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  1. Wow, just got a phishing attempt via text message on TK's cell... "Your card has been deactivated, please call 503-XXX-XXXX"

    I would never enter my info, but I did call the number and it said "welcome to card activation services, please enter your card number".

  2. HUGE thanks to our friends who met us at the Singapore airport last night... Chun Ti Cheong, James Lim and Ken Hong, you guys really added a WARM welcome and great convenience in getting to the hotel.

    Deepest thanks, looking forward to playing with you guys during the visit.

    See you (clinic participants) at 10am! And please remember, all respect to all fliers, but we will be limiting clinic access to paid registrants.


    Not 100% sure yet, but when we meet at Punggol we'll take a poll amongst the group about moving to D1 (East Coast Park)... I know they had tents set up there and space was gone so that would make it impossible, but I'm curious if anyone knows if they're gone?

    If the tents are still there, staying at Punggol.

    If the tents are gone, we might move there for today.


  4. Good morning from Kuala Lampur!!!! :)

    Going to the Batuu Caves (sp?) today, hoping for some indoor flying and maybe 75' team flying nearby... Also to the Patronas Towers later for urban guerilla flying.

    Great hospitality from the whole KL crew, deepest thanks to our amazing hosts!

  5. Just a quick post before bed... Been ALL over Kuala Lampur during the past two days, it's been amazing and the hospitality has been amazing!

    Tomorrow, we're off to Bintulu. :)

  6. Wahoo! Back in the land of 3G coverage, I always forget how useful it is until I'm out of the USA for a while. :)

  7. Crap and double crap. :(

    I really wanted to attend the AKAGN member meeting tonight, and to do a daily update... After flying for a few hours today (decompression after travel), I wandered back to the room and fell fast asleep until 9:30pm.

  8. Crap and double crap again... Had the fly of my life yesterday afternoon, came back to the room and had dinner with TK, was going to take a 1 hour nap before the AKA evening activities... Our alarm didn't even phase us, SO tired, slept right through it.

    Sigh... Today is a new day. lol

  9. Ha, $300 Delta voucher to catch another flight in 3 hours, plus a meal voucher... Sweet, 3 hours is NOTHING at this point. :)

  10. Phew, it's a cold one here in Portland today... Less than 2 weeks ago, I was sweating my butt off in Malaysia - total climate shock. :/

  11. Enjoying some Jobs' quotes...

  12. If anyone has or does receive a friend request from "David Gom from New York" please be advised, it's a Chinese copy kite seller trying to capitalize on Mr. Gomberg's name.

  13. "Despair is a narcotic. It lulls the mind into indifference."

    Charlie Chaplin

  14. Question to those who were at the Oceanic bar on Sat night at AKAGN in Wildwood and watching the Dennis band perform... Who was on drums? I was in poor shape at that point and can't recall, any help would be appreciated. :)

  15. I started on Rosetta Stone Japanese level 1 tonight... Averaging 85%-100% so far, but MAN my head is full (attama pom pom)! :/

  16. The forum reorganization and tweaking is going well, I'm really happy with it so far... Now it's mostly a matter of moving all the old magazine content over, likely to take me the better part of a year. :)

  17. Celebrating our 2nd anniversary today, will be off the grid for part of the day. :)

  18. Out for dinner, pretty popular joint. :)

  19. Anyone have a current email address for Andy Selzer? If so, please send me a PM - thanks!

  20. Going to have my shoulder looked at and x-rayed today, the injury I took back in mid-July is still paining me... Terrified of finding something serious (self-pay), but it's got to be done. :/

  21. Any of you kitefliers out there in the world, do you work with **Joomla** professionally? I'm finding myself in need of a little education, and would love to have a couple more folks that I could call on with simple questions. :)

  22. Thoughts of safety and smooth going as our friends on the East Coast brace for Hurricane Sandy... Hang in there, I'm sending a slice of the iQuad bubble on the off chance it can help - love you all, take care and be safe!

  23. Welcome to the forums Alejandro Barroso Castro :)

  24. Good times at Chico's Pizza with everyone from the sixth annual WCRC. :)

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