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  1. What a GREAT day at Tuas... Wind was difficult, but spirits were high, we were all on the field together, and SG set a new national mega fly record! Was it 25 Revs at one time?

    Thank you all for the warm welcome, it was a great experience... One sky, one world. :)

  2. Wow, just got a phishing attempt via text message on TK's cell... "Your card has been deactivated, please call 503-XXX-XXXX"

    I would never enter my info, but I did call the number and it said "welcome to card activation services, please enter your card number".

  3. 1 bus away from getting into the short customs line, but it's a big bus. :P

  4. 17 hour jet lag has me awake... Gotta get some rest for my flight to DC with Spence tomorrow (driving on to Wildwood from there), time for an audio book - usually does the job. :)

  5. 3 more days 'till my birthday, but ai'll take it where I can get it... Love to you all!

  6. A little wet, but high spirits at the Montreal Kite Festival!

  7. A word of advice to all... Any time you buy *anything* online, before checking out I suggest you do a Google search for "X coupon code", like "GoDaddy coupon code", "Hotel.com coupon", "Budget car coupon", etc... No joke, I probably save $1000 or more per year by spending 2 minutes doing this before every online purchase. ;)

  8. After today, depending on the final implant work, I'll likely provide the contact for my dentist to anyone who wants it. ;)

  9. Alright, going offline for now... Looking forward to exploring some of this beautiful city today, best wishes and love to ALL, reall, ALL... Time is moving, the future is what we make of it.

  10. Alright, x-ray shows great results, healing well, just waiting for the lab to finish my temporary bridge... Then he'll install that, and the two temporary crowns on my implants... Should be back in the USA this afternoon.

  11. Any of you kitefliers out there in the world, do you work with **Joomla** professionally? I'm finding myself in need of a little education, and would love to have a couple more folks that I could call on with simple questions. :)

  12. Anyone else thinking of flying at Delta Park today? :)

  13. Anyone from outside the USA and Canada coming to AKA Convention in Seaside OR this year? I'm really looking forward to this one and just want to be sure we recognize. :)

  14. Anyone have a current email address for Andy Selzer? If so, please send me a PM - thanks!

  15. At the border, quite a wait for most (2-3 hours)... Taking the Mexicoach shuttle jumps ahead in line (compared to walking across), maybe 45-60 minutes... No tooth pain, a little hungry, but ok. ;)

  16. Celebrating our 2nd anniversary today, will be off the grid for part of the day. :)

  17. Coffee, danish, friends (having meeting now and couldn't list everyone, ready to fly!

  18. Couldn't wait, on our way to Long Beach now! :)

  19. Crikey, just short of 400 folks chimed in here with birthday wishes over the past week... Overwhelming to say the least! Love to ALL, thanks for the support, thanks for the fun, thanks for the memories, thanks for being what you are... Here's to many more. :)

  20. Day after Mots, relaxing front of the hotel... Late afternoon flights home, gonna walk around a bit with TK and JD. :)

  21. Dieski MO, had to be the first comment on your profile. :D

  22. Enjoying Bruce Lee quotes this morning...

  23. Enjoying some Jobs' quotes...

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