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  1. KiteMail.com (our free email service) may be CLOSING.

  2. Leaving at 1:30pm, landing in DC at 1am, should hit Wildwood around 6am or so (allowing for stops)... See you soon, looking forward to a long weekend of play and competition! :)

  3. made it to San Antonio with TK, driving down to SPI now... Arrival around 9pm or so. :)

  4. May Rev Clinic - didn't GE many shots yesterday, will try to get more today... GREAT so far, the new curriculum is working very well and the students are all grins. :)

  5. Montreal Kite Festival

  6. Next Mexicoach back to the US, one hour. ;)

  7. Off to Delta Park for our PDX New Years Fly, yay! Spence, Bazzer, us and a bunch of other folks... No rain (1st time in 3 years), wind, going to be cold but fun!

  8. Off to see our friends down under... PDX > LAX > Brisbane, 2 hrs for first flight, 4 hrs waiting at LAX, 14 hrs to Oz. :)

  9. Oh boy... It's the big day, going in for the real work today... Please send me good vibes, wish me success. :)

  10. Oh man, what a $&@%# amazing day on Antelope Island... Light wind for much of it, but the highlights kept on coming...

  11. Ohhhh, great day in Seaside... Spent 3-4 hours on my new dual line today, glassy smooth 5-10 mph winds, just perfect at AKAGN!

  12. Ohhhhh yeah, best sushi in Portland... Dieski Kashiwagi-san, oyshi katta, arigato!

  13. One hour twenty minutes early for Prince, and line is already over two blocks long (we're block and a half) - small capacity of 1400, should be a great show... Cold out here, hope they open the doors soon! :)

  14. One year down, many to go. :)

  15. Only because there are so many photos posted from our visit to Singapore now, I'm moved to issue a clarifying statement... The North American group (Steve, Spencer, TK and myself) do NOT endorse The "King of Kites" company or their activities... We made a surprise visit to their store yesterday, and were saddened to find FOUR PAGES of Rev copies in their catalog.

  16. Out for dinner, pretty popular joint. :)

  17. Phew, it's a cold one here in Portland today... Less than 2 weeks ago, I was sweating my butt off in Malaysia - total climate shock. :/

  18. Pleased to report that I flew too much today to take a single photo at the clinic. :)

  19. Question to those who were at the Oceanic bar on Sat night at AKAGN in Wildwood and watching the Dennis band perform... Who was on drums? I was in poor shape at that point and can't recall, any help would be appreciated. :)

  20. So, who's up for meeting at the usual Mission Bay Park flying (SDKC) spot on Saturday?

  21. Sunday flying at Mission Bay Park is 90% go... Headed back to Tijuana on Sat to have my permanent crowns and bridge put in, will have to confirm the last 10% on Sat afternoon just in case anything odd happens. ;)

  22. The fate of KITEMAIL has been decided, read on...

  23. The forum reorganization and tweaking is going well, I'm really happy with it so far... Now it's mostly a matter of moving all the old magazine content over, likely to take me the better part of a year. :)

  24. The Japanese contingent arrives in Brisbane!

  25. Thoughts of love and appreciation to Kenji Ueda, lost to us on 9/6/11 (Japan time)... Rest well friend, thank you for the time with us.

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