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  1. And some people like drinking scotch, some people like wine - power to ya, great thing about having choices. 👍🏻 For what it's worth, I've found the "whump" is applicable on ANY quad or bridle for the desired effect, some more than others - French bridles and original Rev bridles more so than I found on the Sync. My sense is that you still don't actually understand what the point of it is - whump isn't a "jerk and herk" movement, it's the little tiny give and snap that we ALL do to jump off the line, versus simply pulling back on the top lines. That's it.
  2. Blue fade has been my trademark color for years, in varying forms.
  3. The key to "whump" is the flexed shape of the kite... Whump sets and holds a particular shape and line tension (the same that you are desiring) immediately, as opposed to "ramping up" speed from a simple top line pull until the kite shapes itself. Shape determines the performance of the kite, the top pilots work that shape intentionally to coerce different responses for different needs.
  4. A couple comments in context... https://kitelife.com/forum/topic/9033-my-first-quad-and-its-a-rev/?do=findComment&comment=72718 https://kitelife.com/forum/topic/5530-pigtails-tuning-your-quad-with-knotted-leaders/?do=findComment&comment=71645
  5. For what its worth, I do intend to produce some videos with exercise maneuvers, but nothing "tiered" in any other way except professed difficulty - my style isn't conducive to "passing levels" and top, bottom or supposedly "mastered master's mastering masters the master level" tiers.
  6. Understatement for sure, but I agree. The distinction also worth noting is that Club 38 is at the end, a marketing program... My intent here is to bolster the long term health and "lifespan" of pilots with actual knowledge that can be used - we never say "if you can't do it this you're doing it wrong", which is a recurring theme I've heard over there... The tact here is "do what you can imagine, and here is what will help".
  7. I think it's matter of facets, technique vs tasks - I think concept of challenges is good, but the there is a discrepancy between flying patterns and actual teaching and understanding of the methods and technique, which is another matter entirely. Showing what do vs actually showing how to do it well. Its all of value, if you use it holistically.
  8. 200', if you want to clear a 360 on Corolla beach. 😂
  9. Simulator teaches nada, it's purely a retail tool for convincing naysayers that they can do it, bridging to an actual lesson. The tutorials (from any source) are far more valuable.
  10. We're pleased to yet again announce the next prize being given away to our most appreciated supporters, the Kitelife Subscribers... This month, Skydog Kites and Hang 'em High Fabrics have donated a 1000' spool of 80 lb spectra - good for a few line sets! == If you haven't done so already, You can sign up here.Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/414, and will be drawn on Dec 15th, 2020!Our thanks, and the very best to you... Let the drooling begin.
  11. Sorry for the one day delay friends, Sunday with my son got away from me. 😇 The winner of this drawing is #1611, huge congratulations to @Gina Ignazzitto! Stay tuned and we'll have a new prize up as soon as possible. ✌️
  12. Welcome and thanks to our latest supporters! 1639 @georgewicz 1640 @jmp23834 1641 @Djack85 1642 @Borislav Dimitrov 1643 @Stihltech 1644 @Sardonycus 1645 @RichardE 1646 @Bunduki Vlieger Total subscriber count, 414. 🤙
  13. Takes forever to cross the wind window. 😂
  14. I went through my share of ground recoveries while learning slack line (2004, but I started flying in 1990) And still have some when I dig deep and push it a little too far... Rubbing is racing. 👍🏻
  15. Sweeeet!! Really happy to hear that. 👍🏻 Remember secondarily, per the "track your spine" reference... One of the best trick tips I ever got was from Mark Reed, simply "keep your spine in line" which just refers to tracking it through cascades, roll ups, etc, being sure that the end goal transitions are true horizontal, vertical, "down the length" or whatever it's supposed to look like at each junction - never get too tight over it, but having the right things to track can make all the difference.
  16. Be ready for that two handed tug just as it comes around, looking for the spine to be straight up and down, or looking down the length of it, for each flip.
  17. Let us know how it goes, the kite should make that rotation much better with a good input of overall slack... Repeat the same motion and step with the right speed and intensity, it becomes a backspin, stepping forward with each hit.
  18. Are you stepping into the roll over enough? When Lam taught me that movement years ago, he said do it like "out of my way" (sweeping hand) and a big step toward the kite so its thoroughly SLACK through the movement. And on what kite? Each kite has its own behavior and nuance.
  19. There are a couple popular ways to get out of a roll up, assuming the lines have landed on the LE in such a way where there is still some control (yoyo stoppers keep the lines in this area - miss and its usually a crap shoot)... 1 - In the roll up, facing up, GENTLY push your hands toward the kite to tilt the nose away VERY slightly, then immediately bring both hands firmly down to your hips... This should do the job. 2 - Flying straight down (having made a wider than usual turn to get there in the roll up) with your hands back near your hips, about 25'-50' up, from the ground - quic
  20. While it's not in line with everyone, I hope the razor sharp intent and principle is coming through loud and clear.
  21. I'm going to be painfully honest here... The "redesign" involved in both the B-Series and B2 were minimal, ultimately minor changes to the panel layout and curve of the leading edge... Sure it helped performance some, but I was never allowed much leeway in the end result other than aesthetics, Rev is a "kite company" and with all kite companies, most of their product entries are to stimulate that next wave of sales, not toward a "mean reason" on its own, takes "everyday pilots" to go there - it's the very reason I'm where I am today, to be able to actually apply all of the refinements we've de
  22. What this does assure, is that EVERYTHING we make is made to an true ideal, truly flight / hard use proven - not merely to appeal to more customers or to fill out a "product bucket".
  23. I've been waiting for this question... 😂 Short answer, no. Kite Forge doesn't make "products" or "toys" for consumer use... Everything we make (and will make) fits specifically into use scenarios for me, Brett or our other house pilots, and the little quad kites just don't perform in any circumstance in such a way that is of any use to me (severe lack of natural precision) - no desire for a "wheeeee!" kite in the bag, we're all "drivers" or work directly with an incoming class of pilot (teaching skills). The next items on the white board, in no particular order or timing...
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