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  1. John Barresi

    Kite Flying Locations on Big Island of Hawaii

    I've only flown on Ohau, no idea - but fly one for all of us!
  2. John Barresi

    Shipping update!

    The first batch of Djinns is being finished as we speak, just down to leading edges and parts assembly now - our factory is working hard to deliver the first box to us sometime in the next couple of weeks, thanks for your ongoing support and patience! 🤙
  3. John Barresi

    Newbie Journey, Rev learning tips

    I use 10.5’ of 50# SkyBond for indoor quad. Big difference in handling between 50# and 90#/100#, weight and drag.
  4. John Barresi

    Wind Range??

    Not only were you leading with the full vent (VT) Djinn, the standard (ST) and mid vent (MV) were in line behind you, all capably flying in 6-7mph.
  5. John Barresi

    Wind Range??

    It’s pretty well known that I love both dual and quad pretty deeply, but I simply don’t fly duals in anything over 13-14 mph as it’s just not a lot of fun for me and quads fill that entire upper range so nicely... Also flying the Djinn, I’ve not had to do any frame changes at all (like I did on my old quads) since the wind range overlap is so broad and the bridle moderates the “explosive” side of the speed.
  6. John Barresi

    Wind Range??

    Horrible mistake on Rev's part, but with more and more brands coming up with their own model of sticks in even smaller diameters, Rev rods are becoming less and less relevant... The Phoenix is generally on Skyshark P rods, the Djinn is using Mystic spars, Freilein are using Crystal spars, etc, etc, etc, Rev is slowly slipping into a more exclusive entry-level / intermediate market (which is just as well - they're good at it).
  7. John Barresi

    JB Signature Rev 1.5 FV w upgrades

    Also note this kite has the wear strips all the way through the mesh (highly favorable), early mods skipped the venting. Nice kite for someone's bag!
  8. John Barresi

    two line kite when it makes circles and string tangling

    When it comes to wraps (aka twists), I find it becomes kind of like a dance after you get familiar... "A few times this way, a few times the other way", back and forth, until you get kind of a style and rhythm when what you've done one way becomes the set up for a few things the other way, always cycling anywhere from 2-5 wraps (I don't generally put in more than that unless I'm specifically free spinning for the fun of it).
  9. John Barresi

    B-Series STD Package (11/15/18)

    We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers... For roughly 10 cents per day they play a major role in keeping KL growing in every way. B-Series STD, roughly a $350 value and no longer manufactured by Revolution as of 2017! This package includes a STANDARD sail, 2 and 3 wrap frames, adjustable handles, DVD and kite sleeve! NOTE: Primary color of the kite in this drawing is RED and BLACK on a STANDARD SAIL... This is regular (factory) model, it is not a Pro by Bazzer, but will still provide excellent flying for whoever wins this. You can sign up here. Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/373, and will be drawn on Nov 15th, 2018! Our thanks, and the very best to you... Let the drooling begin!
  10. John Barresi

    B-Series VTD package (9/25/18)

    Alright folks, how about an overdue drum roll... Sorry for the 3 day tardy, we just got back from 4 weeks abroad (1 of those weeks being a last minute change), playing catch up on work now while we get over our jet lag and re situate ourselves at home. Ok, this sweet package is going out to one of our longstanding subscribers (#97), a huge congratulations to @GrantL!! 🙏 Thanks to all for their support, we'll work to get a new prize up ASAP. 😎
  11. John Barresi

    Subscriber Number?

    Welcome to the family... 1526 @drwolffe 1527 @Rick Gill 1528 @dtacmed 1529 @Steve Calarco 1530 @Curly Sky 1531 @Bob Henderson 1532 @kenexcelon 1533 @Roger Fontaine 1534 @TheJuggler Current subscriber count (balance of new sign ups and expiries), 376.
  12. John Barresi

    LE tabs (service available for Revs)

    Quick link to the tutorial index...
  13. John Barresi

    LE tabs (service available for Revs)

    Make sure you look up the “pigtails tuning” topic here on the forum, CRITICAL for good flight handling, dirt cheap addon.
  14. John Barresi

    LE tabs (service available for Revs)

    Make sure you look up the “pigtails tuning” topic here on the forum, CRITICAL for good flight handling, dirt cheap addon.
  15. John Barresi

    Europe Tour 2019