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  1. It goes tad sideways in translation, but the spirit is there.
  2. Clicking this graphic on the home page will still bring up the Classic Night for you, and other Rev products. It appears to be the expected graphics and colors. http://www.awindofchange.com/product/Rev-Classic-NIGHT.html
  3. Hi all! Addict Kite in France just opened the voting for their annual awards including best shop, top pilots and teams, and more... Please vote early and vote often, before February 3rd! https://www.addictkite.com/awards-2019-lheure-des-votes/ Some very familiar names in there.
  4. I'll bring whatever I can pick up from TK before I head out; for sure. 👍🏻
  5. You know Jim Doman, there in Colorado? He has a full custom set going out on Monday.
  6. Both Widow Makers went home with Bob, thanks all! 🙏🏻
  7. Thanks for that, pretty liberal use of my name all over that page, specifically promoting a product I have no involvement with, the "B-Classic" or 1.5 Classic as it's listed everywhere else... Sent a message of my own, got a fast and cordial response confirming it will be updated soon. 👍🏻
  8. Not sure on the PC31, but traditionally over the past 3 decades, popular sport kites have been made with either 1/2 (SUL) or 3/4 (normal) ounce ripstop - for a while in the mid-90s there was an uptick in 1/2 oz being used on some high end kites but it didn't have the same durability in higher winds (faster burn out).
  9. Aye, the word "Icarex" is but like "Kleenex" these days - like "hand me a Kleenex" but it could be anything... As @frob points out, there is only one true PC31 Icarex and its incomparable for sport kite sails.
  10. In truth, I was afforded very little access to the development of the B2 or Zen once prototyping began - one of the reasons I fly something else these days, they had their chance and I wanted to improve things (to my taste).
  11. Yep, it's a Rev II with a B "touch" to it. Zen is not scaled from a B-Pro either. It comes down to belly proportions (measure from LE to the "v" point in the sail), it needs belly... Bazzer increased the belly proportion and made the Zen a bit fatter for more sail in light wind, same idea applied to the Rev II in terms of LE>v point distance.
  12. Leading edge curve is slightly different, it's more obvious between other models, also the stretch, porosity and play of the fabric play a role (B is industry poly, EXP is nylon, Djinn is Icarex PC31 poly).
  13. The B2 is not a true "down scale" of the Full size B-Series, it's a novelty piece for speed and twitch - it lacks the flexibility and sail area required for consistent smooth control. IMHO Re your question about why you feel the B is better than the EXP, all I can suggest is that you look at the details - panel arrangement, shape of leading edge, etc... All this details were stepped up massively in the Djinn, extensive details can be found on the product page. http://kiteforge.com/Djinn
  14. FYI - I'll have a number of vented Djinn models available at SPI, most likely in B&S Kites.
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