now can fade launch and sometimes do the sleeping beauty thanks to the inspiration I got from you. I miss you, I want you back, so now I've bought a nice double syringe of epoxy to have you here soon. There is also a woven glass fibre welding blanket from which I can salvage some strands of glass fibre. Perhaps a spiral wound glass fibre epoxy composite can make you complete and even stronger than before? Epoxy and woven glass fibre sheet. Added 21st of Mars 2017 00:47: I didn't think it was appropriate (at the time I was new KL member) - now I post with less self criticism (if possible). The music video that I mainly had in mind when writing this "new Infinity blog post" was: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GDQGAZunEg (Lisa Ekdahl "Vem vet"/"Who knows"). The black and white video well matches the grey Infinity. Tonight I was on a musical concert (for the first time in 15 years or so). First it was a dinner included and then the the lady Lisa Ekdahl was giving a concert. In 1994 her greatest (yes this one) hit was written, but at the time my economy kept me from buying her CD. That little person (a head shorter than others on the scene) had such a presence (like an HQ Tramontana in the sky?). Yes, you are probably right when you think it has gone a little over the the top... One more kind of kite related thing, the person that got a HQ salsa kite as a wedding gift showed interest in the artist. He is a saxophone player and immediately got hold of the musical notes for "Who knows" when hearing of my coming concert visit, but I had already bought the tickets half a year ago, so he unfortunately couldn't join us...
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    Addendum: my bottom leaders are generally about 5" long, with 1/2" knots. I use these strictly to equalize R-L unbalance as I switch from line set to line set in a hurry. All tuning (throttle/brake) is done on my top leaders. Re tuning for newbies - the best approach I've found for folks trying to find their "feel" on the settings... 1 - Start with good, long top leaders (maybe 12" long with knots spaced 3/4"). 2 - Let your top lines all the way out on the leaders, and try to launch. 3 - If you can't launch, pull in one top knot and try again. 3a - If you can't launch, pull in one top knot and try again. 3b - If you can't launch, pull in one top knot and try again. 3c - If you can't launch, pull in one top knot and try again. Eventually, you should hit a knot where you are *just* able to launch - practice on that knot, and the knot on either side for a minimum of 45 minutes (takes a while for our physical technique to adapt and stick). Every 3-4 months, repeat the same "seeking" process and I'll bet even money that your "happy launch" knot ends up further and further out each time. Note, your "happy" setting may vary as you change kites (different bridle stretch or tying) and lines (top lines stretched more or less), don't get stuck on one setting - it's best to stay dynamic, testing and adjusting as needed. Other posts in this same thread that may be useful in utilizing your new settings: How to "whump" or load and unload your turns: http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/5530-pigtails-tuning-your-rev-with-knotted-leaders/page-5#entry37769 Relevant tutorials on KiteLife: http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/5530-pigtails-tuning-your-rev-with-knotted-leaders/#entry37572
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