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  1. John Barresi

    Turtling 🐢

    Correct, a quad fade is equivalent to a dual line turtle - the Hadzicki style quad has aerodynamic limitations on its back, LE toward the pilot.
  2. John Barresi

    KARMA 11/10/18 Prism Micron

    Call it Nov 20th? I think we’ll run these drawings a little longer (duration) through the holiday season anyway, folks be busy and doing the family thing.
  3. John Barresi

    FS: Revolution 1.5 quad line kite.

    Is this kite still available? (just doing forum housekeeping)
  4. John Barresi

    Wind Range??

    @makatakam‘s assessment is on point, but the Sync Bridle also moderates the max speed and load up (pull) factor.
  5. Channeling refers to directing the airflow in the sail, deeper channels (the billow in the sail) affect how the air moves as it hits and leaves the sail. How does it affect the back tricks? Well, the sail certainly does “give in” when air hits the back, but you tell me how it works... As for new dual lines, YES, hoping to roll out some new ones under Kite Forge sometime next year - we already have the Kaiju indoor kite with plans in the works for a trickier indoor model and a “true blue” trickable team kite (balance of trick and precision)... Stay tuned.
  6. John Barresi

    Turtling 🐢

    Both, also how high the kite is in the window - the higher it is, the easier it gets to throw it into a turtle.
  7. Aye, bear in mind the Kymera is a now discontinued design targeted to intermediate pilots, but the “looseness” takes on some shaping once the sail is loaded - more sail area with the same frame specs, creates some channeling.
  8. John Barresi

    Local Connections

    @RobB, got any leads?
  9. John Barresi

    Sync Bridle (basics)

    Spot on description of some Sync Bridle dynamics here:
  10. John Barresi

    XT and HV prototyping...

    Added more vents, more testing this week.
  11. John Barresi

    Shipping update!

    42 custom kites will be delivered this week, stay tuned.
  12. John Barresi

    Kites are landing... :)

    Been looking forward to this pilot’s feedback, and here we have it!
  13. John Barresi

    3 Rev 1.5 (STD, UL, VT) *SOLD* (PP)

    Congrats on the quick sale, locking this thread as we usually do when they’re completed. 👍🏻
  14. John Barresi

    KARMA 11/10/18 Prism Micron

    How about a fork in the road... Extend and share the link around Facebook a bit to drum up entries, or we can draw as is and close our karma drawings until the Spring when folks get more active (I’ll start the first one myself if needed). Thoughts?
  15. John Barresi

    Local Connections

    Welcome @Flap Floblem, we’ve got a few folks here within reach of you - good winds!