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    Next project will be two kites that will mirror each other. Will use R,O,Y,(FY),(FG),G,(LB),B,V variation across the face. Gray Fade Darker in the middle with the White Mesh interspersed among the gray. This will probably go much slower than my other recent projects due to piecework on several of the strips needed to utilize some of the shorter strips in my strip box.
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    The lucky winner is... An older subscriber number, #461 is taking home a brand new custom Djinn! Congratulations to @photomom, I know this kite will love those Carolina breezes. Heartfelt thanks to all, this website would not be possible without you, truly.
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    True story. Wind was about 7mph, and we had all three (ST / MV / VT) flying team together with no problems. 🥰 Taken the same day:
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    Took delivery of this bad boy suite today. SUL STD & VENT all from KITE-TEC here in the U.K. Just need some half decent weather to go play now. Can’t wait Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    The draught is over and we had a really nice KAP session over the flooded Planina karst field, Slovenia. Shot with Nikon P330 on a Rokkaku kite. Check out all the photos and more about this magical place on our KAP website! 😉
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    Bridle Test Went Well. This kite is ready to play.
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    Went with Red and Purple wear strips to blend with the sail better.. LE is White, Edge Binding is Black. Only framing remains.. Kite will be finished today.
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    Same seam after correction.. Fortunately the sail is still quite oversized and this will not affect the final result. A few stitches and it would have been too late.
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    Ha, I wasn't a huge fan of the color combo of my first one, either (the same as the one you're looking at). I knew at some point I would get the one I wanted (the Spider) but I couldn't wait an indefinite amount of time. There are only 7 Spiders in existence, so finding one took a while. Funny thing is that I got a replacement of my first one in the same color, and had no reservations about that choice... I guess I got used to it. And yes, the APAs are the spreader connectors. No Tica color decision , yet. I'm still digesting my most recent kite purchase (Moonie Mamba).
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    If I was going to design a sports fan kite, it would be green and gold. Go Pack Go!!!!!! Actually, that’s a thought. Sent from my iPad using KiteLife mobile app
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    Congrats photomom!!! Pix of your choice of colors!!
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    I'll take a look after I win and let you know [emoji6] Sent from my Pixel 2 using KiteLife mobile app
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    ALMOST. 😎 Note the yellow in the green fade instead of the final grey we went with for green and purple (lacking availability of 3rd Icarex Pc-31 shade of either).
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    Great story. I've never gotten a chance to fly Djinn with others, but I believe it based on flying them all solo. That picture is identical to my collection in colors and types. Not sure why that's so cool... it just is.
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    Aaarrrgghhh... Purple be one of my colours! Thank you for all these great opportunities.
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    Thank you, and I'm sorry I put an untranslated post.
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    A translation of Loiko27,s post:- Welcome. In England https://www.kitetec.co.uk/pulse in the EU http://www.polokites.com/ http: //esste.com/ https://www.cerfvolantservice.com/ https://wind-r.com/fr/ there is A-QUAD in Sweden, but they are not very available. You can also wait for Revolution Reflex XX Tarantula in the range of 3-20 miles per hour. It will be spring in stores in the EU. when it comes to mentioning predecessors, there is no universal kite. Yes, you can wide range by changing the frame. I use an unreinforced rigid carbon tube and a modified wind bridle at a speed of about 7-9 m / s. But share it also with faster getting a kite. I am in a similar situation because I have difficulties with the availability of kites and the cost is limited (conversion to dollar x4).
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    What was the conclusion, did you manage to sort insurance or find any more information? Sent from my SM-G973F using KiteLife mobile app
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    you're right, of course the 4D did kinda get a raw deal in my oversimplification and i've spent some time this morning as penance looking for vids of the 4D tricking...found one pretty good one filmed on Kite Hill in Seattle. kind of a coincidence that the pilot was Tom Paterson...i think the same one from my quotes yesterday reviewing the ATM SUL...life is funny...stuff like that. i'm going to try to upload the vid, something i've been struggling with here at Kitelife...could use a little advice if its no trouble. my only real beef with the 4D is the small size, i just like bigger kites right now. just bought a new one- ATM SUL in white gray and black, from Lam Hoac himself, his last one he said. i've met the nicest people in kiting and Lam is one of them...invited me to come up to Vancouver to fly with him. i will def be doing that even tho its a 5 hour trip...one of my sons lives an hour south of Lam.
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    Thank you. I agree with Mirror. If these kites ever get flown in a pairs routine the mirror would look pretty cool LE to LE. LE is now attached. Will finish this kite tomorrow..
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    These are some of my ideas for a custom djinn.
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    View Advert For sale B series full vent For sale is a B series team I quad full vent kite only. I bought it used and only flew it a few times. Last time was at quad clinic in long beach so its a little dirty, but looks like it's only been flown 10-15 times, has a small stain on the bag. Will come with a 4 wrap frame, bridle and sleeve. 175 $ shipped in the continental US. Advertiser DTill Date 11/29/2019 Price $175.00 Category Kites (Quad Line) Brand Revolution Model B Series vented
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    I love to fly the PD SUL on 30 ft lines in almost no wind. And yes like Rob said it will fly in 1 mph with little effort. 360’s are easier on the 30 foot lines except I usually fly on the beach and dry sand makes it a little more difficult. I have not flown the Echo but have a 4D, but don’t fly it much. Several times I’ve thought about buying an Echo but have other kites for that wind range, Sky burner Delta Drive UL and a Mamba UL so don’t really have a need for another. I haven’t tried the Kaiju outdoors but enjoy it indoors more than the 4D.
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    Hey Bill, So happy to have shared that wonderful beach @ LBI with you for the weekend ! That Shook was a joy to fly compared to my old FV, I could barely tell there was much wind at all !
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    I also agree with the Djinn but I limited my response to the name brand identified by the OP.
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    If your only buying one why not buy a Djinn, I believe the wind range to be far bigger, just my thought I'm sure others will chime in soon, whatever you choose enjoy.
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    Congratulations and we can’t wait to see what you come up with.
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    Congrats ! So happy to read this ! I'm Wishing you best of wind to fly this !
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    thanks guys @matthijs1973 , RobB , Breezin: so far i have been able to go to the post and figure out he wants $185 including shipping...probly europe...not sure if the kite pictured is the one for sale or not. "und hier fotos von der spinne" translates to "here are photos of the spider" i guess thats his affectionate name for his widowmaker... a german guy who names his kites...sounds familiar. not sure where to go from here...register for the german forum i guess...BUT im gonna play this relaxed and cool (finding my WM, that is) not wide eyed and stammering like my previous kite purchases and then pacing the floor like an expectant father till i have it in hand...no, relaxed and cool this time... i remember when i found my zephyr in the closeout bin at prism.com...$150 with slight blems and fell over myself trying to get it ordered before it was gone...the next day they were gone. that put me on the hunt for a quantum pro and an e3...havent found a new Qpro yet but got the E3 brand new from some retailer for $150 on closeout... picked up 2 hydras at half price and still kicking myself for not getting a couple of Kymeras while they were around. the advice by several members here to newbies was to fill voids in your quiver in order to fly in all winds...that resulted in 2 Echos...that brings us to the present...i want a WM...im probly gonna get one sooner or later but im pretty well set to just spend some time flying and make it to the next level...as JB has said, to fly with intent. enough rambling the wind is picking up fair winds my friends Bob
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    Congratulation [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    Yup, reconciling the database now.
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    From the album: Riffclown's Homemades

    Here's what I carry right now to fly with.
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    Thank you jay ive looked into it and have now found STACK that do the same and have put my application into them 😊
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    Thanks Wayne. I was able to contact Bazzer with your help!!
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Ooohhh, I'm drooling now. A little bummed that there's only one purple now, so a good purple fade is not possible anymore. But, I found inspiration elsewhere. Anyone recognize it?
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    Now that’s a sweet prize, thanks! Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    After realizing I was completely hijacking the other conversation, I split this off to its own topic.. I'm going to break with conventional wisdom and disagree with what we've always thought on one minor point. The B-series taught Rev how to vent from what is now the standard accepted approach. Mid-vent take a stripe off of each wing and replace with screen . Full vent, Take 2.. etc. Bazzer's Phoenix started venting the trailing edge (including on the full sail) which changes the way the kites load up. It kind of de-whumps the sail if you know what I mean. Right or wrong it was a different approach that really seems to come into its own around the full vent level. The Spider as you said, moves lamost all of the flying surface outside the spars which works but the kite has very little glide and no real belly to load. It was yet another approach. @John Barresi's Djinn design smooths out the limitation of the B-Series by making the venting profile follow the natural curvature of the loaded sail. It adds a consistent relief in a more effectively targeted area. Personally (and this is why I disagree), in those versions of venting, (including on the Shooks) you still have a basic solid panel in the center which in essence becomes the axis of your flying surface. Too much belly throws off the overall balance of the sail as much as "not enough" affects the Spider. You end up flying the belly which can lose fine control of the outer surfaces. IMO, a balanced approach to venting across the entire sail whether a small amount or a large amount gives you the best result. You still have your balanced sail feel on the handles. You still have your glide. Most importantly, no part of the sail becomes overpowered in a gust. We've all made tweaks to existing designs to get what we want from our kites. The balanced venting approach is really hard to set down once you've tried it.. It feels like a full sail, flies like a full sail but handles the high wind in ways you'd never expect. Bottom line, is I feel a balanced approach to venting gives you the most stable sail design, within your targeted wind window and even just above it. It takes more work to make a kite this way but it's truly worth it for the increase in feel and handling. Winds 18-25 Flying balanced diamonds venting Full Vent 72" style. Blisteringly fast but still balanced flight. Winds were whipping this year at the Rogallo. 1.5 size and my balanced diamonds mid venting.. Notice the flags in the foreground at the beginning of this vid.
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    The Zero G and me finally came to an understanding today After a nice long session with several Dualies, the wind dropped down to about 2mph. So up the ZeroG went while taking everyone's+Glider Geeks suggestions into account and I managed to keep it aloft for a good 8min or so. I discovered that launching this glider a few degrees to my left or right provides just enough of an offset to gently manage the change in return velocity. Successive launches went higher and higher and the dynamic of walking the kite suddenly made perfect sense. Now, totally excited to try using all the line instead of just 15 meters. Thanks again Wayne & Rob for your insights. -8th
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    Update: Found some wood spools for thread at HobbyLobby. Looks better than the plastic ones. Sent from my iPhone using KiteLife mobile app
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    That's a good read Esinger. Fascinating kites. Spent today in winds going over 20.Yeah I'm 57 of course I'm tired and sore. Had a great time but I'm going to have to experience something like a Horvath too. Would be so very different but looks so rewarding.
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    Here's a video I created this past Sunday flying "The Long Way Home" glider
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    Thanks, wound up choosing Douglas Stout Viper (forward wing) so will see in a month or so how she flies.
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    here is my HQ flowform 7.0 i love it and its much cheaper then a 252 sutton .. however i would like to get one of those someday
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