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  1. Well another beautiful day at the beach. Yesterday was preety also but little or no wind. I had a great afternoon flying. I moved the top lines in one more knot and now I know what gas and brakes are all about. I found out real quickly that there is no netural. There is no launching the kite and putting it on cruise control and relaxing. It's constant input to keep it doing what you want it to do. It was a session of hovering, trying to do it where I wanted it to happen and not letting the kite fly me. And then were the couple of humbling moments that has a way of letting you know that
  2. What a beautiful day at the beach. I'm staying in North Myrtle Beach, SC. I had a great day learning. Thanks to DragonFish and Makatakam for the help! I was able to get the kite setup, learned to roll it over from inverted on the ground, launch it, and set it back on the ground. I'm still smiling even now! DragonFish I had the longer top leaders. I had to shorten them up to get the kite to launch. So that leads to my next question. Do I just keep shorten the top leaders until I get the handles to a neutral position and the kite will hover? Right now I have to hold the handles with t
  3. I purchased a Rev 1.5 SLE back some time ago. There is a long list of thinks that kept me from flying it. But glad to say I'm leaving for the beach in the morning and it's packed in the truck. I've watched all of the training videos on the Rev kites but I don't seem to find anything about the first launch for a beginner quad person. So my first question is do you try to start inverted with the handles staked like the gentleman shows in the line management video and make the kite roll over, or set it in the upright position with the top leaning back to keep it on the ground? My second questi
  4. Welcome to the forums Hangar Pilot, please send me a PM if you have any questions. :)

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