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  1. Welcome to the forums Demented :)

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    2. John Barresi
    3. Demented


      Yeah come on, I am a geek. I read all that junk once I realized you were still around.

    4. John Barresi

      John Barresi

      Cool - yep, I'm still having fun - glad you're here. :)

  2. I'm looking into doing a 4-hour INDOOR CLINIC here in Portland on either Nov 12th or 13th (Sat or Sun).

    Not sure if I can get the space yet, but if so, we'd be looking at a max of six students and $25 registration. If I can pull this together, anyone interested? Must have at least 4 committed before I can go ahead.

    Topics - dual line, quad line, whatever floats your boat, I can try to help!

    Location - North Portland

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    2. Wayne Dowler
    3. John Barresi

      John Barresi

      Alright, update: Looks like I can only get the gym for Nov 5th (Sat), 1:15pm to 6:15pm... Still good to go for this Wayne?

    4. John Barresi

      John Barresi

      For anyone reading here, we have filled all six slots for this clinic, sorry!

  3. Welcome to the forums Wishous :)

    1. Wishous


      Thanks! Just got a B-Series (in the Night coloring) with 90# 120' lines, a 2 wrap and a race frame a couple of weeks ago from A Wind Of Change in Salt Lake (drove down for a visit!), and have been practicing! Need some tips on hovering and posture, light winds (light-gusty winds have been what I've been dealing with here the past few days) and clockwork items. So... thought I'd subscribe to check out the tutorials and spend some time on the forums!

    2. Wishous


      Oh, forgot to mention it's a Mid-Vent.

    3. John Barresi

      John Barresi

      Good stuff, you're in the right place here - lots if friendly and knowledgeable folks on hand to help and inspire. ;)

  4. Welcome to the forums Jonb :)

    1. Jonb


      Thanks John! Looking forward to learning the ropes! Thanks for having me. .

    2. Jonb


      I'm partially regretting the purchase of my EXP. It's wonderful for coastal areas but not so great for the area i live in 1.5 hours away from good coastal wind. Is there a way to modify the EXP for lower wind conditions, or should i just buy another kite for lower wind?

      I've got the bug for sure. Very excited to submerse myself in the Kite Life. . . Really enjoy the videos you post as well. Thanks for posting John.

    3. John Barresi

      John Barresi

      Rock on - please repost your EXP question on the forum, you'll be well looked after - right now, I'm grabbing a quick connect while camping. ;)

  5. TK's family is a-ok, thanks go out to all who sent messages and emails.

  6. Okay, I haven't flown anything since the Rev Clinic first weekend of the month (yeah - I know)... Should I blow off some of this afternoon and get a couple hours fix of street flying near my house, or stay a slave to this desk?

    My fate is in your hands. :)

    1. mystainedskin


      Let it rip! Even 30 minutes at dusk is well worth it. But then again, guess I'm telling the wrong person this :)

    2. John Barresi

      John Barresi

      Ah yep, bopped out an hour and a half of awesome street flying. :)

  7. Welcome to the forums choz02 :)

    1. choz02
    2. choz02



      I'm looking to sell off a bunch of my kites. I was wondering if you could give a ball park on what they may be worth. Rev 1.5 sle standard tubes that came with it. Rev vented b with 2 sets of tubes, case and handles( neon yellow & black). I also have a blue moon mse signed in really good condition. I have others as well.



  8. Welcome to the forums fri :)

    1. fri


      Hey John!

      I'm really honored to meet you in person! I live in Berlin and just bought a Rev 1.5 JB Edition :-)

      Do you know that we have a huge abandoned airport over here in the center of the city (Tempelhof), which is perfect for kiting?

    2. John Barresi

      John Barresi

      Just sent you an email, but it looks like you did manage to login - glad to see it. :)

      Looks like a great kite venue, hope to see it myself someday!

  9. Welcome to the forums beekite :)

    1. beekite


      Hello i'm Dino from Bee Kite. Bee Kite is the new brand of single line and

      stunt kites, we would like to introduce this new brand and

      i'm wondering if you have any chance to advertise our brand such with banner or

      other solutions.

      Please in case of any possibility let me know.

      Thank you. Dino

    2. John Barresi

      John Barresi

      Hi Dino, please send me an email via info@kitelife.com

  10. Welcome to the forums vinzbee :)

    1. vinzbee


      Wow, what an honor to be personally welcomed by you! Thanks John! :)

    2. John Barresi

      John Barresi

      Pleased to have you on board. ;)

  11. Welcome to the forums marksisler1, please send me a PM if you have any questions. :)

    1. marksisler1


      I selling 2 band new Revolution Kites. The manufacturer item # is REV 1.5.UL They both come complete with handles and lines. One is the purple black and white and the other is blue white and black.

      Can you give me an idea of what the should go for.

    2. marksisler1


      Sorry hit comment before I was done. Thanks for the welcome.

  12. Welcome to the forums centralatl :)

    1. centralatl


      Thanks for the welcome, John. I plan to crawl the topics and pages to see what I can learn about quad line kiting. I'm looking to purchase my first, just not sure what to get: HQ mojo, Freilin Windrunner, or Revolution. I have a limited budget of 200 bucks to start. I have read a couple forum post discussing buying US made vs. import but I'm looking for some additional wisdom from experienced quad line flyers.

    2. John Barresi

      John Barresi

      You're in the right place, lots of good folks here - will get a fair range of feedback. ;)

  13. Welcome to the forums Donald James Hawecker, please send me a PM if you have any questions. :)

    1. Donald James Hawecker

      Donald James Hawecker

      hi thank you i am disabled i live in riverside ca i fly everyday ok let me start from the start 15 years ago i was rideing my bike home from the park, thare in a bike trail . after riding i made a right to go home a truck doing 65 hit me from behind i lost my left arm and left leg check out my video on youtube one handed dual lind kite flying... i could go on and on i live for kiteflying

    2. John Barresi

      John Barresi

      Respect! Hope we can be a part of furthering your love for flying. :)

      BTW - can you post the link to your YouTube video?

  14. Welcome to the forums wtodd2020, please send me a PM if you have any questions. :)

    1. wtodd2020


      Thank you! I hope to find a lot of info here. I look forward to being active also.

    2. John Barresi

      John Barresi

      Tons of info, great folks, you're most welcome and please don't hesitate to holler if you need help finding anything. ;)

  15. Welcome to the forums White Rabbit, please send me a PM if you have any questions and please consider supporting our website as an official subscriber by signing up at http://join.kitelife.com - thanks! :)

    1. White Rabbit

      White Rabbit

      Thanks for the welcome, and more importantly, thank you for your instructional videos. As someone who has been involved with adult learning for more than 20 years, I have found them to be very clear and concise. Feel free to reach out me if you ever find you will be in Yellowstone again.

    2. John Barresi

      John Barresi

      My pleasure! I really, truly love flying and being able to relate that potential experience to others is an honor - there will be more eventually, as time, venue, weather, assistants and inspiration allow. I'll try to remember about Yellowstone, but I'll certainly broadcast loud and clear when I'm on road trips. Again, welcome to the forum - please be at home. ;)

  16. Hey, all - just curious, who all here lives in Hawaii?

    TK and I are exploring the idea of a Winter trip over, possibly both Oahu and Maui, with a clinic on one or both islands while we're there - trying to get an idea where the kite fliers are. :)

    1. Cyphert


      hmm there are some great flyers on Hawaii you might need an assistant just let me know ;)

  17. Hi all, Takako and I have a 7 hour layover at LAX (1:40pm to 10pm) on Wednesday (5/22)... Anyone in the Los Angeles area want a private kite lesson and/or dinner date in exchange for getting us out of so many hours at the airport?

    Will be offline for a while, but we'll check Facebook messages when we land - include your cell # in a private message or email if you're interested. ;)

    1. Hasek


      Yeah John, I'd love to hang out with you and TK.... you just need to change LAX to CLE : )

  18. Welcome to the forums JapanFoundationLA :)

  19. Welcome to the forums ruthie :)

    1. ruthie


      Thanks John! Im looking forward to chatting with others who love kites, and hopefully meeting people in Melbourne to go out flying with!

  20. Welcome to the forums bmasella :)

    1. bmasella


      Thanks John... missed watching you fly in Lincoln City this time...

  21. Welcome to the forums esinger :)

    1. esinger


      Hi John,

      Thanks for the welcome. I was made aware of this forum last weekend by a gentleman that came up to me while I was flying my Rev 1.5 at Myrtle Beach last week. He was on vacation from Florida, he was short older guy that goes to Myrtle every October. He was ecstatic to see someone flying a Rev there. I let him fly my Rev 1.5, but decided the winds were way too strong for it, so I changed to my Rev 2 and we both flew it for about 30 minutes. I wish I recalled his na...

  22. Welcome to the forums Anita :)

    1. Anita


      Will probably just be a stalker, don't know if I'll ever have much to add!

  23. Welcome to the forums Amexpmh :)

    1. Amexpmh


      Thanks John. I have been reading many posts and learning from you and the regular posters on the forum. It's new to me and I go to post but realize the thread was from 2010 or so. I have a lot of catching up to do. I am having a blast and meeting a lot of great people. -Marshall

  24. Welcome to the forums Eagle_Flyer :)

    1. Eagle_Flyer


      Thank you JB, nice to be here :)

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