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  1. John Barresi

    Quiet word from the admin...

    Picking up this little treasure tomorrow morning. 1990 Winnebago Itasca Micro Spirit... Roughly 97K Just 2 owners before me All major service receipts since 1990 Rebuilt engine, tranny and starter Clean CARFAX She’s nearly 30 years old, I’m already anticipating some work ahead although she has all the telltale signs and records of having been cared for quite well... Looking forward to a crash course over the next week, regardless. 👍🏻 First priorities are to replace the propane tank and get a generator / solar combo to tend the RV battery, also have to have a kite cabinet / case built for where the “activity cabinet” sits in that diagram (currently empty floor space). Already tapped into (and visited / confirmed) an excellent Boondocking site on an old couple’s homestead about 30 minutes south of Portland, as well as securing RV storage to swap my car and RV in and out of as needed depending on what I’m doing (traveling or not). ✌️
  2. John Barresi

    Learning catch and throw. Need some tips.

    Stability isn’t really key, main thing is having a truly straight leading edge and getting a ballenced (matched) pull on both top lines so it doesn’t buck to one side. Clean process, rhythm, repeat.
  3. John Barresi

    Learning catch and throw. Need some tips.

    Even speed up (normal flight), just powered up, not accelerating or trying to surge. The pause creates more time for bobble, kite is truer tracking when it’s driving, slack off and it will rotate.
  4. John Barresi

    Learning catch and throw. Need some tips.

    Yeah, just fly to the point (doing your best to arrive and transition with a straight leading edge), and pull - the rest is “hunt and peck”, go right for the mark, it’ll only feel rough the first few times.
  5. John Barresi

    My sons first indoor performance

    Nice one @Jhsidekick!
  6. John Barresi

    Skyknife Indoor/Outdoor by Korvokites

    Seen most of the vids, that’s the first one in the US, pretty sure - been dying to try one!
  7. John Barresi

    Learning catch and throw. Need some tips.

    Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat. Cut down on the “hunt and peck”, go to it - do it, pause, toss, reorient, repeat, over and over at a steady rhythm - I guarantee your 100th attempt will be better than you 10th, so the gambit is to get there quick. There is also this...
  8. John Barresi

    Learning catch and throw. Need some tips.

    The magic to keeping your lines tidy during catch and throw is the “U”... Having passed both handles to one hand for the pull, I sometimes flick that hand (and handles) deep out to the side as the kite is halfway down to me, this puts each end of the lines 4-6 ft apart, shaped like a “U” on the ground. No overlap, no tangles. The only situation where the U may not free you, is debris or brush on the ground that may snag lines, a twig, random feather or even a HUMAN HAIR (true story) happens to get between two lines at the wrong spot... But this is rare, if you pick your spot for catching - respect the U. There are also situations that may call for a harpoon layout on a throw... Continuing “S” pattern, like on the deck of a boat, between tether and spear, idea again is to eliminate overlap or lines rolling across the ground. Which adds the other golden rule of line management on catch and throws... Try to avoid haphazardly dragging your lines, preserve the U if you must drag them, holding both kite and handles high to lessen the angle of drag.
  9. John Barresi

    Favorite SUL?

    The Pro Dancer SUL is one of my secret weapons for 0-2, 50#, 50’ or so... So easy to generate pressure with a drop of the hands, super stable with the flat sail, it likes small inputs (less wind dump) and will drop a vertical tip stab from a full 10’-12’ off the deck if you hit it right (called a black hole). One of my faves. ❤️
  10. Hi all, I’m not actively broadcasting this across the community but the core group of folks here make KiteLife what it is and have been so kind to our projects over the years so I wanted to share some personal news, hopefully providing a little insight into my absence from many active discussions here. After a little over nine years, my wife and I are separating - still a lot of love, but we’ve struggled for a long time now and our two characters together just aren’t working for either of us... With this in mind, I’ve been spread fairly thin emotionally while we’ve been working our way through what’s next. I won’t air laundry here except to say there are no villains involved, we just need to evolve our situation and I can’t quite swing the long term expense of two separate residences (theirs and mine) so I am currently working to find an small affordable RV for myself like the Itasca Spirit, which actually fits into my long term goals of being able to do kite tours on and off through the year, as well as being able to stay in Portland and maintain sufficient time with my son - I’m close to having what I need to make all this happen, but I may be putting some old kite treasures up for raffle or sale over the next few weeks to cover the difference so keep an eye out for that! ✌️ Life ebbs, flows and continues, my son is still well cared for by us both, so we move forward with our heads held as high as possible while we find our way. Please, consider all this with the kindness it deserves and try not to contribute to gossip - all that needs to be known by anyone outside my family is said here. ❤️ Thank you all for your patience and understanding of my varying output / input while life is under construction, but everything else should be business as usual and as always, this is your home too. 🙏🏻
  11. John Barresi

    UMMM now what?

    Be advised - some folks have done it but sometimes Rev rods are too snug (they are hand wrapped and vary in diameter), welcome to try but I cannot guarantee the fit. 🙏🏻
  12. John Barresi

    Djinn ST by Kite Forge (2/21/19)

    Cheeky bugger... Translated:
  13. John Barresi

    SOLD-Revolution 1.5 SUL - Rainbow

    You’re more than welcome to come play @DTill, lots of discussion and info here already... Hope to see you there. PS, I’m locking this thread since he kite was sold, feel free to jump in on another WSIKF topic elsewhere...
  14. John Barresi

    UMMM now what?

    We solved the bridle installation direction issues with the Djinn end caps and bridle, using dedicated bridle holes that point the right way already and don’t conflict with the bunji direction. 👍🏻
  15. John Barresi

    Djinn ST by Kite Forge (2/21/19)