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  1. One year down, many to go. :)

  2. TK is taking an ESOL placement test at PCC Cascades right now, looking into English classes to expand her knowledge of the language. :)

  3. Anyone else thinking of flying at Delta Park today? :)

  4. Happy holidays everyone, whatever you're celebrating, TK and I wish you the very best times with your finest friends and family. ;)

  5. Off to Delta Park for our PDX New Years Fly, yay! Spence, Bazzer, us and a bunch of other folks... No rain (1st time in 3 years), wind, going to be cold but fun!

  6. made it to San Antonio with TK, driving down to SPI now... Arrival around 9pm or so. :)

  7. Oh boy... It's the big day, going in for the real work today... Please send me good vibes, wish me success. :)

  8. Whew, I'm whipped... The sedation wasn't "out cold" like last time, it was more like a dream, semi-aware of what was happening, some pain but not a great deal... Now I've got two zirconium posts in my lower, they took out the 3 root pieces left behind by my last dentist and pre-filed one of my upper teeth for the bridge.

  9. Alright, x-ray shows great results, healing well, just waiting for the lab to finish my temporary bridge... Then he'll install that, and the two temporary crowns on my implants... Should be back in the USA this afternoon.

  10. At the border, quite a wait for most (2-3 hours)... Taking the Mexicoach shuttle jumps ahead in line (compared to walking across), maybe 45-60 minutes... No tooth pain, a little hungry, but ok. ;)

  11. Whew, I'm whipped... Got my dogs up, early sleep tonight, big day at Sea World tomorrow. :)

  12. So, who's up for meeting at the usual Mission Bay Park flying (SDKC) spot on Saturday?

  13. Wow, $6 dolphin feeding is 3 fish and 5-10 pettings... 3-4 minutes each, then "next"! Better than nothing, but so quick.

  14. 3 more days 'till my birthday, but ai'll take it where I can get it... Love to you all!

  15. Today, we'll have breakfast with Buz and Tricia from Harbor Wind and Kite Co... A bit of flying near the shop, then on our way up through Big Sur, probably one more night camping somewhere before we hit the Bodega Bay area. :)

  16. We spent another night pretty much off the grid last night, at Butano State Park, BEAUTIFUL campground, we even had a raccoon make off with one of our ramen packets. LOL

    Nice to chill for a bit, getting the "behind the scenes" peek at Second Wind... Great shop, really nice vibe here. :)

  17. Crikey, just short of 400 folks chimed in here with birthday wishes over the past week... Overwhelming to say the least! Love to ALL, thanks for the support, thanks for the fun, thanks for the memories, thanks for being what you are... Here's to many more. :)

  18. Just returned our rental car... 2,804 miles driven. :)

  19. TK and I are headed up to Vancouver BC with Spence Watson today, going to the PacRim Festival and Watty is going to get worked over in the #5 slot on iQuad this weekend. :)

  20. "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

    Quote from the movie, Sucker Punch.

  21. KiteMail.com (our free email service) may be CLOSING.

  22. If we're able to do it, would anyone be interested in attending a dual line clinic in Lincoln City (OR) on July 9th and 10th? $35 for the whole weekend, anything you want to know - from individual to team, tricks to precision, equipment handling or anything else, you name it!

  23. The fate of KITEMAIL has been decided, read on...

  24. Great first day in Singapore, TK and I had a lot of fun flying with the locals. :)

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