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  1. Spar Weights
    Quad spar weights @ 31” length

    Just weighing spars this morning, thought you all might enjoy the data... Bear in mind, Rev rods tend to have a lot more variance from spar to spar (hand wrapped) and I didn’t weigh multiples of the same so this should serve as a flexible reference only.

    Note: “NEW” indicates the latest model spars with green stripes on either side of the label, the other references indicate silver (semi-recent) or gold (original) labels.


    Diamond OG 10.07 gr

    Diamond NEW 10.07 gr

    Black Race OG 11.93 gr

    Black Race NEW 12.00 gr

    2 wrap OLD gold (no data)

    2 wrap OLD silver (no data)

    2 wrap NEW 10.74 gr

    3 wrap OLD gold 15.96 gr

    3 wrap OLD silver 18.67

    3 wrap NEW 12.73 gr

    4 wrap OLD gold (no data)

    4 wrap OLD gold (no data)

    4 wrap NEW (no data)

    SPL white coat 14.38 gr


    2P Skyshark 7.97 gr

    P90 Skyshark 10.34 gr

    P100 Skyshark 13.11 gr

    P200 Skyshark 15.20 gr

    P300 Skyshark 16.69 gr

    P400 Skyshark 17.41 gr


    Dynamic D8 12.92 gr

    Dynamic D12 13.06 gr

    Dynamic D15 16.01 gr

    Dynamic D18 18.38 gr

  2. Snagless Quad Handles (mod)
    Handle mods (snagless)

    Just reposting this older video outlining how to modify normal Rev handles to be "snagless". ;)

    Related discussion...


  3. Quad Pigtails / Tuning
    Pigtails (tuning your quad with knotted leaders)


    I 've been flying my B series revs the last the three months using the knots suggested in the video that came with the kite. I can manage all the slides and hovers. Recently, someone suggested that I should fly with a longer pigtails because that's is how Team Iquad fly. Being a newbie, I took the suggestion and made some longer pigtails and fly at the most outer knots at possible. The problem is I am not sure why I am doing so. Can someone explain the principal behind this? Thanks!

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